Arthur Firstenberg The Invisible Rainbow

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  1. Arthur Firstenberg 25:30 – “I call influenza acute electrical disease.. or acute electrical illness”.. Okay, I’m having a bit of trouble relating to this, as someone who has been targeted with the flu virus on more than one occasion – firstly in 2016 when I returned to the homeless hostel from hell that the local authority referred me to and made myself a quick brew inside my room only to experience the immediate effects of this nasty little BASTARD flu virus within just a few gulps of tea.. feeling it in my throat and then knowing exactly what it was that was taking over my entire body to leave me totally incapacitated for 4-weeks. I’m in no doubt about the negative effects of microwaves and radio frequencies, and perhaps the flu isn’t as contagious as we thought, but it sure as shit wasn’t no electrical illness that incapacitated me for one month – I felt it in my fu**ing throat within just a few gulps of tea, and I know for a fact that this virus is stored in labs around the UK (and it can’t just be Porton Down) and can be used as a weapon – A bioweapon – just as I found out again in April 2020 at the start of CONvid-19.. now’t like the fu**ing flu at all, nasty cough, but nothing at all. Was this 5G, Covid-19 or Graphine Oxide?

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