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Hi we are two brothers from Huddersfield, West Yorkshire in the UK, we have been researching alternative theories since we were young. We always questioned the conventional narrative, never really feeling that we fit into the matrix.

911 was the tipping point for us, showing the hand of the controllers and the materialistic illusion.

In today’s oppressive world we all need some balance. Sheep Farm will set out to make Films, Podcasts, and write Blogs that show what’s on the outside of the sheep pen. This is the stuff we’re never shown by the mainstream media.

We now take the opinion that the mainstream news has been infiltrated by the hidden groups, elite cabals, secret services & military, and cannot be trusted at all. The evidence to this is obvious to anyone who has woken to the tyranny.

Our health is our sovereignty and our right, it is not owned by the elite cabals. Sadly the masses have been lobotomised for generations and cannot see the true picture unfolding before their eyes.

Peace, Respect, Honour

Dom & Chris