Sheep Farm 48 Conversations with Inner Guardians

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In this episode we’ll be talking about some of the things that really interests us like, Simulation Theory, True Human Essence, Population, Foreign Installations by Parasitical Entities and much more

So, who better to have on the show, with me our Chris, than Master Lee otherwise known as Inner Guardians from Rise Above Live


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  1. Nice one lads. My brother married a French girl, and I’d shared your podcasts to my mother. She subsequently shared them with my brother. Long and short is that there’s an air traffic controller that lives in his village in France (he’s French), and he now listens to you too.
    Keep it up lads I love it
    Mattie Ginsberg

  2. Stanley Johnson said “we are over populated” “UK needs to be 10 – 15 million by 2025” my thoughts Dom was with you, ok, lets wipe out your family of useless eaters….just saying….

      1. Ah, I thought you might already know him, I’ve no idea how I’ve not come across him before. I wish I could afford his books, he’s fascinating.

        Best wishes.

  3. SMART means Secret Military Armaments in Residential Territory. This applies to the meters.
    Check out Ashyana Deane of Voyagers, especially the last video on gootube titled Earth History -Real Biblical Stories.
    Cheers guys. Love your work.

  4. I couldn’t be so arrogant to call my pals npcs. However I’m pure gobsmacked over the covid union and people I respected as intelligent sucked it up big time. …therefore as a person with not much confidence normally it’s been frustrating. I just accept I have knowing,it’s a gift and perhaps we will all know at the right time what is good. Thank you so much x

  5. There is a sound of voice. …..a vibration. …. I like Eddie Vedder voice….you all have that vibe similar. Ergo

  6. The Blair shite ? People actually strive to wear red santa gear….white tights and garter……….give me strength

  7. It’s nice to hear you can still have conversations with people just following orders. Culturally speaking, unfortunately some places switch right back in brown shirt mode and there’s no room for discussion. I saw a pregnant woman turned away from sitting down at a restaurant this week in Vienna, even though it technically IS allowed, but she didn’t speak up for herself and the manager chose to err on the side of “caution”, aka be even more strict than the government says she ought-ta be. At this point I’m simply trying to blend in and pretend I’m one of the Stepford Wives.

    Speaking of technology, I personally wish they had stopped with the dishwasher and ski lifts, and that nothing had ever gone wireless. I was traumatized as a younger-than-10-yr-old when I saw a movie about a car that kills people out of its own will, so it took me awhile to shake the eerie feeling that any technology could turn on me.

    1. I saw that movie too! It was so believable and creepy. Nobody I talk to about it recognises the film, so I was happy to read your comment here.

  8. Everytime I listen to your content something ‘lodges in my mind’ on this occasion Master Lee mentioned a variation on the adage that ‘where we are today is the the result of our best efforts’. Lee advocated a form of pattern disruption whereby one will step out of being an automaton who gets up , goes to work has some food, goes home, goes to sleep then repeats the process day in day out; he was right in sayiing that we (as a race) need to begin exploring new paradigms, as what we’ve been doing has led us down some very dark roads of apathy and openedd us to abuse from evil doers.

  9. Hi Dom, did you also know you can poke the browns gas into your car air intake and improve mpg by upwards of 10%, connected to your battery. Got the files for it if you want a copy..

  10. The Exegesis of Philip K. Dick is a must read, not an easy read but has his actual letters and notes about what he experienced during and after 2-3-74, how his perception and meaning changed.

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