Sheep Farm 58 Dr Mark Nesti The Collapse of Critical Thinking

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Published on: Apr 12, 2022

Today we have a someone who we’ve been looking forward to chatting with since we first spoke last summer.

Dr Mark Nesti was associate Professor at Liverpool John Moores University, Mark is a HCPC Registered Sport Psychologist.

He is the author of several books, he’s worked with many high profile professional sports stars.

Although from the world of academia Mark is also someone who has questioned the current nonsense.

Mark is also writer for The Conservative Women, (who are not part of the tory party) in one article called, how mask slavery messes with your mind, he questions the policies of the last 2yrs by this totalitarian agenda.

He is as you’ll see a no-nonsense Scotsman, it’s good to have people of his ilk on board and we really enjoyed chatting with him and I’m sure this won’t be the last time we talk.

Cheers, I hope you enjoy the chat.

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