Sheep Farm 58 Dr Mark Nesti The Collapse of Critical Thinking

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Published on: Apr 12, 2022

Today we have a someone who we’ve been looking forward to chatting with since we first spoke last summer.

Dr Mark Nesti was associate Professor at Liverpool John Moores University, Mark is a HCPC Registered Sport Psychologist.

He is the author of several books, he’s worked with many high profile professional sports stars.

Although from the world of academia Mark is also someone who has questioned the current nonsense.

Mark is also writer for The Conservative Women, (who are not part of the tory party) in one article called, how mask slavery messes with your mind, he questions the policies of the last 2yrs by this totalitarian agenda.

He is as you’ll see a no-nonsense Scotsman, it’s good to have people of his ilk on board and we really enjoyed chatting with him and I’m sure this won’t be the last time we talk.

Cheers, I hope you enjoy the chat.


  1. A friend of mine was on anti-depressants for a long and I persuaded him to wean himself off. After which, he would think that he was having an episode whenever he felt anxious. I tried to explain to him that it was perfectly normal to feel anxious in certain situations and it didn’t mean that he needed to go back on his meds. Unfortunately, these drugs numb the individual so they feel nothing and have no practice in dealing with situations that raise anxiety levels. Two years on, he is much better and is approaching stressful situations with a much more positive mindset.

  2. What a fantastic guest , great discussion thx It made me think of a neighbour I had during Lockdown . He had pissed me off with building work which went on for months . I knew he was an academic so looked up his work . Read the synopsis’s for papers he had done and thought I had figured it out . Later when we had patched it up I told him I looked and asked him if I was correct and he said yes . Basically it was modelling peoples decision making when faced with risk and making predictions on different scenarios . He said it was used to time roll out of certain ‘policies ‘ . I took that as meaning it was central Gov using computer models to help decide how to shift people on mass for whatever reason / goal . Didn’t surprise me but was interesting to have that clarified . ‘Risk based decisions ‘ I take to mean fear or ‘stress’ based.

    1. Hi Titus

      Yeah Mark is a top bloke, and talks common sense. I think we’ll be doing more with him, we only scratched the surface.


  3. I taught A Level Economics for thirty-five years. During my teaching career, I noticed a mark drop off in critical thinking amongst the students that I taught. Personally, I don’t think we can blame the students for all of this decline.

    Part of the deterioration is due to the exams and how they’re marked; by the end of my career, the exams and the marking was completely different to how A Levels were marked. Today, the exams and the way the exams are assessed strongly favour people who I call consensus-huggers. It’s been bugging me for a while now. In December last year I made a video to try to explain what’s happened to the exam system.

    The other reason why there’s been a decline in critical thinking is because there’s been a huge turnover of staff in the profession, and many of the new younger teachers are fully on board with the ‘Woke’ agenda. The change is most pronounced amongst SMT (Senior Management Teams) who are usually indoctrinated via in-service training services run by dodgy outfits such as Babcock International. It’s now impossible to teach properly in such an environment. To encourage students to think critically, they must be challenged & asked questions that might make them feel uncomfortable. I was very lucky in that I was taught by two brilliant teachers in the state comprehensive that I attended in the early 80s. Today, these teachers would be fired by lunchtime on their first day. Again, I made a video to explain how teachers have changed over the last 40 years.

    I resigned over CONVID and mask-wearing 18 months ago. What went on in the school that I was working in was mad.

      1. Most people have no idea just how bad things have got in UK schools. Also, many people wrongly think that they can escape the Woke propaganda by going private.

  4. A really good point on distress vs eustress. Stress can wipe you out eventually but is often essential to survival. Over a decade ago I underwent hypnotherapy to assist with weight loss, a part of that treatment focussed on removing my in built “stress response”, for want of a better term… it absolutely messed me up, The next “crisis” I cam across ruined me.

    I eventually undid the barriers/triggers that the hypnotherapist left me with. That experience taught me that “stress” was essential to “normal operation”… oh and that you don’t need hypnotherapy to lose weight… just less calories than you burn… but that’s another story.

    I also like the points made on society’s blind acceptance of “Science”. The new religion, worshipping the Geek Gods without question… and you know me Dom, I’m a stereotypical Tefal-head.

  5. Cracking episode, lads.

    Both of my favourite UK casts are now pairs of brothers. is the other one.

    After I spent 4 hours on Zoom with our kid last night, I’m thinking we may give it a go ourselves – we could have easily got 2 hours of solid material if we’d recorded it. We both drank wine.

  6. Brilliant discussion! So, glad you’re going to have more discussions with Mark.
    I was wondering if any of you have watched ‘Europa – The Last Battle’? It’s in 10 episodes and I still have the last 3 to watch. It gives an alternative view of history, mainly WW1 and 2 and shows Hitler to be the only ‘good guy’. So, very controversial, but to me, closer to the truth. It’s not an easy watch, as is very graphic and I’ve already cried a few times. Hope you will give it a watch, as I’m sure you’d find it very interesting, as it makes sense of what’s happening now in the world.
    All the best lads. Baa

    1. Its triggering far too many people , they need to start with the Brighteon interviews and not be overly concerned about the water , Stew Peters has taken Ardiss work out of context. Waters poisoned already

    2. I feel sceptical about this. Peters and Ardiss now seem to believe in the virus. I found the style and presentation sensationalist – the music for example, irritated me. I managed to watch it to the end but I was not convinced. I don’t trust Peters.

      1. I agree, whether Peter’s is untrustworthy or he’s been duped is unknown, you/we are right to question and reserve our views.

  7. How did he fund so much time in Academia . I have worked like a slave in Oil & Gas for 40 years to stay alive !

  8. He missed the point completely ! I would be considered a geek. School soccer, athletics, blah blah and physics degree ! 40 years in science. Many people achieve this

  9. Excellent podcast lads. I’ve felt so alone here in small town Scotland over the last 2 years. Family and friends all turned their backs but i stand tall. Nobody is the same person they were 2 years ago…speared or not. Baaaaa

    1. Well, Elliott…… your not alone…. or we’re both alone, together. lol I’m in same boat – small town in Scotland – family all armspeared.
      Standing tall with you!

      1. I’m in a big town but our family was excluded from Christmas celebrations this past year due to us not meeting their required status as arm-speared. Now the Austrian gvt. is loosening up and we are suddenly invited again to family events. Makes me almost disgusted and not sure I even want to see them again.

    2. I hear you Elliott, I’m from a small town in Scotland too and though I no longer live there I can’t get my head around the lack of rebellion against that ridiculous wee woman… Can’t talk about it to mates up there…. Sheepfarm is my fave podcast:)

  10. I’m one of the so called baby boomers born in December 1951. I’ve always questioned everything all of my life especially authority. I knew in March 2020 this was all a scam I suppose partly the reason for this is because I’ve not watched TV or bought a newspaper for 18 years.
    I started researching after the assassination of John Lennon in 1980 & I’ve never stopped, in the last 2+ years I’ve been researching 6-8 hrs a day, friends & family have shunned me & don’t want to listen to my “conspiracy theories” or look at facts & statistics, but that aside common sense & logic has abandoned them completely.
    In the summer of 2020 I was sitting quietly & I thought to myself ‘what would John Lennon do if he was still alive?” I decided to adapt the lyrics to his most famous song “Imagine” to hi light what’s been happening in the world. I sang it at several protests & Picnics In The Park to positive responses & people said I ought to get it put to music. By chance I met a musician & that’s exactly what we did here’s the result: I’m not making anything from this apart from the satisfaction of spreading a positive message. I hope you take a look & listen. We are all in this together & we can win this war!
    Thanks for all your research & great videos & podcasts, I’ve seen & heard them all.

  11. It’s interesting to note; here is an introductory “Wiki” definition for the term “Critical Thinking”:

    “Critical thinking is the analysis of available facts, evidence, observations, and arguments to form a judgment. The subject is complex; several different definitions exist, which generally include the rational, skeptical, and unbiased analysis or evaluation of factual evidence.

    Critical thinking is self-directed, self-disciplined, self-monitored, and self-corrective thinking. It presupposes assent to rigorous standards of excellence and mindful command of their use. It entails effective communication and problem-solving abilities as well as a commitment to overcome native egocentrism and sociocentrism.”

    (Analyse that)…

    If we do analyse this fairly comprehensive paragraph carefully, we can deduce that “Critical Thinking” entails a great deal of “Self-Responsibility”, especially within ones own thinking faculties.

    It seems that a s*itload of “intellectual laziness” has crept in to the systematic structures that exist within our matrix; systems that are designed to train and inform the minds of people across the board – be that in academia, entertainments or any other professional fields of endeavour.

    The progressive degradation of one of the most marvellous human functions then: “THINKING”, has been taking place over the last few decades, making way for an amenable “heard” of baa!

    As a final example; If you have any knowledge or experience with the Military, one of the terms that is highly regarded among elite units of soldier (SAS, Royal Marine etc.) is the term “Thinking Soldier”.

    It is said that to carry this trait (to be a “Thinking Soldier”) can spell the difference in ones experience in the services: Either you will meet with backlash, or you will succeed and overcome in circumstances that could make the difference (between life or death?) within the outcome of particular circumstances.

  12. Another great podcast lads! Mark’s a sound guy who made lots of great observations. Look forward to the next one with him. Baaa!

  13. Thank you Dom and Chris … and Mark … great conversation !!! … I love listening to you …. intelligence and humour and common sense connecting the dots … so rare right now !

  14. Dom & Chris I really enjoyed this! Reminded me of my own experiences with speaking against the narrative! Maybe I am one of the 5%!! I do not intend to be silent!! I work counselling anxiety and addictions for last 30 years in Hx! Baa 🤣

  15. Sound problems is a good sign you are over the target. It’s the biggest compliment you can get. Well done boys.

  16. Thank you for this lively discussion! You brought to mind some of the engineering that happened at the beginning of this promotion with “Essential” business. Overnight store clerks and nurses became deep sea crab fishermen/hall monitors. The humdrum ugly place it was last week became a war zone with invisible enemies crawling on customers. Instead of getting written up for tardy, they were heroes.

    I think this attack demolished one of the last person to person interactions that lonely people have. Commercial transactions, the retail experience. It demolished the remains of family too. One pharmacist told me he had to shower curtain off a section of his house, remove his clothes, bag them like hazardous materials, sanitize his body before he entered his house and wear masks in there to protect his family. Six years of higher indoctrination for that .

    The positive reinforcement is if they don’t get the flu then it means the ritual worked and all of this is worth it, That is the invincible logic in any conversation I’ve had.

    1. “Essential” business in France at the start of the respiratory “pandemic” included tobacco shops…
      The Watch the Water video that went viral was interesting but suspiciously alarmist, but the likeness to snake venom symptoms would be interesting from a homeopathic point of view, and the lack of acknowlegement of the fact that smokers weren’t dying in droves, not to mention only made up a very small percentage of victims is worth exploring.

  17. Hi Dom and Chris, Have you watched a video from around 11/12 years ago of an actor named Michael Daviot playing a character called the banker? It’s on YouTube, only a few minutes long but highly watchable. As always thanks for all your hard work and laughs. Mark Nesti was fab and look forward to hearing him again.

  18. It’s uplifting and interesting listening to you three chaps – thanks lots!

    Prompted by your talk, I looked up “democracy” again in my 1992 Collins English dictionary, and found “democratic centralism” n. further down the page – “the Leninist principle that policy should be decided centrally by officials who are nominally democratically elected.” This sounds really familiar.

    Talking to normal people after 2 years of intense nonsense (baaaa!) reminds me of when I was a teenager in the 1980s on a school trip to the Soviet Union, chatting to a group of teenagers from the German Democratic Republic.
    They all seemed so sure their government was benign, and looking after them, and I was surprised by how happy they seemed to be, despite having their news and information so heavily censored, and being subject to so much propaganda (which I was free from of course!).

  19. Great chat lads. Connected a few more dots for me. A few thoughts:

    Distress is like the fear of death and an unknown future, which all futures are.
    The opposite is the comfort zone, mediocre, safe, H & S culture, predicable and homogenous.
    Maybe the middle way is stress, or stressful because its a bit of a tightrope, it’s change, its learning and understand and experiencing. That’s a life lived, unsafe but also learning that its OK, its a natural process.

    I think the Technocratic elite are a death cult in as much as they fear death and the unknown so much that they have decided that anything other than the survival of their ego (who they think they are) is unthinkable. At all costs they must survive and in order to survive they much control all, eliminate any possibity of competition, anything that make them feel unsafe.
    So they will attempt to become immortal in their ego identifed mental construct. Enter the metaverse.

    Those of us left will pick up the pieces and begin again, with something better.

  20. Sick to death of men using the word ‘Feminized’ I derogatory terms !! As though Feminized and Feminine are somehow WEAKER trails if human behaviour. In fact the reverse is true. Femininity is by far the more superior trait as women are Naturally more psychic, aware ! AND where far more awake about this Pkandemic than MEN. Men simply comply and tell their wies to do the same when the women are saying their children are getting sick through masks Etc. The men do NOTHING. No wonder divorce is at an all time high!! It is mainly men still wearing their face nappies!! Men have NOT been Feminized. They have been Emasculated ! That is obvious. Choose your words more carefully!! And stop putting down womens amazing FEMININE traits and awareness!! We are the givers of LIFE!! Our strength and power. That is why you put us down because we have that power. you only oppress what you fear!!!

    1. Biba

      I think you have the wrong end of the stick.

      Men have been feminised and emasculated & and women have become more masculine and defeminised, this is clear, it is part of the Eugenics & Mind Control Operations /Programs being run against us all, this has been caused by, direct intervention of chemical and behaviour changes against our will and knowledge.
      No one is superior at all men or women, we are all equal but with different natural functions.
      Also in regards to more women being ‘awake’. I see equal numbers of men and women brainwashed into the narrative, I don’t know the exact split but it seems equal(ish).

      Women have traits men will never have or achieve and visa versa, but this isn’t a competition either, we all have good traits.

      Sorry to disagree,



    2. One thing which has always puzzled me is that looking at my friends, it would seem the majority of them are fully bought into the narrative regardless of whether they are male or female, or what their “intelligence” level is or what line of work they are in. So builders, company directors, painters, gardeners, it doesnt seem to make any difference.

      One thing I have noticed from social media and the school gates is that virtually all the “mums” are fully into it. There was pretty much a 100% masked up rate at the school gates and the comments on facebook from the mums were so pro-divoc it was crazy. My wife is exactly the same, rushed off and got the 3 dart finish asap. But you only have to look at what a lot (obviously not all if they are working mums) of these school mums do, they watch day time telly and whenever ive had the mis-fortune to catch any of it, its constant relentless propaganda all day long, all the daytime shows and people like Dr Shillary. Even the call-in people used to be stuff like “how can i convince my husband to have the jibjab?”. Then you had the news blasting out the same propaganda, then the soap opras, then all over their facebook. Its non stop. I actually read somewhere that in the USA the vast majority (80% was it?) of childrens health decisions are made by the mother. So that now makes sense that if they can brainwash the mums, they then have pretty much certain chance of getting the kids jibjabbed. Most blokes I know just follow orders from their wifes. My wife went ballistic when I said no to the jibjab and threatened to divorce me. She was convinced I would die unless I got the jab. The stress and pressure it caused was the worst ive experienced in my life. And it wasnt just from her, the inlaws too, my parents. They fully tried the “what i you get it without knowing and pass it onto someone else who dies” approach on me. Apparently I was being selfish and should protect others by getting stabbed up.

      Funnily enough, im still alive, fit & healthy, whilst everyone around me seems to have come down with divoc at some point this year.

      1. Great points, there seems to be no real identifier why 5% are still able to critically think they do come from all walks of life.

  21. Found myself leaning towards the computer to better hear the doctor. It’s nice to hear an academic not insist on being called doctor or anything. Austrians are crazy about their titles. And in the German school systems the kids have to decide around 10-12 years old if they will go on to college or not. It’s so sad to see ppl lose opportunities b/c they don’t have this or that paper or certificate. What’s becoming more and more popular among hs students is a gap year where they do volunteering or even just nothing and take time to consider what they wanna do with their lives.

    I became disillusioned with big business working as a waitress. Part of my wages went to cover the minimum wage of the girls at the front (hostesses) who seated ppl at tables. And since I wasn’t friends with them they always gave the first tables to other waitors. From my minimum wage I also had to give 2 dollars each shift to ppl who rolled silverware, and I had the option to roll 50 sets of silverware to save my 2 dollars, which I did each time to the surprise of the other wait staff and my managers. (Cough, Cheddars.) All this while facing 20,000 dollars in student loan debt that was due and no professional job at that time to show for it. The 2 year post-graduation slump was a huge relief to get over and survive and start work as a teacher. Sometimes I hate Hollywood for CONTINUING to promote the American dream, which is dead as a doornail.

    I like the quote from Mark Twain: don’t let education get in the way of your education. I kept that sign in my room as a teacher and sometimes the kids would ask me about it. Look at Einstein. Perfect genius and almost didn’t make it in academia at all. He needed favors to continue and then did research on the side. Dumbing down of school and academia, monetizing of education, less critical thinking, all topics I’d love to talk about more often but can’t keep the anger out of my voice.

    Fear of death – absolutely a huge deal for many ppl today. I had an Austrian woman try to convince me to not ride the elevator with her (both of us with masks on), telling me it was some kind of recommendation, and we were at the supermarket. I took my mask off much to her astonishment and said in German, “Look at my face. I’m not sick, and if I was you would notice it. Don’t be so afraid.” Speaking of the future, I’m afraid we’re looking at something worse than the bird flu in future and fear levels will continue to rise.

  22. Brilliant listen. Could listen to the Doc all day. Don’t cut him off as much in full flight next time let him finish what story or point he’s trying to make. Great stuff though lads 💪

  23. With regards to Universities splitting up families etc, dont forget about Online Dating also – its the same sort of thing. Looking back at my family, nearly all my parents generation stayed in or near the local town where they were born. None of them went to University and nearly all of them married local people etc. On a Saturday we would all meet up at my grand mothers house after the women had done the shopping and the blokes might have had a pint in the pub.

    Now, one generation later everyone went to University and ended up moving away. Looking at my own case, I met my wife through online dating and also moved away. Whilst I still see my parents occasionally I cant remember the last time I saw any of my uncles & aunts who we used to always see on a weekly basis.

    Its all quite clever really how the knowledge past down through generations has been cleverly switched to knowledge drummed into you through education and now even more so through social media.

  24. As always guys, brilliant ! As we have discussed people are blind, don’t want to know and now we are starting to see the results here where I am.
    I asked a guy some time ago if he trusted me, known him for 16 years, he said yes.
    I asked “if you trust me mate would you check this out and give me your thoughts, opinions” showing some very to the point and easy to understand information regarding the last couple of years that would have taken half an hour to look at. His instant answer was ‘NO’ !! has he looked, I don’t know but the subject has never been bought up again and I haven’t heard from him since that conversation

    1. No surprise sadly pal the amount of people who have stopped talking to me is astounding, but who cares now we have new friends 🙂

  25. Baby boomers are always blamed for many things.It is a cliche” as many in this category are supportive of young people, and I as one of these awful selfish sods have never had any negative attitude or criticism from young people.This bloke cracks on as if we never had any problems to overcome, as if houses , cars holidays a decent life was doled out by a giant silver spoon.It is a lazy stereotype from someone who claims an insight into behaviour.

  26. A great podcast. The Conservative Woman is excellent with superb articles: Was Putin a global leader of tomorrow? The WEF don’t allow anybody over the age of 38 to join their club. Putin was too old. I have seen photos of him with Schwab of course. Would he be welcome now? I doubt it.

    1. There are a few people I have come across that were too old or said to be in the ‘club’, Musk is another I can’t find any record he was in the YGL’s. However this doesn’t mean they weren’t either. The YGL was set up in the early 90s and the 1st on held 1993 as the Young Global Leaders of Tomorrow. Putin would have been 40-41, however rules can be broken, maybe there was a few years of secret YGL recruitment?
      Who knows, maybe he’s gone rogue? Maybe he’s working for a different team?

  27. They are trying to go to one world government.
    You can see what Boris is doing with Finland and Sweden, plus pandemic treaty.

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