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In this episode, The Triad of Truth we are please to invite back, Double L from Rise Above Live & Master Lee from Inner Guardians.

We take a deep dive and talk about many things including RUSSIA/UKRAINE, & the Hacking of Humans.

As always the discussion seems to flow when we get together.

Baa & Rise Above


  1. Another great one!
    It’s a shame all the “followers” of the entity that is Russell Brand don’t switch on to you guys to listen to some actual truths, the comments of how amazing he is for speaking out etc is getting ridiculous. We all know he’s part of the system!!
    Keep up the fantastic work 👍 and looking forward to your next one.

    1. Brand is all about shifting people to the left & collectivism. He catches people who see through the veil to bring them back to that “Polarity” discussed in the show today.

  2. Greetings guys,

    I really appreciate your work.

    Just a quick one to add to the clown’s discussion…
    At 8:25:33 a vision is described, the man whose vision he’s referring to is on the next show, but I can’t remember exactly when he tells the story himself.
    If you haven’t come across this channel already, his work is definitely worth looking into.

    This is the website of Wayne Bush…

    You referred to the Conspiracy-R-Us channel. Just in case you haven’t seen the original…

  3. Thanks to all for another insightful podcast . I also saw the ‘clowns’ series you recommended, which was interesting. I noted from there that clowns are ‘tricksters’ and was thinking that PM’s nick-name is ‘BZ the Clown’.

  4. Would like to hear your take on death. Any fear of dying? Death meditation? Coming to terms with the great mystery and any paranormal experiences?

  5. Got to read the Bible yourself to understand the Nephilim, Noah, and God’s 1st reset. One thing is for sure, God doesn’t tolerate having the DNA of his perfect creation being messed with. Unfortunately, most people are turned away from Christianity because the Church of England, and the Catholic Church have both been taken over and corrupted by Satan. As a result, when people are asked about Christianity, they immediately switch off, or even become aggressive and hostile. So sad that Satan has been so successful. It’s a bit like a child who has been forced to eat Brussels sprouts, whilst being told they’re eating strawberries – no surprise that if you ask the kids “Do you like Strawberries?”. They will say “No, hate them”. Organised religion has become the work of the Devil. To understand Christianity, you have to read the Bible yourself Also don’t fuck about with evil spirits. The Devil exists. Talk to God instead

    1. Thank you Nigel for your comment.
      Your observation is correct. Once these concepts are accepted & understood only then shall a fuller appreciation of Scripture, in its proper context, be attained.
      I also concur with you on the particular organizations you mention must be under the control by such entities or related agents.

    1. Lili
      How strange I’m writing a presentation about the Allan Memorial Hospital at this moment !

      Great timing

        1. It’s about the Trudeau Family but has the hospital in the presentation because Justin Trudeau’s mother was in there!

  6. When I left school there were no jobs for us under the Thatcher government. Me & a heck of a lot of my mates were unemployed with little money. We “experimented” with just about every drug going initially to take ourselves out of the boredom of years of unemployment.
    Once you’ve done certain drugs there is no going back to their reality. You can see the charade in everything that happens. We all shared the same “dreams” as we called them & all saw the same things as you guys describe. Even if we were not together or didn’t take the drugs at the same time. We could all recall our hallucinations which were identical. It’s a hidden world that we all share without even realising it.
    Funny enough non of us took the jibby jab & can all see through the Ukraine thing.

  7. This kind of relates to hypnosis. I’ve heard a lot lately about EMDR (Eye Movement Densensitization and Reprocessing) therapy.
    Have you heard of it?

    It’s available on the NHS now apparently. It’s all the rage. Milly Dowler’s family have had it. Prince Harry swears by it! Sandra Bullock loves it!
    Cures you of trauma, PTSD, anxiety, panic attacks…everything. I may be being ignorant here but I fathom it very darkly.

    You are asked to recall traumatic memories/experiences whilst making side to side eye movements, following the therapist’s finger, or to tapping sounds, or to blinking/flashing lights.

    The thinking is that it simulates REM sleep, does something to the amygdala and is very safe and effective. I know it is wonderful because The Tavistock Institute recommends it.

    Sounds like torture to me. I really think this could do a lot of damage or be used for not very wholesome purposes.

    The woman who came up with this was Francine Shapiro. She died in 2019. She had a BA and MA and gained a Phd later after recovering from cancer.

    Her wiki bio is pretty brief. There is a bit of dodgy ‘not for profit’ background and some kind of history of working with some bizarre sounding organisation called an ‘American and Canadian Psychological Cadre for Ethnopolitical Warfare.’

    Whoever she was, what with things being the way they are, there could be quite a few takers for this. Oh dear me.

    I tried it on myself for about one minute in a DIY stylee and all it did was make me feel dizzy, sick and hurt my eyes. I must say that I couldn’t get distressed by my bad memory though because I was too worried that I would give myself a seizure.

    A most distressful upsetment. Still, the next time you see an actor of any description flicking their eyeballs all over the shop whilst they’re talking, that might be the EMDR.

    Watch Harry in the Oprah interview. Skens like a basket of whelks.

  8. Did you guys ever come across the MAPIT website? Sadly it changed name around a decade ago, but the original MAPIT (Manchester Aerial Phenomena Investigation Team) website had an incredible archive of stories and investigations not just limited to UFO’s.

    One story always stuck with me called ‘City In The Sky’ and revolved around a Navy crew out at sea, hundreds of miles from any known land, when one of the crew shouted all of the others on to the deck to see the city in the sky.

    Every member of this Navy crew that went to the deck described seeing the exact same thing. It appeared when the clouds opened and included an entire city full of people – the women dressed in Victorian-like dresses – and dogs running across immaculately mowed lawns below buildings and streets. Apparently it lasted for some time until the clouds drifted in on a hot Summer’s day.

    It’d be nice to know if anyone knows where to find this and all of the other reports and stories.


      1. Never heard about that one. I’d wondered whether it might be something of that nature, but this appeared in the sky above them and they watched it for quite a long time and described so many details

  9. Absolutely Fckn Brilliant!!!! Bless Ya All And Thanks ❤️❤️❤️❤️🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

  10. On the group experience thing, I grew up in a hippie community in West Wales, at the age of 10 me and about a dozen friends went picking magic mushrooms all day, we had a Tesco bag full. We brewed them up in a big cast iron bowl over the camp fire and drank a big mug full each, before we’d even drank the brew we could all see a black snake creature moving in a figure of eight in the pan. We then proceeded to go on a crazy 10 Hours of madness that changed us forever.

    As a funny sidenote, straight after drinking my cupful I had a shout from down the hill from my dad, dinners ready!!

    I ran down hoping to eat and get out again before it kicked in, no luck I was tripping my nut off by the time I sat at table, it was like that scene from close encounters with me playing with my mashed potatoes. My dad looked at me and just said “gone on piss of out”, I think he just thought I’d had a spliff.

      1. Cheers Dom

        Keep up the great work, you guys and rise above have kept me going over the last year plus, it’s nice to know there’s still some normal intelligent folk with decent sense of humour left.


  11. Hey guys another great show. A Maltese cross I also a pyramid in 2d. If you pushed down from the capstone the sides would form a Maltese cross. Check out Sean Hross on youtube he definitely has some puzzle pieces. His channels are Giureh – G.I.U.R.E.H. chatzefratz Homeland Sickurity. Hope you all are well. Take care.

  12. Hi.

    Thank you for another great show. I’m not sure if you’ve read the Kybalion but it explains the principles of polarity, rhythm (literally described as a pendulum), cause and effect, vibration, gender, correspondence (as above, so below) etc.

    You mentioned Vril. Please check out Robert Sepehr’s work. He’s on YouTube and has been making loads of videos on Atlantis, Vril, the Vril Society and Maria Orsic etc. He would be a great guy to interview.

    Robert Blumetti also has some good books on Vril and how to use it. He also explains the connection between Vril, visualisation, brain waves and Futhorc runes.

    I’m not sure if you’ve noticed that the Extinction Rebellion logo is the inverted Dagaz- they also perform ceremonial magick rituals. They are using Vril in these rituals (Vril is a neutral energy) to manifest their aims.

    Basically Vril is the German/ Nordic word for prana, qi, orgone. vital life force energy etc. It can be controlled by activating the parasympathetic nervous system and the vagus nerve.

    Polyethylene Glycol has been found to cause vagus nerve damage and several of the side effects of the vaccine including postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome and gastroparesis, which are linked to vagus nerve damage and suppression of the parasympathetic nervous system.

  13. ‘Shaving Ryan’s Privates’ L O L

    Another brilliant show!

    Re: Shape Shifters – I used to follow a YT Channel called ‘Tamara Desiree Magdalene the Lioness of THE YESHUA’ – She is supposed to be from the Adult Film Industry but her videos were epic – I concluded that there must be a team of film makers involved in the production of the vids – nothing has been posted on any of her sites since last summer and many of them have been taken down – there are still some that cover the ‘pixilated’ images of some of the ‘illuminate’

  14. So is the whole Maxwell / Epstein thing also a pendulum? How do we truly know what went on there. Maybe they weren’t the villains they have been made out to be. Some believe Putin may be doing something good in the Ukraine and is being deliberately demonized by the media maybe it was the same with the Epstein thing. Who knows? i certainly don’t.

  15. The Candy brothers, rich brothers who have neighbouring houses in Weybridge, Surrey, have planning permission for building rooms and tunnels under their homes. Now Ed Sheeran. Maybe we need to think about this one….

  16. Dom, i know this is completely out of context, but Im wondering if you can help…
    I recommended taking some ivermectin to my niece ( 9mg of ‘Animec’ ) having read up on it and also had good results myself and 4 other friends.
    She took it yesterday evening and soon felt she had tunnel vision and woke up this morning with the same symptons.
    She has called 111, and is awaiting a reply from the NHS!
    Do you have any suggestions or advice to aid her recovery?
    Or any information as to this side effects?
    The very best regards, Alan ( a big fan ), please reply to my email

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  17. Regarding the blue and yellow, I thought it familiar and then remembered I saw it Taras Bulba with Yul Bryner which is set in the Ukraine, but I think it was the colours of the Poles who ruled Ukraine at the time.

  18. Just love your work guys – there’s some much content to think about, especially the Atlantis connection with JE!
    Thank you – as always!

  19. Great podcast – I’m also a big fan of Rise Above and Inner Guardians. I enjoyed all of that. I do think those videos look like cheap late 1970s early 1980s video FX on predictably poor quality video tape though. The Jenna Bush skydiving clip is a cartoon animal face in some cheap looking double exposure effect. I’m not saying they’re not real…but…okay I am – they’re not real. This aside, I agree or am open minded to everything else said on the podcast. I hope you do more with Rise Above and Inner Guardians.

  20. In my extensive experience, the strongest individuals are not always the brightest. Most leaders need to be smart. The pen is mightier than the sword in most circumstances.

  21. Top podcast as ever guys , Thankfully I caught the end part regarding the Ukrainian orphans and if I didn’t know the guy over the last 30 years that was on the tv etc I would have shared the scepticism .
    Stevie is a great guy with a good heart . From what I remember he started the Dnipro kids charity after my local football team had a European game against Dnipro about 17-18 years ago where a lot of the lads travelled over for the game . During the last 17 years he started fundraising and sending over Hibernian fc tops , clothes , funds for the orphanage and it’s grown from that as far as I know .
    All the kids will still be staying together over here til it’s safe to go back and they are with the same carers as in the Ukraine so I think it’s much more like a holiday out of the danger zone for them .
    That’s my perception of the situation anyway and I’m not one to go along with the narratives on the tv etc
    But will stick up for a mate that’s a top man .

    Keep up the good work guys Baaaa

        1. Dom , have you guys thought about a deep dive into Scottish politics .?

          I’ve been meaning to ask as it’s been very hush hush up here for a long time
          But stuff seems to be coming out recently

          Some strange shit to be unearthed up here I reckon

          Cheers Dave

  22. The film ‘The Clown’ (2014) has everything you guys were talking about (Eli Roth) – even the liquid crystal polarisation and the ‘Naughts & Crosses’ with the girl. This cannot be coincidence.
    Thanks for your hard work guys.

  23. When is masonic teaching no longer masonic teaching? When is satanism no longer satanism. When you convince people it was stolen from them and it was never used to be bad. This has always been satanic teaching, it was not stolen from us, it was given to us by satan as ruler of the Earth to remove our understanding of God Almighty as our creator.

    Master Lee: ‘The Power of 3’




    as above so below


    The Samadhi “par excellence,” however, is Atmadarshana, which for some, and
    those not the least instructed, is the first real Samadhi; for even the visions
    of “God” and of the “Self” are tainted by form. In Atmadarshana the All is
    manifested as the One: it is the Universe freed from its conditions. Not only
    are all forms and ideas destroyed, but also those conceptions which are implicit
    in our ideas of those ideas.<> Each part
    of the Universe has become the whole, and phenomena and noumena are no longer

    Aleister Crowley the beast 666

    ‘3–6–9 Manifestation Technique: How to Manifest Anything You Want Faster

    “I’m a productive person. I am not here to be average. I don’t waste my precious time.” I wrote this over 500 times in the past 33 days. Why? I was practicing the 3–6–9 manifestation.

    I found this when I was scrolling through my TikTok feed. I was spending way much time on social media sites instead of doing something fulfilling. I needed to quit my smartphone addiction and focus on reading and writing instead. After practicing for almost 33 days, I can quite confidently say that the 3–6–9 manifestation technique will work wonders for you if you do it right.’

    Spell casting

    10. 2 Timothy 4:3-4 For the time is coming when people will not endure sound teaching, but having itching ears they will accumulate for themselves teachers to suit their own passions, and will turn away from listening to the truth and wander off into myths.

    8. 1 Peter 5:8 Be alert and of sober mind. Your enemy the devil prowls around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour.

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