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In SCHWABIAN AGENDA Pt2 we follow on with the WEF Young Global Leaders, we feature a few of the Class of 2005. Then we go into the background of Chrystia Freeland, Dep PM of Canada. We show her family history and her links to the security services.
Baa πŸ™‚


  1. “follow the wives”…… [email protected]!x 5!ve vibes….. F!eld McC0nnel, very interesting if you haven’t come across it already – we I was looking into it was Clegg/Cameron and their w!ves were said to be running everything through the ‘Worshipful Guilds of the City of L0nd0n’ And Mrs Clegg was s’posed to be in charge of the politrickal side of tings… also hooked into [email protected], [email protected] [email protected] & atr0city [email protected] and a lot of dyst0pian c0mputer [email protected]…… Love & Peace πŸ™‚

  2. First, stop bullying your Chris πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ€¦πŸ»β€β™‚οΈ Secondly, I am officially the 6.9 billionth most important man on the planet 🌎 so lord πŸ¦€ crab claws from now on please, thirdly, good that pal πŸ™‚ speak soon buddy.

  3. Absolutely brilliant thank you both for taking the time to do what you do for us. I did laugh quite a bit at the shs shs shalom lol sounded as if you were dipping into Chris’s wine..thanks so much guys

  4. Great podcast as always lads! The Shatner thing is hilarious. Watched it with the wife when it came out, it all seemed relatively plausible until the bit where they came back to earth. She’s not as “down the rabbit hole” as me but we looked at each other and pissed ourselves! Utter bollocks!! Star Trek was more believable! Watch this…

  5. Baa! I have become a fan guys. You are funny but also very real. Thanks for making me laugh too! A sense of humour goes a long way to staying sane in an insane world. Look forward to checking out your back catalogue. Thanks again.

  6. Yes I get angry about the fact that I stupidly expect others to abide by my own reasonable ?? standards and principles of living. But, like you point out about Bliar, there are a lot of fucked up people out there who for some reason simply don’t question how they became what they are. So we must use empathy and tolerance with them in the same way we try to understand the ones who stay asleep and never bother to question what is actually going on.
    We are in between the farmers and the farmed, so lets be glad we are awake to that fact while we wait for our time which is surely coming.

  7. Fabulous podcast Dom and Chris. I listen to you late at night before sleeping yo counteract the terrible misery of the day . You truly make me laugh out loud! Magic, both of you xx

  8. Great show (again). Keep on taking the piss out of their dumb schemes that they think are ever so clever. I’m amazed that the likes of UK Column are going along with the 2 mins hate – Vlad Putin playing the role of Emmanuel Goldstein. For me, Ukraine is all about (1) creating the inflation and economic collapse required to prove the need for CBDCs (2) cover story for cyber-polygon – Russian cyber attacks (3) Sheeple distraction for Britney Spears side-effects (4) Next pandemic release – Russian bio-weapon. The best defence is to take the piss, because doing this shows them that we aren’t scared. Also reading the Bible is essential. Organised religion – Church of England, Catholic Church, etc was taken over, and corrupted hundreds of years ago. So, you have to go direct to the Bible – so much wisdom in there, and Bible prophecy made over 2000 years ago that is coming true, EXACTLY! as it was written 2000 years + ago.

    Thanks again, from a Rochdalian living in exile in SW Finland

  9. Excellent stuff again fellas. As an aside..been looking way back into history and and seen the frauds the covering up of history and I came across this guys videos and channel
    Amazing stuff document books journals etc, my point is, with todays frauds it’s the same people (bloodlines) that’s running the show now and back then. Think Dom can get his teeth into this. As for whether the world is ready that’s another issue lol. Keep going fellas

  10. Really enjoyed the show lads, keep them coming please ✊🏻✊🏻✊🏻✊🏻✊🏻✊🏻

  11. It’s very interesting how Russell Brand has just spoken about the young leaders on his YouTube channel, I have to admit I didn’t listen/watch it just saw the link saying “they planned this all along”.
    I reckon you guys are rattling a few cages so they need to get their shills speaking about it to soften the blow!
    Keep it up, I absolutely love listening to you both and passing on your info to as many as I can.

    1. Yes I saw that as well, I can’t trust Brand at all, how is he allowed to say what he says, everyone else is switched off YT for less? Yet he gets millions of views.
      He still has a contract with Universal Pictures (owned by NBCUniversal, owned by Comcast and headquartered at 30 Rockefeller Plaza)
      He’s just finished Minions: The Rise of Gru
      Remember in Despicable Me 2 his character Dr. Nefario where he invented a ‘vaccine to turn the Minions into Purple Zombies’

      Dom πŸ™‚

      1. Exactly! “Life imitates Art far more than Art imitates Life”πŸ₯΄
        Looking forward to your next instalment.
        Keep up the amazing work πŸ‘

  12. Do you think they will use the refugees from a low jab rate country as the cause for the next very deadly pandemic?

    1. Probably and also it’s future cheap labour, and if we go back to 1930s Nazi’s used Ukrainians in the SS as they would follow orders without question

  13. Regarding Switzerland, Sean Hross actually infiltrated to Swiss Octogon Templars.

    Regarding the 13 Bloodlines, see my channel and look at the Aryan Bloodlines video (covers the top 10 but 3 later ones joined them to make 13) but then look at the Black Nobility video. The Astor family are vassals and possibly court factors.

  14. Great shows, great work!!

    A couple of things:

    1) RE: Blair & Gove + adoption + ancient religion/ritual –
    There was a practice of ‘fostering’ amongst the ancient people of Scotland and Ireland.
    The practice seems to have been done between related clans/tribes for political and ‘character building’ reasons.

    2) You may be interested in the work of David Hawkins.

  15. Have you seen KF protest the Ukraine’s war with neo nazi flags where she never got her bank account frozen. This was just after the truckers at the start of this Ukraine debacle. Here is Quebec we are prisoners of these maniacs and psychopaths. Thanks to both of you for all you’re doing.

  16. Damn straight we will stand until the end!!

    Love you boys and thanks for all the laughs and mega info… you have kept me sane πŸ™‚

    Keep up the amazing work

    Kirstie x

  17. Great stuff guys, very funny as always, perfect coffee break and apero listening.
    Hope the new clinic is coming together well.
    I found on ‘There Tube’ The Royal Family Channel, hadn’t seen it before but reading through some of the lame comments by the loyal followers confirmed that we are really are in a ‘Them and Us’ situation. I know it shouldn’t be that way but needless to say there was not enough vomit to go around. These are the same people I’m sure that still believe the Gov’s are on our side, are asking WHY these things are happening, watch the BBC and will bend over and take anything that they decide to continue to throw at us. Hey Ho !!
    All the best guys

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