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In this episode we cover more topics relating to the nonsense that’s unfolding. We also discuss the 1st year of Sheep Farm Studios on EweTube.


  1. Hi Dom & Chris,
    I have a theory on graphene oxide, if it’s
    in the arm spear, whilst listening to your podcast with Matt Landman it dropped like a penny. Said oxide was made by electrophoretic deposition… so I’ve heard, can’t remember who said this but I presume it’s good at electrical conductivity (emf) so because 5G is higher waves but has a short travel distance and Matt said phones are nodes to help boost the signal… what if they are going to use peeps as nodes also? with this so called oxide in them? Like I said just a theory.
    Good mint sauce chat, keep it up chaps

    1. All the bastard pigeons and seagulls are in Northampton 😡😡😡 seagulls came 2020. The bird song of the usual little birds is quite strong still.

      1. Ain’t that the truth. Millions of pigeons and birds here in Northamptonshire. Seem more than usual. Maybe they have just moved here from other areas.

    2. When reading this I felt that you are onto something Mark, something rings true about the theory if you get me?
      Thank you for sharing your theory brother and may the lord bless us all.

    3. Hi Mark
      Look into 6G every thing is used as phone ! Hand or wall- anything so maybe that’s what they are preparing for ?

    4. I think it’s linked to – Elon Musk’s satellites could be a network of microwave weapons using 5G to pinpoint the offender. Anyone who steps out of line will just drop dead with no sign of why. Zapped by a directed energy weapon. The body will be cleared up and the family notified they died of a heart attack. Anyone who questions it will be zapped too.
      We will own nothing, do as we are told and be happy. Not free, but happy. The future is only ours if we stop this now.

  2. Congratulations on the 1 year anniversary. Its only really been 2 weeks to flatten the curve 😆……. Oh wait. 🤔 Rach.

  3. Happy 1 year anniversary to Sheep Farm.💚
    Thank you DnC for all the hard work, all the factual info, the deep dives n Mint Sauces.💚
    More importantly, your incredible sense of humour has helped me so much through the nonsense, especially this last year.
    The Hitler as best man story was the funniest ever moment for me on SF…absolute classic.🤣
    Thanks Chris for all the vino recommendations.
    Cheers guys and bless you both and here’s to another year.❤🤍💙🧡

  4. I,m pretty sure Middlesbrough Football Club accepted a grant from

    a 5G company to put devices in the stadium specifically to study

    the behaviour of crowds .

    I,m not saying there has been any problems at that venue but the collated data is probably being used wherever large numbers of
    people meet as a great experiment .

    Also we have lost a lot of wildlife especially bats and frogs since our streetlights were changed to LED . The birds don’t sit on them either .

    1. In the late 80s I heard that sound was used to trigger the ramped up football hooliganism phenomenon in the stadiums – now I wonder whether they were experimenting with emfs as they had been in Greenham Common for the nuclear arms protesters. Those days such theories weren’t considered as ‘crazy conspiracy’

  5. Glad you guys mentioned Liam Gallagher the other day. He’s popped up with Dave Grohl doing a collaboration. Says it all

  6. Love listening to you guys, tried to down load app but I have to pay for podmatic, so I’m listening to this not on the 10/2 but12/2 my question is how do I get notifications to watch on the day, or don’t you put them out on the day?😊

    1. Sometimes they go out on the day. You are even banning our trailers now, so if you sign up to the website that’s the best way to be notified

    2. There was a program years ago called “it’s all gone Pete Tong” all about DJ’s with tinitus. In my experience tinitus come from exposure to loud noise at a young age. Became noticeable during my teens & a constant ringing by 18. I’d liken my experience to sitting on a plane taxi-ing to the runway. A high pitch whistle of jet engines on tick over.

    3. Just to add to my tinitus comment, it’s a constant whistle, no let up, pretty loud, I’m now 39. Love the show/channel. Awesome. Baa

      1. Tinnitus is a very interesting phenomenon. It is caused by damage to the hairs and nerves in your inner ear. These will correspond to a specific frequency, i.e. the frequency that damaged them in the first place.
        In my case I used to play in rock bands and whenever the singer cupped the microphone the feedback would deafen me standing near to the PA. I worked in Oil and gas and had audiograms regularly as part of the offshore medicals. In one ear I had a dip in sensitivity at 5Khz corresponding to the damage from the PA.
        Because there is now a gap in the audio spectrum that your ears are receiving, your brain compensates by generating the missing frequencies, which you experience as tinnitus.
        You can try this experiment.
        Open this tone generator:
        Slowly increase the frequency until the Tinnitus disappears, this is the frequency in your hearing spectrum that is damaged. If you play back this frequency at low volumes over time, your Tinnitus will improve and you will become less aware of it.
        Hope this helps.

        1. Having now listened to the entire podcast, it is quite feasible that a parasite or infection could kill the cells or cause them to dysfunction. Would be a similar mechanism to type 1 diabetes. Quite likely caused by vaccine damage/introduction of parasites into the bloodstream….

      2. hi
        I’ve been listening to you both for a while. You keep mentioning the blood brain barrier. Have you a picture of it? How does it work? Is it like a piece of goretex in the arteries that magically lets what we need through and stops everything else or is it, as I suspect, just another unproven theory?

        All the best from sunny Devon.

        1. Hi Graham

          No pic I’m afraid,

          Could be more nonsense but as far as I have researched it’s not a theory.

          There must be a barrier to stop unwanted materials entering the brain, like the placenta in pregnant women.

      3. I’m the same age as you Jordan. I’ve had tinnitus since I was very young, so long i can’t actually remember when it started, so can’t say what might have caused it. Given my age at the time though, I think exposure to loud noise unlikely. I have heard about people who had measles, mumps, rubella and/or the MMR jab and some other infections developing tinnitus and I think the nerve damage/brain damage explanation possibly has some truth in it. Perhaps the noise exposure suggestion is in full or in part a cover story?

        1. Hi Charlybean, I am the same. Had for ever. I remember my Dad mentioning his tinnitus, I must have been 16. I asked what it was, he explained and I said, Oh I have that. I haven’t had any injections so mine isn’t linked to that. I am now 53. I remember having hearing tests at school and my hearing was spot on, so no hearing loss either. I think I will try the colloidal silver. Whilst I have lived with it forever, it has definitely got worse over the past two years, maybe due to the led street lights, the increase of wireless or 5g.

  7. The kardashian effect is creating a generation of beta women like in brave new world. Consume consume, inflate, pump up, be emotionless, look ‘sexy’ , be as vacuous and permissive as posible, do not have opinions, do not think.

  8. Fantastic as usual guys..and you’re right Chris I save your shows for a Saturday afternoon while doing the housework! It makes time really fly and its over too soon I could honestly listen to you for much longer!! Super excited about Friday and the Rise Above collaboration…..I will be tuning in as always when you guys come together it’s another level and I love it…food and nourishment for the soul. As always thanks for all your hours of hardworking I for one am so appreciative and just wanted to let you guys know…love always ❤

  9. Absolutely love all your work, informative, entertaining and funny. – much love and respect from Edinburgh. Scotland

  10. Has any one noticed the new things they are putting on telephone post , some of it is metal with black plastic wiring . Dont know what it is but they are putting on every telephone post just wondering what they are or what they are for

    1. One near me has open reach on it so I’m guessing it’s something to do with 5g. Interesting how they rolled out the infrastructure like crazy once the first lockdown came in. They were digging up roads near me like crazy then.

  11. Love your show, style and incite into everything. Very clever. Like the way Chris sits quietly then perks up with input that could seem estranged from the topic at hand, but is not. It is, but wasn’t beforehand related. That’s natural connection that would otherwise be left to be..

    That’s why your show is so ingratiating. The way Don backs Chris up and never dismisses Chris’ thoughts.

    Love that and is why the conversation moves forward so easily

    Yeah, big fan here

  12. Hi Dom/Chris,
    Regarding the length of time cancer has been around, according to Siddhartha Mukherjee, in The Emperor of All Maladies: A Biography of Cancer, it’s or as he says, they, have been amongst humans for 4,000 years. The butchery involved in the early ‘healing’ of this disease is devastating.
    Jade Goodie died 22/03/2009 or 22×3 = 66 ÷ 11 = 6. That’s a strike. Baa…l!
    Great show. So many things I want to respond to, but I’ll leave it at this.

  13. Just a bit more to the Mukherjee book and you comments about Jolie and mastectomy. On the front of his book is the Crab: The Astrological sign for Cancer, which is ruled by the Moon and also rules the breasts.
    I think he’s a paid hand having been the Winner of the Guardian First Book Award of 2011 (22) and the Winner of the Pulitzer Prize for Non-Fiction (?) 2011. So, someone liked him that year. Baa. (I’m legitimate, born in the Sheep Year)

  14. I’ve noticed the last 2 years there aren’t many birds in my garden, hardly any wood pigeons, doves, maybe one starling, one blackbird, they all used to be waiting for me for their seed, no bird song, no cooing, no owls at night – and once again hundreds were found dead in the road in Pembrokeshire yesterday, like Angelsey in 2019, hundreds dead in Mexico yesterday – all dropped dead after fleeing something in a rush and then dropped. I’ve hardly bought any seed in the last six months, because there are no birds – and most people don’t seem to care at all, or even noticed.

    1. Our garden too, very little activity of birds, last few years hardly any bees, 20 years ago in abundance butterfly and bees😔

    2. One of the pandemics in the 2000s was the H1N1 bird flu, and I think some of the reason the birds are dying is because of a freak strain of the bird flu. Of course 5G plays a role and disregulates the birds that migrate (false claim saying because it’s warm at the wrong time the birds are confused. I don’t believe they’re that dumb.) I get sad every time I see a dead bird, except for crows. I don’t really care for them.

  15. Thanks for the mention ,the blokes called Paul ,my pleasure Chris, Ozone treatment so far brilliant, felt wide awake every morning for 4 days,it normally takes me an hour 4 cigs and 3 coffees before I can move and the brain is ready for me to do anything, also by 7pm is I’m normally trashed last 4 days I’ve still been ” buzzing” at 10pm and sleep is deep, great stuff Thank You

  16. Hi lads,
    The word ewetube, is a funny word . Phonics is very important in witchcraft and so is the Yew-tree.
    The police investigation into Savile was named Operation Yewtree. There spells are everywhere!!!!
    What is this place we call Earth lads?, because when we do!!, find out what it is. I think it will be beyond our wildest imagination.
    Right I am going to seat back listen to your podcast now, take care and Godspeed lads 😀

  17. I got strong armed into public speaking as well, Chris. I was pushed into taking a job for one Saturday afternoon a week being a tour guide on a coach. My qualifications? I spoke English and Monsieur Vincent and his most excellent bus company were desperate.

    He picked me off at the school gate when I was picking up little ‘un. No escape.

    That first afternoon was a living hell. No script, no idea of the route, it’s all a blur in my memory, all I can remember is wearing a denim skirt and feeling scruffy. Anyway, it turned out to be my big break. Did it full time, then drove 4×4 off roaders ans took yacht parties out for day trips/nightclubs. The world was my lobster.

    Tell you what though. The times I really made an effort, tried to remember all the details of the geography and history for my act, as it were…they weren’t the best days. The punters weren’t crazy for it.

    Days I just winged it, had a laugh, went off at tangents, they loved it. Lots of tips, happy ambience.

    The moral of the story is, for anybody thinking of doing a podcast of their own, or appearing with this pair or on Rise Above. You’ll be fine, be yoursel, just enjoy it.

    Anyway, I’ve been hearing repeatedly on msm that the final death toll of the great divoc plague will be 6 million. Whenever I hear this I think of what John Hamer would say about it.

    The idea of divoc morphing into a kind of AIDS is so simple, so obvious and so utterly predictable I don’t know why I didn’t see it sooner.
    All that mental energy wasted on thinking whether they could unleash smallpox or Marburgs or anything else which required a bit of original thinking.
    They haven’t got it. No, just rehash the old scare into the new one. I wonder though if they might try the gambit that you can ‘catch’ the new immune insufficency in some way. And easily. This would tie in to shedding/5g. Maybe?

    Oh, here’s a possible Mandela effect. I was sure that Gardasil or the HPV spear/virus was for the herpes virus. Cold sores, basically. Now I look it up and it’s warts. Or is that just me?

    Lastly, interesting that you say about the Dutch childhood obesity study. I have heard, over and over from Dutch and Scandinavian friends in the last few years that the younger generations are shorter and weedier.

    So that’s my ramble. Happy Birthday, Sheep Farm, Baa!

  18. Eh up Dom & Chris

    Big congratulations on the first year anniversary 🎉🥳👏🏻
    Long may this continue and I can’t say it enough how much this channel has kept us sane throughout this nonsense. I’ve discovered a lot from this channel and though the information is shocking to learn at times and you have shown how deep the rabbit hole truly goes. You also had me in fits of laughter, so thank you gents for that and also I don’t care how big your nostrils are Chris 🤣
    Congratulations to you Dom on the other episode I heard you say you were to be a Grand daddy very soon that’s awesome.

    So raising a drink to you both and all the Sheep Farm Brothers & Sisters

    Skal 🍻🍷☕️

  19. Happy Anniversary Guys 🤗
    Amazing research, very informative, folks need to know.
    I struggled with the vaccine 1 as my grandson, who’s now 17 had it & he was in agony where the bastards jabbed him, i pleaded with my daughter not to have it, but she went ahead, i didnt allow the fuckers to vax my kids, i have never trusted them, anyhow, he’s got autism from that jab, i look after him now, well have done since he was rejected, the emotional memory you talked about, i think he remembers his mum doing that to him coz theyve never got on since, i do not believe in jabbing babies its a horrific act & now i know the real reasons behind their motives i am so glad i kind of knew.
    I just wish more folk would stop doing it. 🙏
    Love, light & wisdom in abundance.

  20. Fab confab. This week I had just been talking to my friends and husband how people seem to suffer from an aggregated amnesia and the papal dove omen. Any dr piercing pregnant women and children should be locked up for evil or stupidity. Everyone seems to have graduated from Teletubbies, Masters at Kardesian and Phds from University of Disney. The decline of the cognitive faculties was confirmed with tv soaps and reality big brother tv. The armspear is definitely targeting the memory and intuitive part of the brain and spine not to mention fertility. Sense of smell is intrinsically a part of our instinct, memory and digestion – that was affected too. Dr Tent shows a video of bill of the gates of hell presenting a jab to shut off ‘religious’ inclinations of the brain
    I recall Dr Tent mentioned the Angelina Jolie BRCA1 mutated gene drama and how it was an attempt to patent the gene but failed when taken to court. They never give up so What better way to patent genes by piercing an mrna operating system with the victim’s 3 x consent signed and sealed in blood. You couldn’t make it up if you tried. Your humour and charm is the best antidote to this psychological terror campaign 🙏

    1. Lol university of Disney. I couldn’t help but notice last night on the Austrian news, a lot of the so-called “experts” came across as dumb or half-witted as they spoke their legal jargon with no emotion. How the majority of each nation can put their trust in these soulless people blows my mind.

  21. In the future will a new nazi party rise to GENOCIDE all the mongs created by the jabs ? Makes me wonder where all the mongs and spastic come from , they built enough mental asylums etc. Could it have been one of the VACCINES from the spanish flu or some other bs have caused it and were all the spastic VACCINE injured and born to VACCINE injured parents.? Anagram of world economic forum = communio world force . I believe they’re targeting human chromosome 8

  22. I am in agreement with what you two are saying as regards health and medicine issues . The surgery side of medical procedures goes way back in history and to the most part is very successful . Whereas he pharma side of treatments has always been dubious and used by quack doctors etc. simply for making money.
    Yes there have always been herbal cures and natural medicines and if used in the best intentions again very effective. People have always distrusted doctors and rightly so but it has now reached a pinnacle since this flu nonsense started 2 years ago , for me anyway.
    It was the Rockefellers who took over the medical profession totally over a hundred years ago and peoples overall health has declined ever since.

  23. I’m just about half way through listening and I needed to share my random thoughts on what probably aren’t coincidences.
    Twelve months ago the series “It’s a Sin” was on tv. I didn’t watch it but work colleagues said how emotional it was. Was it for HIV pre-programming?
    Is it a coincidence that Prince William is now called the Duke of Cambridge? Surely he could have had the name of another city?
    And sadly a vague acquaintance’s daughter in law who has three children under four (she got pregnant each time at the drop of a hat) has, after the arm spear, recently lost twins at less than ten weeks of pregnancy.

  24. I’m fairly convinced that the whole HIV AIDS scare of the 80’s was aimed at reducing the population and making young adults especially of the white variety afraid of sex.
    Both HIV and CONVID are both diagnosed with a fraudulent PCR test.
    If you look at the explosion in the past 40 years of Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS), unrelated to HIV and gay sex, in the form of Lupus, ME, arthritis, peanut butter allergies and allergies in general etc. it has nothing do with sexual activity at all and everything to do with vaccination roll out/mandates.
    Try this search on the internet:
    “Ivermectin use in Africa map”
    and compare with
    “aids in Africa map”
    We are looking at what appears to me to be a direct correlation with parasites purposefully injected into humans that result in “Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome” and are neutralised by anti parasitic medications.

  25. One of the things I noticed at the beginning of the 2020 campaign was the changing of definitions. Virus, vaccine, gold standard, immunity and so on. I think that doctors are trained as technicians. Doctors are employees that follow orders, and recipes. Ray Peat described how for breast cancer, the definition of cancer in the US was expanded to include ductal carcinoma in situ to increase the number of cases at around the same time as the promotion of self exams and doctor visits and tests. So ‘cases’ of cancer exploded and mammograms became a thing. All women need their time bombs checked. After a couple of generations nobody remembers or wonders why DCIS is not cancer in another country. It seems more than possible that the same thing will happen with HIV.

    1. Changing definitions and confusing language is definitely a key component of the medical eugenics system.

      My wife was prescribed Progesterone for years. Only after reading some of Ray Peats articles, I realised that she’d actually been given ‘progestogen’, a harmful synthetic compound that is a carcinogen known to cause cancer.

      In the article, Estrogen, progesterone, and cancer: Conflicts of interest in regulation and product promotion. he writes:

      ‘The corruption of the term “progestin” or “progestogen” by the industry and the drug regulators has been terribly consequential. The synthetic chemicals classified as progestins often have anti-progesterone actions, and shouldn’t be called progestins at all, because they don’t support gestation, contrary to what the term falsely implies. It is exactly their anti-progesterone/antigestational action that led to their use as contraceptives.’

      Anyone spending just a few hours researching the medical industry can find some many examples of these types of absurd inconsistencies, that it quickly becomes obvious that it cannot be explained through human error, stupidity and incompetence alone. Almost everywhere you look, these kinds of examples can be found.

  26. Yesterday I watched some old Oprah talk shows taped in 1987 discussing topics such as men cheating on their wives or being the black sheep in the family. The discussions were calm and not mean spirited and there was not a lot of psychological jargon being thrown around. The guests and the studio audience were all well dressed and groomed and polite. All I could think was how much we have devolved, people are angrier and more dug in with their opinions, and appearance and grooming have been tossed to the side. I think her show eventually evolved(or devolved) into presenting new age thinking and bringing mental health issues into everything.

  27. Because current TV programmes have become unwatchable I have started buying and watching DVD’s of old dramas and sitcoms from the 60’s to the early 2,000’s. Also old films, mostly not avaiable from streaming sources. Not only are they more entertaining but they are also an important source of social history, reminding me exactly how life used to be. Many are available 2nd hand or from specialist websites. Downlaoded material such as kindle books or downloaded films are also very easily edited and censored.

  28. Hey guys, love you from Montreal, Canada. Just to say that I had a friend who had a Haitian boyfriend during the 90s who eventually died of HIV/AIDs, however, they were at my house all the time and no one got anything. He was a lovely guy and we kind of knew at the time that he was amongst a select bunch of people who were targeted.

  29. Hi
    Sorry forgot something…

    How about getting one of the German New Medicine people on? Andi Locke Mears speaks well. It explains so much…

  30. Hi
    you keep mentioning the blood brain barrier. Have you got a photo of it? How does it work? Is it like a magic pieces of goretex in the arteries that stop the bad stuff but lets the good stuff through or is it, as I suspect, fictionary too?

    All.the best from sunny Devon.

  31. Thanks for this year I jumped on in March the websites looking good loads of new info but the chronicles is my favourite where else can you get the info and a laugh about Hitler being best man

  32. Anyone else suspect the keto diet and fasting to be a psy op?

    I know some people can experience health benefits early on from losing weight, but long term lack of glucose can lead to various degenerative processes in the body due to the elevated cortisol.

    Lots of podcasts and the YouTube algorithm seem intent on pushing these diets.

    Another interesting area is the promotion of testosterone replacement therapy to men of all ages. I remember reading a post on a forum by somebody whose partner worked for a pharma company. He said that they were intentionally allowing their steroid products to flood the market in countries such as Turkey, knowing that they would end up being sold on the black market throughout Europe.

    Years ago it was very difficult to source steroids on the clear-net. Sites were regularly shut down. But since around 2015, there are many sites selling genuine products, operating with impunity.

    I suspect it was promoted to create mass dependency, and at some point the supply will get cut off and there will be thousands of men without any testosterone. Like a large scale castration.

  33. Hi Dom and Chris bless you both ❤️🙏🏻 I’m not sure if you got my link on hiv hope you did.. I personally think think the adverts on YouTube are there to distract you from concentration and keep watching, that’s maybe wrong. Looks like you both are now famous activists now respect to ya both peace one love ❤️ ❤️🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

  34. Hey guys LOVE the show …. the info and your humour just cracks me up !
    I only found you recently coming to listen to John Hamer with you …. love the people you have on to talk to !!!!!!
    my hubby can’t understand a word you say (Australian) but I grew up in the UK and just love your accents too

    I don’t know if you’ve seen this but I really want to share it with you and I know you’ll want to see it ! … about the nanotech and SO much more … what’s NOT in it as well !
    I’ll send it to you by email as well 🙂

  35. Hi guys
    Great show.

    In 1950 as a babe I was given the polio jab (my only one). From there on I suffered bad eczema (had to be gloved as a baby) and then hayfever right up into my 30’s. The doctors blamed it on the cat my parents had at the time – funny how the cat never affected it before the jab.

    I have seen my eldest granddaughter ( 1988) suffer with one of worst cases of eczema and also ‘fits’ ever since having those first baby jabs and also my youngest son (2006) with very bad eczema to this day.
    If only I knew back then what I know today thanks to people like yourselves.


  36. I don’t see any Moths, Dragon Flies either…. i never used to leave my windows open and cook with the light on as the Moths would swarm in.
    They’ve all disappeared…

    1. Well, Karyn, the most obvious one about insects to me is how the ritual of wiping the dead flies off the windscreen and number plate of the car after ‘a long drive on the motorway.’

      …No longer offers your dad a much needed few minutes alone on the drive to collect his thoughts before facing the in laws on enforced visits.

  37. The only reason I’m listening is so I don’t have to drink alone! Big up the brothers, god bless the work you are doing, we will get to the top of the mountain and we shall see the promised land!

    PS Ive bought a pair of Dickies steel toe capped boots, who wants to hunt down Fauchi and kick fuck out of him? I’m not inciting violence, but come on, you know you want to!! Let’s flatten the curve of his lying face. Women and children get first kick

  38. I know a lot of us already know about Richard D Hall, but if anyone here doesn’t, his latest video on brings a lot of what the comments so far have been talking about.

    It’s nothing we couldn’t have already guessed, namely that nanotech made mainly of graphene, is in the spears and it’s more than likely going to be used in conjunction with 5g or some other more advanced type of radiation to turn us into human antennae.

    It’s all coming together very fast as far as understanding what their evil plan is.

    Incidentally or perhaps not, Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott have named their new baby Wolf Webster, a sibling to Stormi. I don’t know whether there’s any hidden meaning in calling the poor little ‘un Wolf.

    I could go on and on about a lot of what was put across in the video but you’d be better off watching it yourself.

    1. Thanks for this. It’s helpful to see the slides from different researchers presented and compared.

      I used to wonder what kind of innovations graphene would get used for. Now we know!

  39. I’ll comment before I get distracted by reading all the other comments. I get a weird ringing in my ears from time to time, maybe once or twice a month. I can’t help but wonder if it’s connected with the drone that circles Vienna 24/7. It flies low, makes no sound, and is actually noticeable but nobody talks about it. It looks like a small version of a normal plane. Or maybe it’s from a freak frequency getting out of line every now and then. We have satellites on buildings on both sides but I feel relatively safe when I’m not close to the windows. But if I’m near a window and get an odd ringing I usually blame the neighbors. That’s the new pollution….5G or 6G waves.

    About that comedian collapsing, I can’t help but wonder if she was doing some type of initiation ritual. It’s like the gang rituals, but with the satanic elite, you never know what the ritual might be. Like the Astroworld thing, maybe that was some type of ritual meant to show he’s ready to boost his career or whatever. I just looked it up, Travis Scott has been around for awhile, but in 2021 he started a film career apparently. Maybe that was the necessary sacrifice required to get into Hollywood. Or sometimes freak things happen to set ppl up and make them pay for mistakes that we the public never saw.

    On a religious note, the Bible predicts that 1/4 of the population will die from famine, disease, and pestilence, and wild animal attacks (the pale horse), all within a fairly short time period. I would love to believe there will be another 20 years and this is just a blip in the storyline of humanity, but as you notice how evil these satanists are, they will stop at nothing. They’re really planning to wipe out much of the pop, and it will move from turtle speed to warp speed at some point. Time to get our houses in order, but we shouldn’t forget what Martin Luther said when asked what he would do if it were the last day of his life. “I would plant a tree.”

  40. Hi Dom and Chris
    Congrats on 1 year of fantastic podcasts.
    I am living in Denmark and everything has stopped over here. No restrctions, c passes or masks. Just stopped from about 3 weeks ago. Fanny thing is that just about everyone has the virus. Really weird.

  41. Well Julie, if we suddenly hear a lot more from Heather McDonald, we’ll know. I think you could very well be spot on.
    I had a quick look at her ‘celebrity gossip’ podcast. That seems to be her main gig. It wouldn’t be a surprise if she wasn’t being set up for a big mainstream presenting job. She’s odd in that she’s very up with the LGBTQ+ and BLM, but she’s also a Catholic and churchgoer.

    If posting a picture of yourself going to church in a bikini on Instagram is how you do devout Catholicism in LA.

    It’s strange all round. She’s another one of those full make up and bouffy hair, speaking clearly into her phone camera when in hospital people.

    1. Lol, Kathryn. Those LA girls know how to look good 24/7. Unfortunately going to church doesn’t mean much anymore, esp. Catholic, but I don’t get into any trouble here 🙂

  42. Boston Dynamics are printing a robot running through the woods. Probably a psyops to let you know there’s nowhere to hide

  43. Happy anniversary to you both
    Just pointing out that it’s actually true that heart attacks go up and down around 22% when they put clocks back and forward
    I know this as I’ve listened to a specialist in sleep so this show the importance of sleep meaning how much difference an hour makes
    And I’m sure that paracetamol or could be aspirin or both? Actually helps stop a heart attack I thought some people carry them for this reason you only have to put I think half of one on your tongue if it feels like your having one and it can prevent it from becoming worse
    Point is if I’m right then there really helping you die from there advice if there saying it does give you a heart attack?
    Any way keep up your great work
    And all the best to both of you

  44. You actually took a crap in school!!! I remember what happened when someone tried to take a poo in one of those stools. The piss taking!!! Not me, not once. You can’t even make munges from the tracing paper!

  45. A sub theme to this weeks show for me was sound and how it influences perception of experience and its impact on relating with self, others and environments our bodies step into.

    You both ooze a sound/vibe that allows difficult subjects/topics to be heard and explored by the listener – Brilliant research and commentary on your research findings – and I find comforting despite the horror, as you bring the real everyday rationale that recognises/hints at, the sheep have the shears, the gun and the bullets. Cant wait to hear you guys to speak on your nationality as British!

    I was really interested in the section on tinnitus/ringing in the ears. Early in my career as a psychotherapist (late 90s early ’00s), a counselling centre in the east Midlands had in each consulting room, a speaker that had a volume control to off that emitted ‘white noise’ which. Its use was encouraged as part of practice protocols for therapists however, not insisted upon. The rationale was, it helped client (and presumably therapist also) to focus their attention in the room and ‘tune out’ noise from adjoining rooms and corridor due to thin walls?? Used it once and found it more of a distraction at any level! The counselling centre had close links with an ‘independent’ local university that provided psychodynamically orientated training and had some connection with the counselling centre piloting the CORE assessment tool commonly used mainly by CBT therapists working in NHS/state/private funded projects providing initially ‘free’ short term (3/6 – 6/12 sessions)psychological support services to the public – across the UK!. Didn’t think anything of it at the time……..but now??????…….I suspect a link that is rather dodgy, given the proliferation BC of training of counsellors and psychotherapists, NHS funded/tendered projects/services that have come on line and more recently the requirement to pay for any additionally required counselling in some instances, from being a free service. Also, given the connection the NHS has with Tavistock, who has a connection with the governments behavioural science department that helps Bojo et al to to perform the way they need to for the masses (Agendas 2020/30) . Any intent to go deeper into this area?

  46. I love your deep dives and chats! Adds some levity to this shit show!
    Would really love you to do a dive on Russell Brand. It still really shocks me how many people are taken in by this faux spiritual guru deceiver. It would be really interesting to see if all his history with drugs and family issues are actually in shape or form remotely true.

    Thanks for all the good work!

    Amy xx

  47. In ref to climate change scam touched upon see below a debunk I wrote a little while ago.


    Carbon dioxide at 0.04% is a 2,500th part of the atmosphere. That means to warm the climate by just 1″C carbon dioxide molecules must capture 2,500″C of heat energy. That is impossible. It also breaks the fundamental laws of thermodynamics. 

    Methane at 0.00017% is a 600,000th of the atmosphere so it’s even more impossible. To cause 1° of heating methane would have to capture 600,000°s of heat energy. Problematic as this is over a hundred times hotter than the surface of the sun. (Methane rapidly breaks down and is destroyed by sunlight).

    However, the climate is changing. This is because of deliberate geoengineering programmes, inparticular ozone thinning away from the poles. Though largely unreported ozone thinning effect is directly observable producing an unnaturally bright sun and even s bright moon. Under these conditions the pain felt when looking at the sun is not only from the increase in visible light but the much larger increase in infrared. (Look up at the sky and you will see a range of geoengineering operations in progress, these include chemtrail induced cloud or hazing, ripple patterns caused by HAARP installations, bizarre and unnatural cloud formations).

    Climate change is a programme to force change in accordance with the implementation of Agenda 21/2030. Current events demonstrate this transition is well underway and will involve massive population cull through injected nanotech (re transhumanist programme). Agenda 21 also sees the permanent loss of all property rights with the introduction of universal basic income (ref NESARA/GESARA) and has/is being promoted by The World Economic Forum. 

    ‘You will own nothing and you will be happy’ WEF

    In a depopulated world the surviving brainwashed and controlled population will be confined to mega cities. Carbon limits will be used to restrict consumption and liberty. Meanwhile the re-greened wilderness will be the exclusive playground of the ultra rich elite posing as conservationists. 
    The CO2 hoax amounts to the theft of the world and the enslavement of humanity by a parasitic few. 

    Welcome to the future!

    I have included a debunking of ‘accumulated heat’ as it is so often used to explain how trace elements, so called ‘greenhouse gasses’, can warm the planet.

    Accumulated heat whilst sounding a reasonable explanation of how heat can build up is rather nothing more than gobbledygook. In fact it shows those using such arguments do not even understand what heat is.

    When we measure temperature we are measuring the heat energy a thing is losing. In short heat is a measurement of flow, the transfer of heat energy and this will always be in the direction towards the colder. For this reason a thing can never ‘accumulate heat’ in the way those advocating CO2 climate change describe. The temperature of a body is the measure of heat output, it can never be greater than the measure of heat input. Output = input. When a thing is warmed it is heated to an equivalent of the heat input. If this input is not maintained it will cool. Those that propose that heat can build up to be hotter than the total measure of heat input at a given time either do not understand what heat is or are being deliberately misleading. To illustrate, an object being heated by a flame can never become hotter than that flame, it’s temperature cannot rise inexorably to the temperature of the sun for instance. Heat cannot be accumulated. When we think about it common sense tells us this must be the case.

    NASA and even Nobel Prize winning physicists have expounded ‘accumulated heat’ as the explanation how CO2 is able to warm the atmosphere. They claim that over hundreds of years CO2 has captured heat energy and this heat has ‘accumulated’ to produce a serious warming effect. As I have just explained, this is totally impossible and fundamentally violates all the laws of thermodynamics. That respected scientists should support such uneducated, unthinking nonsense is disturbing and only reflects that in terms of being able to think clearly about a subject they have no facility or inclination. These are the Dark Ages of science. Belief has outweighed logic or any critical thought. It tells us that we should not unquestioningly accept anything we are told, that experts can be fools.

    (NB: be aware of attempts to discard thermodynamics by talking about biology.
    Eg. ‘It only takes a drop of arsenic to kill a person.’
    This would be somewhat desperate, muddled thinking. Clearly biological processes based on the reaction of a cell are not the same as the laws of physics/thermodynamics).

    There are also many other basic contradictions in the CO2 climate hoax (eg that CO2 is highly soluble and is washed out extremely quickly in rainfall; that CO2 levels fluctuate drastically seasonally showing on earth with its high rainfall CO2 is not a gas that accumulates; that climate change models deliberately ignore infrared in direct sunlight were they to do so the whole hypothesis falls apart as it means 50% incoming heat energy captured by CO2 will be lost (radiated) back out to space; that the anything that captures energy from direct sunlight will reduce surface temps – this is why clouds immediately reduce surface temps; that the earth loses heat extremely quickly as shown by the fact nights are always colder; that heat cannot be trapped in oceans as described as they are more ‘energy dense’ than the adjacent air, rather if oceans are becoming warmer it can only be from direct sunlight; that increasing biomass increases CO2 because it increases the carbon in cycle; that correlation is not causation, otherwise it could be said daisies cause hot temperatures because there are more daisies when it is warm; that there is extremely dodgy Victorian science/politics behind Ice Ages which is never questioned or examined – eg mammoths despite claims otherwise are not adapted to cold but rather appear to be cold temperate animals similar to highland cattle, their blood is not antifreeze as claimed, they have no sebaceous glands, hair is long but sparse – even yaks being hairier, mammoth remains as far south as Mexico; that Milankovitch Cycles mean that the Southern Hemisphere is currently in the middle of it’s Great Ice Age; that the hypothesis that burning of forest subsequent to Ice Ages resulted in warming is logically inconsistent as ‘no new carbon’ has been introduced into cycle this all being carbon already in cycle and in any case would be washed out almost immediately; that CO2 levels are at a geological low; that the oxygen cycle is intertwined with the carbon cycle and dependent on it; that life is carbon based and CO2 is essential; that a halving of CO2 levels would result in the extinction of nearly all plant species – problematic as it in turn means theorised measures of atmospheric CO2 during Ice Ages are unlikely to be correct – contrary there was a proliferation of megafauna; that alarmingly, plants already struggle to get enough CO2 for growth which is why farmers will often increase CO2 in greenhouses to promote yields; that the so called ‘proofs’ showing CO2 is able to capture radiant heat energy only prove the opposite and how very minor this is – that atmospheric concentrations of 0.04% CO2 thermal effect would be far too fractional to even be measured; that comparisons to other planets eg Venus/Mars prove CO2 does not capture the proportion of energy claimed and maybe this is why these comparisons are done less and less; that in order to explain vastly higher concentrations of CO2 in the geological past the sun is deemed to have increased its output this despite losing solar mass (gravitational mass) as fuel, this in turn meaning that the orbits of all the planets are all moving away from the sun – such hypothesis where solar activity is used to exactly compensate for holes in the CO2 climate theory is to ignore other evidential explanations of stars such as the ‘electric universe theory’; that the geological archive shows periods of millions of years when CO2 and temperature were heading in opposite directions… etc).

    The green industry is extremely big business pushed by the same multinationals involved in fossil fuels. In that respect their so called ‘opposition’ is a theatrical pretence for public consumption. Indeed if the petrochemical industry wanted to debunk CO2 climate change they could very easily pointing out that such narratives are in direct violation of the established laws of thermodynamics or basic common sense… yet they do not. It should be pointed out that the green agenda is the mainstream – promoted by media and corporate interest, Extinction Rebellion an elaborate Deep State psyop funded by George Soros and founded by Gail Bradbrook a corporate/Deep State stooge who previously liaised with the UK cabinet to push 5G with local authorities.

    Green policies are a method to promote ‘hyper capitalism’, taxes, insane industries (eg electric cars, wind farms, carbon capture etc) and the confiscation of basic freedoms. Dependent on rare earth metals that are incredibly destructive to the environment and polluting these ‘green’ industries/electric vehicles and energy production actually are far worse than fossil fuels. THERE IS NO SAVING IN CO2 PRODUCTION. Neither are these rare earth materials present in sufficient quantities to mean anything other than rationing of the services associated with their use and necessitate vastly reduced human population (ref Iron Mountain Report, Agenda21, Wildlands Project, WEF Great Reset etc). In short the green revolution/sustainability represents the exact opposite, it is the accelerated trashing of the planet for corporate greed and corporations have been very successful in mobilizing the public behind this scam.

    The carbon hoax is the theft of the world by an hyper wealthy elite who care very little about the environment and see the human race as idiots to be kept in ignorance and contained.

    I am aware that this information will be hard to assimilate. Nobody likes to think they are being duped and led into supporting the destruction of the very things they care about.

    All these observations are my own and have not been lifted from third parties. Furthermore, the figures quoted are all checkable so please do check.

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