What are Pesticides?

In Huddersfield where I grew up, there is a huge global Swiss Agrochemical company called Syngenta. I can remember during the 80s it was called ICI. For a long time, it denied manufacturing a deadly chemical called Paraquat. Paraquat is extremely toxic to human health.

Paraquat is an Herbicide (plant killer). It’s used to kill weeds and also used by industrial agriculture around the world. Herbicides are just one of the dirty dozen or 12 types of pesticide products that enter our water and food supply. 

Evidence of exposure to Pesticide residues in foods like fruits and vegetables and water is vast. Knowledge of long term levels of pesticide residue damage, to human, animal, insect and aquatic life, is also well studied.

So why is it still being used? Why are they legal? Does this make sense to you all?

If I told you I was going to grow your food with poison. That this toxin also destroys the natural biology of the land as well as the nutrients we need for a healthy diet. You would tell me where to shove it.

Would it surprise you to know that your kids are exposed to pesticides. While, drinking juices or tap water, eating most foods and even bathing or swimming. You may also be drinking herbicides. When you’re having a beer, wine or cider, in fact it could be any one of the dirty dozen. 

Does this sound like something straight out of Nazi Germany?

You should be alarmed. Unsafe level amounts of pesticides are a leading cause of illness and disease. Long term pesticide health effects are playing out right before our eyes. Neurological problems, respiratory diseases, nervous system damage, cancers, endocrine disruptions, heart conditions even mental illnesses the list is endless.  

Some of these are Ex Biological Warfare weapons. That have been transformed into everyday items bought from garden centers and supermarkets to innocently spray at home. Contaminating our families and pets in the process.

man shopping for cabbage in supermarket

Pesticides in food – The Dirty Dozen

Pesticides are products used to control pests. There are 12 types, hence the term the dirty dozen. Here they are in all their glory;

Algicide or Algaecide – A biocide used to prevent algae growth.

Avicides – Used to kill birds.

Bactericide or Bacteriocide (Bcidal) –  Used to kill bacteria (good & bad).  

Fungicides – Fungi control in crops.

Herbicides – Weed control.

Insecticides – Kills insects.

Miticides or Acaricides – Mites.

Molluscicides – Snails and slugs.

Nematicides – Parasites.

Rodenticides – Rats.

Slimicides – Slime.

Virucides – Viruses.

Pesticides and Health Risks.

There are about 20 synthetic pesticide ingredients. Much too many to list here and far too many human health risks to name every one. So I will pick a few at random, here goes. 

Benzalkonium Chloride, used in swimming pools and believe it or not skin wipes. Can and will cause health issues. (please read link)

Minor – Hives, Itching, Redness of Skin, Skin Inflammation, Stinging of Skin.

Rare – Abnormal Heartbeat, Seizures, Turn Blue, Lung Failure, Brain Problems.

4-aminopyridine – used to kill birds. it acts on the central nervous system of a bird and the motor nervous system sending the creature into epileptic seizures before death. 

Rather surprisingly this chemical causes, seizures, convulsions and altered mental status in humans too, and more.

Diuron – used in herbicides for weed killing. 

Negative effects are eye, skin and mucous membrane irritation, coughing shortness of breath, nausea, vomiting, confusion, metabolism disturbances, emphysema. 

I think you will agree that although this is a snapshot, the above symptoms are pretty obvious in what we see today.

itching woman back due to food side effects

The Agrochemical Industry

There are six main players in the marketplace; BASF, Bayer, DuPont, DOW, Monsanto (now owned by Bayer) and Syngenta. By 2025 analysts are predicting the agrochemical industry to be worth over $300bn. About $15bn worth of pesticides are sold every year around the world.

Most of the ingredients also come from the Petroleum Industry, as pesticides include toxic levels of hydrocarbons.

Roundup Ready Glyphosate

Since the end of WW2, the agrochemical industry reads like a conspiracy writers dream. Corporate cover-ups, malpractice mass torts, poison gas leaks, and secret biowarfare weapons. So much so that I’m sure you will question what I’m about to write about and so you should. 

Here are a few reasons we should be very worried.

The Bhopal Disaster

Through the night of December 2nd-3rd 1984, about 45 tons of gas leaked out of the Union Carbide Pesticide Plant in Bhopal India. It spread around the neighbourhoods of Madhya Pradesh. When the gas finally stopped, officially 3787 men women and children were dead. Unofficial figures are as high as 16,000. At least 500,000 received non-fatal injuries.

In 1984 Union Carbide was an American business. The business is still American, but is now owned by DOW Chemicals. The gas responsible was a pesticide ingredient called ‘METHYL ISOCYANATE’. It is still used in pesticides today.

Over 30 years later, Union Carbide or DOW have not paid out any compensation to those 500,000 who received non-fatal injuries. Union Carbide paid out $470m to the dead but the deal didn’t include the injured 500,000.

Plant Modification

DDT, So safe you can eat it! (Dichlorodiphenyltrichloroethane)

I have seen adverts on YouTube from the 40s telling unsuspecting parents that the insecticide DDT was safe enough to eat. Films show them spraying it on kids while swimming, eating lunch or playing on the beach. 40 years later they realised it probably couldn’t be eaten and was, in fact, making people ill or worse actually killing people. 

Banned in the UK in 1986 and by the Stockholm Convention in 2001 because of its dangers to animal life. Side effects include tremors and seizures. Watch The Videos on YouTube.

Agent Orange 

A herbicide used by the U.S. Army during the Vietnam war. It was intended to clear foliage to help US. army spot the North Vietnamese forces from the air, it destroyed food crops as well. Sadly for hundreds of thousands of innocent Vietnamese, it caused widespread harm on the population also. 

Heart disease, nerve disorders, type 2 diabetes, immune dysfunctions, muscular dysfunction and hormone disruption. Dioxins, according to The World Health Organisation can cause cancers, liver diseases, and birth defects.

Approximately 400,000 on all sides have been killed or injured from Agent Orange effects, and still continue to count the cost in lives today.

No compensation has ever been paid. This is a war crime or a crime against humanity. Or worse an experiment.

Monsatan (Monsanto) was recently sold to Bayer for $63bn. They have a checkered history. They made DDT, Agent Orange and now Roundup Ready People Killer (Weed killer) all pesticides. Monsanto have lost numerous cases with literally thousands of pending plaintiffs all waiting in the wings. All this in the last couple of years.

These cases have been awarded hundreds of millions in damages from Roundup Ready poisoning. It has been proven to cause cancers in farmers and garden workers who use it as part of their jobs. These same poisons are sprayed on home grown and imported foods. Like grains, fruits and vegetables. It is also fed to our meat sources which we then eat as well. It also ends up in our water supplies.

How safe is this stuff?

Phosgene gas was a product made during WW1 as a weapon to kill and harm. It is now apparently safe to spray on all food sources under different guises. We have to face facts, these massive corporations do not care. Just ask the victims of Bhopal. So, why would you trust them with the lives of your children?

The facts are clear to me, we are being poisoned. Modern health conditions are being caused by modern living standards. Pesticides are a major factor in all health problems.

And, meanwhile at the Batcave, the government is advising us all to eat our 5 a day. Of pesticide sprayed fruit and Veg! 


*Disclaimer – Please note, we are not Doctors or trained medical professionals. We are not giving medical advice. Check with your Doctor or health practitioner before trying anything.


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