The Real History Of Vaccines

The Real History Of Vaccines

In today’s article, we will discuss the touchy topic of vaccines. I say touchy because the government, health experts and Big Pharma say we shouldn’t question this type of medicine. So, we’re sticking our hand in the hornet’s nest so to speak.

The vaccine debate about childhood vaccines, for instance, is not a fair debate, in fact, it’s not debated period. The advice is that if you don’t get your child vaccinated, they’ll get an infectious disease. The marketing is fear-based propaganda, selling disease prevention based promises. 

But what is the history of vaccinations, and how are they made? Has a doctor or nurse ever shown you the ingredients of a vaccine? Are there any short or long term adverse effects? 

So this article will cover the History of Vaccines, it will be a series of articles, we won’t go into details, but we will generalise about individual vaccines, the companies that make them and the money generated from them in this article. 

This is what the General Medical Council (GMC) say;

“Vaccination has been the most important health advance in the twentieth century and will continue this role into the twenty first as new vaccines are found for an increasing range of disease conditions.” 

 I can’t believe I actually accepted the mantra pumped out by mainstream science media, that vaccines have ‘eradicated’, Polio, Measles, and TB etc. I saw the graphs that showed measles dropping from the 1960s after the measles vaccine was introduced.

Looks very impressive, doesn’t it?

Then I saw this graph, and my jaw dropped, and I realised we were all being duped…

Let’s rewind a little; The Measles vaccine was introduced here in the UK in 1968. Cases had been dropping long before the vaccine was ever introduced. This graph shows very clearly that we are being misled and only shown part of the truth here in the UK, the United States and the rest of the World too. The question we should be asking is why?

The same example graphs exist for, Polio Vaccine, Smallpox Vaccine Whooping Cough vaccines, as well as Diphtheria Tetanus, Measles Mumps and Rubella. It’s like nothing existed before 1940.

So What Is The History Of Vaccination?  Well here goes.

What Was The First Vaccine and what are they meant to do?

Edward Jenner (1749-1823) is sold as the father of ‘vaccinology’. He used Cowpox pus and injected it into his Smallpox victims (patients). But was he successful? Well, that depends on what you term as ‘successful’. 

According to author Eustence Mullins from his book ‘Murder by Injection;

‘The fact was that Smallpox was already on its way out and would of probably vanished by 1800. After the use of the new vaccine, another epidemic broke out which killed 22,081 people. Smallpox became worse every year the vaccine was used. The vaccine was finally banned in England in 1948. Despite the fact that it was heralded as a major contribution to modern medicine’.

The real truth is that infectious diseases have a shelf life, even the Plague, Black Death and the 1918 Spanish Flu fizzled out eventually without the use of vaccines. Better living conditions; improved diets, cleaner water and sewage systems, shorter working week and improved personal hygiene are the real reason diseases reduced.

What Is The Impact Of Vaccines On Public Health?

Vaccine-preventable diseases are the slogan governments use. But if you asked someone in the street, what do vaccines actually do? They would probably say, they ‘build up your immune system against that disease’. That’s what I would have said. The truth is very different.

In the packaging of a vaccine bottle, It does not say it will make you immune from the disease. The Centre for Disease Control (CDC-USA) and the NHS have pretty simple explanations;

CDCVaccines work by imitating an infection, and almost never causes illness. But it does make the immune system produce ANTIBODIES. After getting a vaccine the imitation infection may cause minor fever. 

So they actually admit that after vaccination, any vaccine, that you may get the disease. Also, it is not just the disease that’s injected, they contain many ingredients most if not all of them toxic. Humans don’t usually catch a disease from it being injected into our bloodstreams. We certainly don’t want the toxic ingredients entering our bloodstream.

Also, some of those ingredients are growth modified organisms (GMOs). Genetically changed killed viruses, how can we build up immunity to different infection? Our system would not recognise it as the real thing, would it?

Our increased antibodies (Anti-Body) is an auto-immune response, which is basically our body having a civil war. This response can cause serious problems for some and minor for others.  

This is an explanation of Autoimmune Disease by AAAAI;

‘Autoimmune disease is an illness that causes your immune system to produce ANTIBODIES that attack normal body tissues. Autoimmune is when your body attacks itself. It sees part of your body or a process as a disease and tries to combat it’.

There are 100 different autoimmune diseases according to the AARDA. All of these are modern diseases, especially in numbers of cases and the percentage of the population who have contracted them.

Common Side Effects Of Vaccines (Adverse Events)

In the USA in the mid 80s pharmaceutical companies were being sued on a regular basis for vaccine injury claims. So much so that they told the US government they were looking at stopping production, because profitability was dropping. The US government brought in a new bill, they gave pharmaceutical companies an indemnity. 

In the US vaccines are the only product that Pharmaceutical companies cannot be sued directly for. They set up the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program and since 1989 they have paid out over $4.2bn in damages. 

Here in the UK, the government have not signed off an indemnity clause but they may as well of done. They set up a body called the JCVI (Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation). This meant to be an independent expert advisory group. A lot of the members have so many conflicts of interest its a joke to call it ‘independent’. 

Here in the UK, we have the Vaccine Damage Payment, which is from the government, not the pharmaceuticals. The UK  government has paid out more than £74m in damages since 1978.


If it’s figures you want here goes from 1901-1967 measles declined by 99%. The measles vaccine was introduced in 1968. Children born in the UK today can have over 40 vaccines up to the age of 14. 

Do children really need 40 vaccines?

The ‘Herd Immunity’ con;

‘Herd immunity is a form of indirect protection from infectious disease that occurs when a large percentage of a population has become immune to an infection, thereby providing a measure of protection for individuals who are not immune’.

A few questions;

  1. Do vaccines make us immune? No, they make us produce Antibodies. Also if we were immune after a vaccine, we wouldn’t need booster jabs.
  2. So, if the herd immunity works why would vaccinated people be worried about unvaccinated people? Surely the only ones who should be worried are unvaccinated because they haven’t had the vaccine. 

Global Vaccine Market Revenue to Reach $59.2 billion by 2020

I am now officially an Anti-Vaxxer and so are you for reading this.

Books to read;

Dissolving Illusions by Dr Suzanne Humphries and Roman Bystrianyk

Vaccination Policy and the UK Government by Christina England, Dr Lucija Tomljenovic PhD, Dr Michael D Innis