EMF Health Effects

Electric and Magnetic Fields

Humans have electricity running inside us. Our cells function very much like a battery we have to have the right levels of nutrients like minerals or we go flat and struggle to recharge. We can conduct electrical currents. Sodium, potassium, calcium and magnesium use a specific electrical charge.

We are inbuilt with the ability to use these charged elements called ions, and they generate electricity. We then give off an energy field, or an Aura. Which extends around us. Every organ and working part of our bodies emit frequencies. When we become diseased or dis-eased these frequencies change. They go out of whack and need retuning just like a radio.

What are EMF’s?

Electronic Magnetic Fields can be man-made technology that emits some form of frequency or energy field. Some are benevolent others malevolent. The earth’s natural frequency is called the Schumann Resonance and is about 7.83Hz. Humans have our own resonance which is between 5-10Hz. These frequencies are not harmful, in fact, they are benevolent.

Example of Man Made EMF’s

For a mobile phone to work the cell sites or phone towers emit signals or frequencies to each other. A mobile phone then picks that up frequency and can be used, as long as it is in range. A mobile phone is a transceiver and a receiver. In fact we are living breathing transceivers and receivers. We pick up or hear a voice then we talk back.

There are so many different types of power and communication technology. We will not be able to go into great detail today. What we’ll try to do is give an overview of a few of them. There should be no surprise that we live surrounded by EMF’s. Pylons, electric substations, cell phone towers, mobile phones, electric wiring, solar panels, smart meters, GPS, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, radar, Digital TV & Radio, Dect phones, baby monitors, Games consoles, and basically anything that can emit a frequency, will affect the human resonance. It is beyond argument that short-term high level of exposure to EMF’s (Electromagnetic Fields) can be harmful to health. But what about long term use of low level exposure to EMFs? And do they trigger biological changes?

As recent as 2011, a study by the World Health Organisation (WHO) offshoot, ‘International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) released a statement by Dr. Jonathan Samet, Chairman of the Working Group which indicated that; “The evidence, while still accumulating, is strong enough to support a conclusion and a 2B classification, and therefore we need to keep a close watch for a link between cell phones and cancer risk” IARC

Director Christopher Wild PhD, went a little further; “Given the potential consequences for public health classification and findings, it is important that additional research be conducted into the long term heavy use of mobile phones. Pending the availability of such information, it is important to take problematic measures to reduce exposure such as hands-free devices or texting”.

The French Government passed a national law in a brave move on January 29 2015. They banned the use of Wi-Fi in nursery schools, ordered Wi-Fi usage for kids aged up to 11 to be minimised to reduce the amount of radiation that children are exposed to during school. It’s not just France, Belgium, Spain, Israel, Australia and Italy have also made similar moves. But why if this technology is safe?

One reason is that non-ionizing radiation has been shown to cause oxidative stress and DNA damage at a cellular level. Constant pulsed microwave electromagnetic radiation from Wi-Fi, mobile phones or cell towers could the backbone to every health issue in modern society.

Children absorb 10 times more microwave radiation than adults. Children have a thinner skull; their cells contain more water making them better conductor more susceptible to different types of radiation. Even the unborn foetus is exposed to these radiation sources.

Studies conducted found that if a child holds a mobile phone to their ear for just 2 minutes, it will take about 2 hours for their brains to return to normal.

EMF Technologies

Ever since the first radio waves were transmitted or the first power lines ran into homes we have had EMF exposure. Here’s a few:

Dirty Electricity

This post is not just about modern microwave communication technology. Electricity also creates EMFs. We all use electricity in the home and office. In fact, we are surrounded by an electromagnetic field in just about every part of our lives. Anything above 50Hz can alter cells.

All the wiring in our homes, store electricity, when you turn a switch off, pull out a plug, electricity stays in the cable creating static fields in the room. We live, eat and sleep this constant EMF environment. When I first started looking into this around 2010, I ordered a Stetzerizer Microsurge Meter. You simply plug it into your sockets and look at the reading. Some of my results were through the roof. Non were under 250Hz some were as high as 1500Hz. Some rooms were worse than others. I then ordered Stetzerizer Filters to take away all the ‘dirty electricity’ left in my house. I still have them today.

Over the year’s constant exposure to these residue frequencies can interact with your body, causing these health symptoms:

  • Headaches
  • Sleep Disruptions
  • Fatigue
  • Tinnitus
  • Cognitive Issues
  • Mood Swings
  • Heart Arrhythmia
  • Nervous, endocrine, and immune system problems

Pylons and Overhead Power Lines

You only have to go near a pylon when it’s raining or just finished raining. You can hear the 400,000 volts shooting through the power lines. There are up to 88,000 of these across the UK. In fact if you stand under one at night with a fluorescent tube the EMF emissions alone would light it up.

A study published in 2005 in the British Medical Journal, showed that children living less than 200m away from Pylons and Overhead Power Lines were 70% more likely to get leukemia than if they were living more than 200m away.

The research was carried out by a Dr Gerald Draper from the Childhood Cancer Research Group at Oxford University. Ominously though helping them was a Dr John Swanson he worked for National Grid Transco Plc. National Grid Transco Plc has a stock market valuation of nearly £30bn and they look after all the Pylons and Overhead Power Lines. So it wasn’t impartial then but paid for by National Grid Transco Plc.

Even with the bias they still found that Pylons and Overhead Power Lines increased the risk factors, since 2005 nothing has been done.

World Health Organisation say EMFs from Power lines can cause:

  • Headaches
  • Sleep Disruptions and insomnia
  • Fatigue
  • Anxiety and other mental issues
  • Burning Skin
  • Rashes
  • Muscle Pain
  • 70% risk of Leukemia (I’ve added this)

Microwave Ovens

Microwave heating will reduce your food to waste, by destroying most of the nutrition in it. But we are also eating the non-ionising radiation as well. Microwave Ovens produce effects on our bodies due to the 2.4GHz radiation they emit. A study conducted by Dr Magda Havas from Trent University found that microwave ovens could affect heart rate and heart rate variability.

The World Health Organisation (WHO) say; ‘Organs with poor circulation or blood supply and temperature control, like the eyes and testes, have a higher risk of damage, from microwave ovens’ Also when we heat food in plastic ready meal containers or maybe ‘nuke’ that cold Costa coffee, in its cup with a plastic lining, I don’t think it’s got a happy ending, do you?

EMFs and the Lyme Link.

Most Lyme sufferers are very sensitive to light, noise, chemicals and EMFs. Electrosensitivity symptoms are very similar to Lyme. The EMFs also stir up parasites and other infections.

Electrosensitivity symptoms:

  • Skin Issues – itching, redness, tingling and burning sensations.
  • Fatigue, tiredness (CFS/ME)
  • Concentration difficulties (brain fog)
  • Dizziness, nausea
  • Heart palpitations
  • Digestive disturbances

If modern illness and disease are symptoms of modern life, then everything in modern life should be viewed and researched as a possible cause. EMFs are only one piece of a larger health jigsaw, but maybe a major contributing factor. Or the missing piece.

In 50 years time will EMFs be viewed in the same way cigarettes are now. In the 1950s Doctors more or less prescribed them for stress and other issues. Now we know different. Will large companies have to fight massive legal torts for injuries caused by EMFs, just like big tobacco?

*Disclaimer – Please note, we are not Doctors or trained medical professionals. We are not giving medical advice. Check with your Doctor or health practitioner before trying anything. All information for this Post/Video is from mainstream research sources.


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