Vaccine Roulette DPT Vaccine NBC Documentary 1982

Washington Post Story (April 28, 1982) :

TV Report On Vaccine Stirs Bitter Controversy 

A television report on the dangers of the whooping cough vaccine, part of the DPT triple vaccine mandatory for almost all children in this country, was denounced as “imbalanced” and “inaccurate” last week by national and local medical experts. Area paediatricians and health officials said they were flooded with calls from frightened parents.

Both the American Academy of Paediatrics and the national Center for Disease Control in Atlanta, as well as local doctors and health officials, continued to urge that all young children take the vaccine, which protects them against diphtheria, pertussis (whooping cough) and tetanus.

Dr. Martin Levy, administrator of preventive health services for the D.C. Department of Human Services said, “From the data I have seen, there is no indication that we should stop using the vaccine.”