Silent Epidemic – The Untold Story of Vaccines (Gary Null 2013)

Silent Epidemic – The Untold Story of Vaccines (Gary Null)

A factual science based review and evaluation of vaccines and their impact on our health. Experts detail how fraught the widespread use of vaccines is for our current and future generations.


  1. Thank you for posting. I am sharing as much as I can many of your videos and podcasts. We all now need to question. Within my own family we have ADHD, Autism, chronic anxiety and depression, two children with life threatening allergies (nut and dairy), asthma, stomach issues, chronic fatigue and dementia. My cousin (mid 30s) has just been diagnosed with hodgkins, she has had current vaccines. Who knows? This is heartbreaking. Medicine has truly been corrupted.

  2. Some of these vaccines wi affect us in later life too adults unable to conceive also epilepsy endometriosis multiplescleroris diabetes type 2 mental health problems and other ill health which will keep drs employed and big pharma for decades .

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