Sheep Farm 33 |Meet The Flockers | SIR KLAUS SCHWAB

Klaus Schwab is pushing the mantra for fairness, equality, and stakeholder capitalism. He wants the world to enter into his dream of the 4th Industrial Revolution, where we will own nothing and be happy.

In this deep dive we look into his background, ancient ancestry, Nazi affiliations, and his backers like Sir Henry Kissinger.


    1. Who said it was? But they were funded by the same people, and they both controlled people, same end game what we see now is a hybrid of all of them

    2. Socialism is based in Marxism as is communism. Socialism is the stage before communism. Communism is the utopian ideal. Socialism is the pathway to communism.

      The German national socialists’ entered into a non aggression pact with Stalin’s Union of Socialist Republics USSR. They invaded Poland together within 10 days of each other. The Russian’s helped the Nazi’s round up the jews in Poland for extermination.

      The German National Socialists wanted Russia’s territory just like different mafia families will try to eliminate the other to obtain a larger territory.

  1. I don’t know if you tow the Nazi bashing line for the Tube of * ew but at least recognize the polar opposite NatSoc was, as in reference to Bolshevism.
    Not one German considered themselves ‘Nazi’.
    Just as European nationalists dont consider themselves,’ white supremacist, neo Nazi terrorist.’
    The key is in the cabal that name and pigeonhole both.
    Same lot who have turned every Muslim into a suicide bomber.
    There is only one enemy, and he aint goose stepping up and down his garden dressed in brown.
    Great content and presentation, chaps.
    God bless you and all our weakest and most vulnerable.

  2. I’ve just been listening to this in the middle of the night, and must listen again because I fell asleep but did you say something about the 3 lions and sinister? Sinistre means left in Italian…

    1. ha I have often put on their podcasts late on and fall asleep listening as quite a peaceful and happy way to nod off despite the often dark content, i then listen again the next day for what I missed.

      it backfired once though on the episode with the psychologist expert talking about schizophrenic voices being from an external source, not internal. the stories the expert told to illustrate this were absolutely bone chilling and wasn’t a good time waking up to it at 3am! didn’t get much sleep after that but strangely ever since then I have been able to compartmentalise my own negative thoughts much easier and can recognise them for what they are.

      1. Me same, I listen all the time at bedtime and Sheep Farm is great because there is a lot of info and plenty of laughs so it is not too nightmare inducing, but I have listened to some other podcasts at bedtime where I ended up in a horrible nightmare!!! A Dumbs one really got me and I was unable to listen to large lorries driving by the house without getting terrified!!

    2. Yes, sinister means left. We left handers were considered evil in the old days!
      The language of heraldry is really weird and specific too… Lions rampant and all that.

    1. Hi Lynda

      I fear we will be living the same nightmare soon! Keep strong what we are all witnessing is disgusting 🙂

  3. No matter what your opinions are regarding the last almost two years of ‘Nonsense’ the bigger picture has to be really looked into. The Schwab is a major part of this along with the other usual suspects but! still most of the ‘wool covered brigade’ will just ignore it. I am glad we are one step ahead of the game !

    Nice one guys we appreciate the work and research

    1. Gary you’re still on my list to call my friend I will get there.

      We’re just opening a new Wellness clinic to help people with Lyme, and other serious illnesses. We’re now seeing a stream of Jab injuries too.

      Dom 🙂

  4. those creatures (I don’t want to call them people as they’re not human, unlike us)
    are egocentric narcissists who love bomb their ‘co-dependents’ and then discard them by prescribing drugs to make them dependent and keep coming back for more!

  5. Will make time to watch this, it will probably scare me to hell and make me feel angry and depressed but I’m pretty sure you guys will have me laughing too, and that’s the beauty of it all, no one can take the laughter and smiles away from us, keep up the great work guys but don’t let it consume you, I ditched my smartphone a month ago and have stopped listening to alt news too. I have been avoiding MSM for well over a year so by being so disconnected it’s almost like life is normal. By the way have you two heard of Holding The Line: Journalists Against Censorship, sounds like they trying to create a culture change from within… probably more chance of raising the Titanic but at least they giving it a go 🙂

  6. Another great podcast guys, loved it.
    I’m reading Virus Mania, by Dr Sam Bailey (& others), it’s well worth a read if you’ve not already (AIDS, BSE, Faucci, etc…)
    Also listening / watching a lot of James Corbett stuff which lead me to ‘Tragedy & Hope 101’ by Joe Plumber and ‘Tragedy & Hope’ by Carrol Quigley. Cecil Rhodes has a lot to answer for…! Also have two of Anthony C Sutton’s books (Bolshevik and Nazi ones), not got to them yet.
    There’s not enough time in the day to read them all, wife, job, kids (4) & house to do.
    Your presentations are a great help.
    Keep it up boys.
    We’ve got a great group of like-minded people here in Somerset.
    One of us is in direct contact with John O’Looney regarding local, awake / questioning, funeral directors.

      1. i hate to say this but I am related to Lord Baiden Powell who was good friends with Cecil Rhodes but hope that doeesn’t mean I’m bad haha

    1. Hi Paul McDonald, I’m next door in Dorset. Where I live I only know one person who won’t take the snake oil and my sister who’s twenty minutes down the road.. I should go to Stand in the Park in Shaftesbury but I’m not very good at getting up early. I’m like a 65 year old teenager 😆. Good to hear you have a network of like minded people.

      1. Hi Kathy,
        Get along to a stand, just to talk to sane people.
        It’ll be worth it.
        Peace & Love

  7. Who in the real world has mentors? No one in my life in a position of authority has given a gram of shite about me other than maybe to do me wrong and make themselves feel big doing it.

  8. I imagine these “people” in the old jobcentres looking at cards – wanted bloodline morally bankrupt scumbag to head up globally influential think tank – no experience neccesary – ambitious toads who went to the right school also considered

  9. Hey Lads, fantastic work as ever.

    More than anything, I really appreciate your ability to maintain a sense of humor when doing deep dives into such serious matters.

    I’m a Mancunian who’s lived in Texas for the past decade, and I have questions for both of you; probably more related to the “plastic celebs” videos, but I thought I may as well post them here.

    Chris-you’re a chef. I remember the rise of the celebrity chef in the 1990s, in particular Gordon Ramsay’s “Boiling Point” programs in the late 90s. You look back at them now, and they all appear to be very scripted. Nowadays, Ramsay is a huge TV star in the US; he’s lost a lot of weight in the past two decades, has definitely had plastic surgery, and a hair implant. Do you think he was selected early on in his career as “the” loudmouth British chef who was destined to achieve worldwide fame? I know he held a very impressive two Michelin stars at the time of making “Boiling Point”, but who’s to say the restaurant rating committee at Michelin isn’t just as corrupt as every other well known organization appears to be?

    Dom-same question to you. David Beckham is clearly very uncomfortable giving speeches on behalf of UNICEF. I do very little social media these days, but I do maintain a LinkedIn account-and at the moment, Gary Neville is all over it. Neither Beckham nor Neville were outstanding footballers, they were simply members of a great team, who arrived at an opportune moment. Do you think Beckham and Neville were “chosen” early on in their careers, as figures who were trusted by the public, and could later be relied upon to repeat whatever future mantras would be deemed appropriate by The Powers That Shouldn’t Be? I think they were. But by whom?

    All the best,


  10. Kissinger opened up China for economic exploitation and transfer of jobs from Europe and America to set up the foundations for Neo-Liberalism in 1971.

  11. A sharp intake of breath before you had even started. WHAT THE HELL is that ‘beachwear’ the old anal Schwab is wearing? The man is unhinged!

  12. Please can someone let me know what the Sheepfarm “theme tune” is called & by whom? Have searched everywhere. Thanks

    1. From what I can gather, it is a song written by Chris’ son. I don’t think it is available (yet).

    2. Hi Helen it’s by my son Seb..everyone asks about it haha….i spoke to him again today about releasing the full version..he will at some this space

  13. Thanks again for the in-depth research and light-hearted approach, which helps keep me sane. As a Northener currently living in the States, your humour is a such breath of fresh air – how else could we get through this material. It’s seriously uncomfortable, but has helped me fill in the dots, since I can’t chew it over with friends or family. Thanks again. Very much appreciated.

  14. Swabia (pronounced mainly as Swaybia in English for some reason) is well known as being the meanest / tightest land in Germany. There was a joke once about why Jewish people became known as being tight – and the answer was they had to compete with the Swabians. They even make Yorkshire and Scottish folk look generous. I say this as a Yorkshire-German mongrel. My mother’s family also served in the Habsburg dynasty. I live today in Germany – to my regret.
    You are right to be worried about Swabia and Schwab. The whole EU project was designed to reintroduce the Berlin dominance (de facto totalitarianism) in Europe.
    Germany should never have been allowed to unite again. Reflect that Germany pre Bismark, as many independent kingdoms/principalities, was never a major problem. It wasn’t a problem when it was divided by the Russians after WW2. A united Germany under Berlin was always a disaster. Far too many dogmatic and dominance based traits and ‘isms and the ideologically fanatic. However, also it provides the world with excellent people. So a very polarized situation there . Good and bad. However, History does repeat now. Reflect also that the National Socialist Workers Party could never come to power without the backing of the oligarchic mega-money of the day (families like Krupp, Boss, etc). These oligarchs (similar to ones of Davos today) got themselves and their middle-class employees behind the Nazis. The Nazis also came to power feigning leftist and greenist credentials (tactical camouflage), with eugenicist ideas at their core and using pseudoscience / mysticism as their tactical brainwashing tool. So the Davos ‘Few’ are remarkably similar to the Nazis. I agree, however, that Davos is more a hybrid between: 1) fascists (new wealth and greens); 2) feudalists (old wealth including the Windsors of Germany, and; 3) communists (Stalinist types of the confused / deluded / indoctrinated left). Johnson himself, of course, is also from a Bavarian noble family (a bastard background in more ways than one). Excellent work, lads!

    1. Nice attempt at diversion, John.
      It’s the Jews! Always was the Jews and always will be the Jews until someone finishes Hitler’s job properly!
      Germany has always been the victim of Jewish conspiracy aided mainly in the 20thC by useful idiot traitors aka Churchilll (crypto Jew), Roosevelt (Jew), Eisenhower (Jew), Morgenthau (Jew) and Kissinger (Jew).
      If the West had backed Germany against the Communists (90% Jews and Jew funded) WW2 would have been shorter and the ensuing peace permanent.
      Johnson (crypt Jew) and his cabinet of crypto Jews are all on the Agenda 21/30 pay list along with the opposition. On the other side of the Atlantic Jews have 50% of US generals, 80% of the administration and 100% of the MSM in their mothballed crypto currency pockets. AIPAC own the senate. These Jews were mainly imported from Eastern Europe and parachuted into false professor tenures in Post WW2 American universities to subvert the culture.
      No doubt this is ALL about the Jews!

      1. Guys,

        One thing we cannot do is blame the average Jewish person they are as oppressed as we are, look at what they’re doing in Israel. This is about groups of people with elite ancient bloodlines, that sometimes work together and other times fight each other.

        They are after all insane.

        1. John, Dom,
          Having just read Rabbi M Antelman’s thoroughly researched book ‘To eliminate the opiate’ drawing from Robison’s ‘Proof of conspiracy’ and the more recent horses mouth – Quigley, I have come to realise that the illuminati, have been since the 1770’s instrumental in the systematic destruction of all religion including Judaism. Whilst outwardly many of these people are jewish in origin they do not give their true intentions away and they despise all religion and all nations.
          Also, in the podcast, Brzezinsky’s work with Rockefeller gets a mention. Patrick Wood has pursued the whole technocracy movement since co-authoring with Anthony Sutton in the 1970’s and unearthing the trilateral commission true agenda. It is technocracy that has superseded communism as the ultimate vehicle of control

  15. Brilliant so far thank you, about half way through. Great presentation, scary content. Beach wear not a good look! You got me thinking (no mean feat!) I have sub consciously been doing a deep dive on myself these past few years and found much evidence to suggest unquestioning naivety and herd mentality. Your comment about adults with a child’s brain is interesting and something my son said. He then retracted and said that a young child generally has more imagination and questioning ability than most adults. We have indeed been dumbed down. Neurologically, spiritually, psychologically, emotionally and educationally by various nefarious means.
    Thank you so much for all your research and taking the time to share and discuss. I am looking forward to watching the rest later.
    Kind regards

  16. I’m a 65 year old in Dorset. Struggle too at getting up. Not many folk here who haven’t joined the herd. Hiding away behind a hill but still laughing!!

    1. Jan, which part of Dorset are you in? I also listen to the Richie Allen show as he has some interesting guests and has phone ins. I really appreciate the work Dom and Chris put into Sheep Farm, especially as they have their own jobs.

  17. heil schwab. . makes me wonder if we are still in ww2.. seems many of these jirkoff’s are german or of German descent.. seems to me like they can’t handle the fact they lost.. or did they… i mean a few of hitlers right hand men endud up in the usa after the war. and some in high ranking jobs.. like von braun who became head of not a space agency or nasa as they like to call it.. another who became head of the cia.. and here We are today and a crazy German wants to rule the world… while killing off as many as he/they, whatever they are can in the process…. how much money have these people paid in bribes to be doing what they are doing..

  18. Hello Dom and Chris,
    I got as far as the Golden Fleece/Catholics and felt the need to suggest Michael A Hoffman’s The Occult Renaissace Church Of Rome. He goes deep with all of that. Check out his website too, Also, while I’m here, if you haven’t already, checkout Mike McKibben’s for a vault of records and info on many dark characters and especially the Pilgrim Society. You can find McKibben in many conversations with Doug Gabriel (The Mike & Doug Show) at Cheers guys and keep up the good work.
    Kindest regards

    1. Michael Hoffman is a man who I have read and I’ve listen to quite a bit, he is up there with the best.

      Mike McKibben too the same show I think, he’s a great researcher.


  19. Dexter and sinister
    Dexter and sinister are terms used in heraldry to refer to specific locations in an escutcheon bearing a coat of arms, and to the other elements of an achievement. Dexter indicates the right-hand side of the shield, as regarded by the bearer, i.e. the bearer’s proper right, and to the left as seen by the viewer.

    The dexter side is considered the side of greater honour, for example when impaling two arms. Thus, by tradition, a husband’s arms occupy the dexter half of his shield, his wife’s paternal arms the sinister half. The shield of a bishop shows the arms of his see in the dexter half, his personal arms in the sinister half. King Richard II adopted arms showing the attributed arms of Edward the Confessor in the dexter half, the royal arms of England in the sinister. More generally, by ancient tradition, the guest of greatest honour at a banquet sits at the right hand of the host. The Bible is replete with passages referring to being at the “right hand” of God.

    Sinister is used to mark that an ordinary or other charge is turned to the heraldic left of the shield. A bend sinister is a bend which runs from the bearer’s top left to bottom right, as opposed to top right to bottom left.[3] As the shield would have been carried with the design facing outwards from the bearer, the bend sinister would slant in the same direction as a sash worn diagonally on the left shoulder. A bend (without qualification, implying a bend dexter, though the full term is never used) is a bend which runs from the bearer’s top right to bottom left.

    This division is key to dimidiation, a method of joining two coats of arms by placing the dexter half of one coat of arms alongside the sinister half of the other. In the case of marriage, the dexter half of the husband’s arms would be placed alongside the sinister half of the wife’s. The practice fell out of use as early as the 14th century and was replaced by impalement, as in some cases, it could render the arms that are cut in half unrecognizable[4] and in some cases, it would result in a shield that looked like one coat of arms rather than a combination of two.[citation needed]

    The Great Seal of the United States features an eagle clutching an olive branch in its dexter talon and arrows in its sinister talon, indicating the nation’s intended inclination to peace. In 1945, one of the changes ordered for the similarly arranged Flag of the President of the United States by President Harry S. Truman was having the eagle face towards its right (dexter, the direction of honor) and thus towards the olive branch.

    Sinister, today meaning evil or malevolent in some way, comes from a Latin word simply meaning “on the left side.” “Left” being associated with evil likely comes from a majority of the population being right handed, biblical texts describing God saving those on the right on Judgment day, and images depicting Eve on Adam’s left. Consequently, the Latin for “right,” dexter, finds its way into positive words like dexterous, and the French word for right (droit) is found in adroit.

    1. Thanks for your excellent post. In Spanish, siniestro/a (before noun) means’ left’ or ‘on the left side’. Latin roots innit?

  20. Hi

    I’m an avid listener to your work and as well others (too many to mention) and love the element of humour which is a bit of light relief from what is quite dark material. Covid has cemented my earlier thoughts that things really are not what they seem. I try and catch your references that you put in your shows but not always – would you consider adding them (appreciate that this would be more work of course)
    Thanks and keep it coming

  21. Thanks Chris and Dom for your time and effort. This is indeed an epic piece of work. I will need to watch it more than once. The Nazis never went away. This is the shocking thing for those of us brought up on the ‘official’ story of World War II. All the ‘good vs evil’ crap. They are all in it together. There is no distinction. I recently watched ‘The Boys from Brazil’ again. An excellent film. I must read the book.

    1. Been saying for years we are the nazis…of course I get called unpatriotic…there is only right and wrong patriotism is for hooligans.👍🍷

  22. Great podcast guys, as usual. You must do unending amounts of research into these characters. I take my hat off to you. Love the drawings as well and the nicknames crack me up. I found this one to be very scary but love your humour. Will have to listen to it again though, to absorb it all. Thanks guys, baaa

  23. I’m only half hour into this and just wanted to say that having a Jewish mother means one IS Jewish (it is only carried through the mother). e.g. Princess Diana, and therefore her boys.

  24. All those honours and awards, I think it’s a clear signal to all the others in the club as to who you are and where you’re going.
    Kissinger has resided over a period of human history that has seen non stop death and misery.
    Great video guys, many thanks

  25. Please can you look into all the music industry and Hollywood and entertainment because l see Trannies everywhere for example rod Stewart looks is a women Ricky Gervais a women , Nicole Kidman is a man which is so obvious , Gordon Ramsey is a woman , the anatomy of the human body does not lie , they are taking the mick and have been for a very long time .

    1. I do think Taylor swift is a bit suspect…to be honest will it be long till a well known “celeb” comes out as the opposite sex?👍👍🍷

  26. Just listened for the second time.
    Brilliant work guys……couldn’t help thinking at the end, when you were discussing Ida Auken’s Forbes piece “welcome to 2030”….yeah everything is free, just like it’s all free to farm animals

  27. I have just finished listening to this and it is another great podcast Chris and Dom! So much packed in and a lot learned about who is running this world – or thinks they are..

  28. Excellent work again boys.
    Thanks for bringing up Kissinger, give me a chance to tell me story about him.
    Living in NYC from mid 90’s (have 9-11 and LymeD tales too)
    My wife worked as a vet nurse at biggest the “non-profit” 24Hr animal hospital ( )
    One night she tells me they have HKs dog in for end of life , said he just looked like a sad little old man (she’s American but I had to inform her about what little i knew about him then, as over there he is a constant voice on tv / everyones advisor, but thought of as no longer relavent more know for the 70’s)
    The next night she tells me he was there again, laying in the cage and crying over his dying dog.
    Said as an empath she couldn’t help but feel sorry for him, I said couldn’t she have just slipped when administering the euthanasia. (that could have been a blip in the matrix)


    1. Hi Red Merc,

      What a great article, this synchronicity is awesome. Did Miles write this as it says Anon?


    1. Sadly it’s part of the WordPress program and I thought you would ask first before you judged Lorra, that’s what I would do before jumping to conclusions!

      Also if someone was being abusive should we keep them on the chat, also we get a lot of spam messages too that clog up the system? Thoughts please.

      Dom 🙂

  29. Just listening to Jeff Lynne – ELO and I’ve always loved “Ticket to the Moon” – but find the opening lyrics really so relevant today – all these years later. “Remember the good old 1980s, when things were so uncomplicated, I wish I could go back there again and everything could be the same.” and this was made in 1981 – how prophetic of Jeff Lynne – would love to know what he thinks of the 2020s onwards. How we all really want everything to go back to the way it was. A love song for humanity I think.

  30. Appreciate this guys. By the way your 9/11 talk was so on point with the truth, it would be good for you guys to do an episode on that. Much of what you say would be in line with my new 2021 documentary “9/11 Alchemy”.

    BTW: Believe the shape was a trapezoid in regards to the Solomon building

  31. I want to read Brave New World again soon (and the Jungle b/c it exposed corporate corruption). What you said about the robo dog really reminds me of Fahrenheit 451, which I just read in the past few days. That dog can trace anyone or anything based on their chemical makeup and has a spear that’s full of narcotics to allow the higher ups to decide whether or not they want to kill the person who’s passed out. And in the end Guy Montag ends up leaving the city for a community of hobos like that blog said, but also there’s an atomic explosion and the city is destroyed after a fake war. No real countries, no real wars, just money exchanged and lives lost. (Plus what Chris said about the Austro-Hungarian empire being dismantled, yes I got the impression over the past 8 years I’ve been in Austria that the empire was simply too powerful and needed to be broken up and crushed. Recently in the past 30 years it was the middle eastern oil tycoons and now it’s America’s turn…)

    What also stuck out to me about the book was Guy’s wife Millie, who sat around all day watching live, interactive TV screens that took up 3 walls of her living room. The book was written around 1950, but it captured the idea of the internet pretty well, and the TV characters talked to her and inserted her name from time to time so she would participate with them, and she was so annoyed when her husband wanted to talk because she would miss her “family”. I’ll take the 19th century freedoms and real conversations over tyranny and technology any day (like the blog you mentioned). But of course, as long as truthers are online I will try to find them.

  32. Hi Chris & Seb, thank you so much for confirming Sheepfarm theme tune – was driving me mad searching – please release – it’s beautiful & sounds like an old American 60/70s folk type song.
    Always enjoy Sheepfarm – thanks Chris & Dom 🙂

  33. Cheers from Poland to all! Something interesting to share:

    In Poland if you want to speak about a German in a very negative, dismissive way, you call them a Schwab (Szwab). Not a Bavarian or Thuringian, etc, but a Schwab.
    There is also a verb in the PL language “to Schwab someone” (Oszwabic kogos) which means to cheat and steal from someone.

    These two have very deep historical roots, although carried “mouth to mouth”. It is very difficult to dig deeply into many historical details in Poland as we have been invaded so many times and always the history was re-written by the invaders.

    Also a “fun fact” about Poland – do you know that there are almost zero information about what was existing on the lands before Poland was forced to be Christianised in the year 966? The date itself is says a lot…
    Anyways, thanks for all your podcasts and I also kindly ask for the theme song to be released! 🙂

    Take care

  34. I haven’t finished watching this episode yet so don’t know if you have mentioned on the video. I know you’re into your WW2 history Dom (So am I). But the worlds first fighter jet engine plane made by the Nazis (Messerchmitt Me262) was nicknamed the “Schwable” German for “Swallow”.
    Probably not of any significance, just thought you’d find it interesting.
    Many thanks for your content, really enjoying it listening on long car journeys!

  35. Sinister in heraldry is the left hand side, dexter is the right hand side – both as you are holding the shield.

  36. ‘Rewriting human rights laws for the Global citizen ‘ = we are all in this together , get the jab as part of your civil moral duty or we shall punish you as its my human right to be safe and the Global government will punish you and keep me safe .

  37. 1;16,30 Coat of Arms: On a crest/shield, Dexter (Latin for ‘right’) indicates the right-hand side of the shield, as regarded by the bearer, i.e. the bearer’s proper right, and to the left as seen by the viewer. Sinister (Latin for ‘left’) indicates the left-hand side as regarded by the bearer – the bearer’s proper left, and to the right as seen by the viewer.

    Thanks Guys! Brilliant and full info on this heartless man. I’d say he looks like a toad but I like toads. To me, he is most certainly a member of that evil group of serpents cast out of Heaven by God when Lucifer wanted to take over from God.
    This is the end times, the Bible tells us. We can see it everywhere especially in Revelation.

    note that God always points out that the Devil is a Liar and Jesus warns that when he returns we must be careful that nobody deceives us. Plenty of deception going on now.
    Matthew 24
    [4] And Jesus answered and said unto them, take heed that no man deceive you.
    Revelation 12;9 “And the great dragon was cast out, that old serpent, called the Devil, and Satan, which deceiveth the whole world: he was cast out into the earth, and his angels were cast out with him.”
    Revelation 13
    King James Version

  38. Hi Chris and Dom, I’m fairly new to your podcasts but I love them, thank you! I’m sure you know by now but sinister or sinistra is Italian for left.

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