Sheep Farm 23 | Meet The Flockers | Sage UNMASKED Pt1

We are BEING CONTROLLED BY an un-elected Medical JUNTA and a Dictatorship as a government, kow-towing to their demands.

And I can see all the hallmarks of how the NAZIS & the Leninist COMMUNISTS came to power or all under the auspices of helping a situation that was manufactured in the first place, all to subjugate a population.

In this presentation we will be looking into the government body called SAGE and its affiliated counterparts like, SPI-B, NERVTAG & the very influential JCVI.


      1. Vallance had demonic artwork on the wall in one of his earlier broadcasts. Black/night, abstract and ugly some bloke looks a bit like himself all fours, maniacal . I have a screenshot somewhere.

        1. Deoderants and aftershaves I really went to town it’s new Insignia and it’s all over now.
          I never pulled anything other than myself as a teen drenched in it

  1. I’ve lost friends over it so yeah it is the ultimate divide and concer tool 😔

  2. There’s that phrase again “flu victims” … “covid victims” (not casualties).
    Admission that a crime is taking place.

  3. Gilbert looks like a tranny to me. They couldn’t even be bothered to change his name…just stuck ‘dame’ in front of it.

  4. Thanks for another great vid lads. Your warm Northern banter helps sugarcoat the red pill of info!

  5. Very interesting . I live in Oxford and recognise quite a few of those named. My son’s paediatrician was mentioned. My boy is 29 now and is a nice chap despite my best efforts to ‘fuck him up!’ 😁

    It’s an uncomfortable feeling, once one realises the level of corruption and greed in medicine. Not only that, but one also quietly realises that even the best doctors are pissing in the wind. Well, that’s my experience anyway.

    Thanks to you both for entertaining and informative videos….and humour!

  6. Hey up lads,
    Been enjoying all the content you have been posting but it is really resonating with me since my business was closed all those weeks ago.
    I run a small but successful gym in Blackpool and put a lot of our success to blanking out the narrative forced apron is by MSM.
    I only take cash, will not allow phoneswith the tacking app on in the premises and have increased prices for public sector workers.
    I think they need to go into bat for us now!
    You should contact Dorian Yates gives a great interview and I am sure he would open up on subjects that are not possible on ewe tube.
    See what I did.

    1. Hi Richard

      I’m into weights too, DY would be a good guest, and Andy is just protected by the system isn’t he

  7. Please can you add subtitles to this video and any other videos that don’t have them. Thank you.

  8. The level of corruption, as is so humorously covered by your good selves is so blatantly indicative and part of our society it could drive an enlightened soul to despair . Is there no lengths to which these individuals will not sink; or do they consider themselves to be so fireproof that morality is nonessential? Or are they just pure evil? God will be their judge.

    PS. Great work boys👍

  9. Both H1N1 & H5N1 was supposed to create exactly what Covid-19 has caused but both failed now the Globalist Eugenicists believe that they have fine tuned this mass culling of humanity down to the magic number of 500 Million.

  10. These bastards really wind me up really hope we live to see their comeuppance.what Chris said about Attenborough at the beginning is the same thing I’ve been saying for years if your so concerned dai about us humans living your 90 odd done more air miles than the red arrows then jump off a cliff you fucking hypercritical old fossil.the cunt is older than mumra. On a lighter note I never used insignia but I remember the advert from the 80s well the song they used was it’s all over now,let’s hope and pray it is for these psychopaths sooner rather than later. Viva la resistance

  11. great work gents. would u say theres a suson,bit of french come bristolian there, of a conflict of interest there ?

  12. I’d like to see all these ones promoting the jib jab… transported into a jungle setting, whereupon they encounter a group of indigenous people with blowgun technology. Let’s see whose weapon is most effective, the needle or the dart. I guess both are equally effective, it’s just a matter of timing

  13. Great vid but was unable to start it after about three quarters of the way through even though I gave it time to load. Is it available on Podbean please?

  14. Thanks chaps. Stirling work as usual. I know what to get you for xmas now (aramis & midget gems).

    Could you do something on numerology? You often talk about it but it’s not something I know much about or its relevance.

  15. Is it just me or are the vast majority of eugenicists ugly? Rather than stemming from a genuine altruistic desire to improve the state of people’s physical health or mental abilities, could the real reason for their obsession be a latent hatred of their own looks, offset by high intelligence?

  16. I noticed that the NVIDIA logo is a double whammy all seeing eye and also a paedophile symbol rapped up into one!…….. Or is that just my overactive tinfoil hat imagination at work mmmmm
    Great show lads!!!

  17. Thanks Guys. Listening while I work….cheered me up a little after Eugenicist Johnson’s announcement yesterday.

      1. Did you know there is a GlaxoSmithKline in Bernard Castle? Makes you wonder the actual reason Cumming went up there!

  18. I think it’s fair to say we now have a parliament full of foreign assets.

    It’s staggering how the gullible mugs and the easily fooled propaganda tarts and lockdown enthusiasts still believe every word BOZO bentcock and the merry scientific frauds liars and con-men tell them…’s clear as day the criminal slugs in high places around the world are openly and knowingly taking their people for fools and mugs….they are laughing at us all.

    1. Thoughts Chris…😳…f#@k me. haha, brilliant.
      I’m loving all you’re stuff lads. It’s both informative, and witty, a good combination in my eyes.
      My cousin sent me your interview you did with Jerry Marzinsky a few months ago..and I’ve been hooked on your videos since.
      But that interview itself, really resonated so much with me, because I worked with kids, and young adults, with challenging behaviours. And 1 of the main reasons I left that career, was the amount of pharmaceutical drugs they shove into each, and every one of those poor kids, and like the man said…it had nothing to do with helping the patient actually get better, but to make the carers job easier, less hassle for the private company who get paid massive money to look after these lads too.
      I had massive conflict with this, and it was only when I listened to that was everything I was thinking..
      He was talking about.
      So, I really enjoyed that one, but have watched all your videos up to date since, and really enjoy the content..and you two characters. And I await your weekly installments.
      You should do one on this circus of an Irish government we have over here, ran by the clowns, I hasten to add.
      You’d come across some sordid history there I reckon..even more so when it ties in with the church over here..septic tanks full of babies bodies, and kids being taken from young mothers and being sold by the state…and so on.
      A lot of evil in this world lads, but at least it’s the likes of yourselves, that can shed a bit of light on the shit that’s really going on.
      And for that, I thank you, and applaud you both.
      Keep up the good work gents.
      Cathal from Eire 🇮🇪

      1. Thanks Cathal

        That made me laugh as well, I mainly do the research and try to surprise Chris with info so we get a real response and that one was gold!

        1. Well you ticked that box anyways Dom, it was one of the most real, and hilarious responses, that I’ve heard in a long long time..fair play Chris for keepin it real lol

      1. Another good talk. Found you via Richard Hall, who obviously rates you too. Looking forward to more

  19. Wow, really illustrates the enormity we are up agsinst,

    On a side note, Thank You for having John Hamer on, I have now watched his talk on the titanic, my girlfriend laughed at me when I said it’s not the titanic on the sea floor, within 5 minutes of listing some of the inconsistencies she was no longer mocking me!

    Love your work and hope to meet you both one day.

    All the best


    1. Thanks for the comment Edd,

      John is a great guy and author, my wife totally jumped over the fence when this nonsense kicked off last March and now she’s more vocal than me.

      Hopefully at some point we’ll be allowed to do some talks in front of an audience, because it would be nice to meet some people.

      All the best, Dom

  20. Hello Rich,
    Greg Davis here. I own a Gym in Wythenshawe, Manchester. Completely share your attitude as do other Gym owner’s (notably Liverpool Nottingham)
    Look us up,
    We are in touch with a good number of local community street leaders seeking to put together a sturdy group that will confidently challenge the state sanctioned narrative – exactly the stuff these two chaps are talking about.

    1. A Collective, this is the only way we will all survive this nonsense, working together

  21. Hi Lads

    Love your shows

    This and UK Column is my must listen every week… I’m addicted

    Would be great if you had some T Shirts in polyester gym material or some other means to support

    All the best

    From Ireland (pray for us!!!)

  22. I think at the beginning it should read – cow-towing to their demands.

    Not trying to be a smart arse, just trying to help. After all I left school at 16 lol

    1. Thought it was spelt ‘kow-tow’ from a Japanese word?? Anyway loved the work and the humour, both!

  23. Hey lads could you take a look at this documentary exposing the Vatican for me? I would like to know your thoughts. It is very well put together and I am without a shadow of a doubt that it is the Vatican that is pulling all the strings behind the scenes. It is called “An Indictment on the Vatican part 1: Out of the sea

    1. Hi Samuel…
      we will do something on the Vatican I’m sure but have you seen the
      Popes auditorium shaped like a snakes head!!!!

      I keep meaning to mention it

      1. Yes I have! Its actually mentioned at the end of that documentary! I highly recommend giving it a watch “An Indictment on the Vatican part 1: Out of the sea” on youtube. Channel is called “Plucked Out.” Also I recommend having a look into the Jesuit Order of the Vatican.

  24. Since i started watching these i’ve crushed normies in arguments about convid. They just smugly say “the experts say so” without a clue who they even are. Probably because if they knew the tossers they would u turn in 1 second.

  25. Insignia was out of my price range come Christmas time. I opted instead for HAI KARATE! £1.99 gift it may have been a bio-weapon disguised as a deodorant spray and shower well it stank. I’d give it as a present to my brother knowing he was buying me the same.

  26. Very good video, but at 1:21:50 when you mention the girl who was killed in London you’re wrong, she was a real person, I know people who knew her well.

    1. Hi Jane

      That for pointing this out, I think we said, ‘I would hazard a guess, maybe I’m wrong’ we didn’t make a statement of fact. So sorry for any confusion caused.

      What I will say is that something about that whole story does not ring true, I am not say no one was killed either, but the whole thing, the policeman the protesters etc. Maybe it needs a deeper look into at some point.

      Thanks for your comment though, cheers Dom

  27. World Economic Forum

    ‘Mind control using sound waves? We ask a scientist how it works’

    ‘At the moment, non-invasive neuromodulation – changing brain activity without the use of surgery – looks poised to usher in a new era of healthcare. Breakthroughs could include the better management of Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s disease, reducing the pain of migraines or even reversing cognitive disorders caused by brain injury’

    Oddly the original address cause an error

    World Economic Forum
    Sorry, but we can’t find the page you were looking for

    Luckily they haven’t lost their information as it is still available here.

    also see

    1. I will look into, it fits with some research I’m doing at the moment so good timing 🙂

  28. Hi Chris and Dom, and thanks for making me laugh while digesting all this information, it’s a real art you have…
    Not so much a comment on this vid, but don’t have your email and wanted to show you this page which came to my attention today as I’m looking for a PA job in the Paris region and they came up in my feed on Indeed, hiring for this division, I’ve translated…

    Division Overview: The Electrophysiology Division markets medical equipment for recording, analyzing signals and making 3D electrical maps to treat heart rhythm disorders. The market is seeing strong growth in the number of procedures (medical interventions requiring EP medical equipment) worldwide, which is expected to increase over the next few years, driven by the launch of innovative products.
    You can see who owns them on Wikipedia
    Take care,

  29. video doesn’t play Dom. I followed a link to Brigtion but it saysive timed out. do i have to sign up or log in on Briton ?

  30. you observed how media pressenters seem superior to them they interview? well….sophie raworth, bbc news, was headgirl at St. Pauls school where Dr Cath Green went

    1. Interesting find, for a while now we have seen evidence that newsreaders or media companies are used to control individuals making sure they know their place and continue the narrative, rather like O’Brian character in 1984. Strange how that LBC moron is also called O’Brian too.

  31. Regarding complicit GPs.
    A couple of months into the scamdemic I rang up my surgery and asked “Why are you pushing these lies?” The receptionist just said “Goodbye” and put the phone down. No discussion. I wonder if I was the first? Sounds like not. Of course, that winter they start calling me up pushing the vax. I just didn’t answer the phone.

  32. Great stuff as usual guys. Up here in Scotland we have our own paid mouthpieces Devi Sridhar who I find particularly insidious and another Linda Bauld. I don’t knowif they’ve come up in your research think they’re from University of Edinburgh. Keep up the good work.

  33. Great show, brilliant research. Loved the intro film, just shows ya, they play it over and over again, just like the Spanish flu, that wasn’t Spanish and wasn’t a flu.
    I used to wear Insignia as well deodorant and splash on, dint half laugh when you said “ Aye ya used to buy it in 1 litre bottles “😂😂😂awesome.

  34. The head of the Wellcome Trust has connections to Fauci and was involved in a conference, covering up the lab leak theory.
    Foi requests reveal this and was reported on the Dan Bongino show and Epoch Times!
    I suspect you may cover this later in the presentation but just in case…

  35. Another great video. Re: experimenting on the military; 2 stories. My friend’s grandfather went out to the garden shed and hung himself after WWI because he couldn’t live with the shell shock anymore. And another friend’s daughter married an army guy who was involved in the Gulf war. He went AWOL and was sent to prison for a year. He said the psychological warfare against them by their superior was horrendous and several of his comrades had committed suicide rather than face being captured by the Iraqis and the torture they were told they would endure. So by physical, mental and pharmacological means the military have been a Petri dish for the elite to practice on.

  36. Natural hydroxychloroquine/homemade quercetin. ( anti-inflammatory immune booster)
    Take the peel of 3 lemons and 3 grapefruit (organic if possible)
    Cover 3 inches with filtered water.
    Simmer for 3 hours.
    The resultant liquid put in a glass container in fridge and take a tablespoon full daily.
    Good idea to start now to protect from spike protein shedding.

  37. Where’s number 2? Love your video’s, especially the banter! we desperately need a bit of lightness to this topic because it’s so bloody awful. Thank you both for your time and great effort.

    1. Hi Linda Pt2 will be out sometime soon, there will probably be 4 parts, Cheers Dom 🙂

  38. Love all your episodes guys
    Just wondering if you will be dropping any information on trafalgar Square 24 7 21
    Watched it live but somehow it didn’t look right
    I’m not slaggin any of the speakers off but you have to question the atmosphere
    I dread to think what this could do to someone on the brink of giving in to the cabal to find out one or more speakers there have been indoctrinated
    Be warned boys your stomachs might sink
    I mention your work to everyone
    Got a few farmers liking your stuff too
    I collect milk hgv
    Thanks again and for keeping people sane

    1. My thoughts are although the the majority of the people were there to show support for the freedom. It had a more arranged feel to it.

      The protest was certainly less impactive and suited the Gov to have these people penned into Trafalgar Sq.

      The march’s are better and have a bigger impact.

      1. It’s took a while to sink in
        Your reply that is
        My misses took my 10yr old grandson to lancs show nr Ribchester Saturday
        Bless the child
        He had a great day ìnteracting with the animals operating a jcb playing tombola and winning
        Even had to duck out the way of 2 peregrine falcons doing a demonstration
        I’m sure he’ll never forget that you know…nature…the land n being a kid
        I just hope he forgets sitting on the back of a military jeep with a 20mm cannon strapped to it with captain jolly breathing down his neck (with no mask
        on)showing him how to aim it
        I’m dreading him asking me the purpose for the reasons the army being there
        They were at Hillsborough Park Sheffield 40 years ago the Sheffield show
        I’m sure that i got my first action man following week so to follow suit I’ll buy him a peregrine …..with the Eagle eye
        Guys you are da real deal thanks

  39. Also the flags have some relevance with the cross and the spike on top….takes us into Admiralty/Maritime Law

  40. Also the flags bare some relevance with the cross showing an the spike on the top Admiralty/ Maritime Law

  41. Once again you guys have come up trumps with the research, never fails to blow my mind what I learn from your videos.
    These people are pure evil.

  42. Branson’s deffo got a coffee machine: “Ranjita! Get me another flocking coffee!”.

  43. My mind is blown away, amazing work done by this amazing brothers. I love to meet you guys one day and have a cup of English tea (tea is on me) 😉

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