Sheep Farm 18 | Meet The Flockers | Tony B-Liar

Sheep Farm 18 | Meet The Flockers | Tony B-Liar


  1. Dom and Chris, could you please do a video on why you’re not into sports any more? And one of you said you don’t watch anymore at all, or rarely? Was wondering why you choose to do that?

    1. This brings to mind a quote from Corinthians in the Bible – Don’t get me wrong, I’m by no manner of means a God botherer, but this is very apt. “when I was a child; I thought and spoke as a child. When I beacme a man I put away childish things”. I truly believe that a great many things are becoming exposed as fraudulent and superficial.

  2. Another great deep dive in to this crazy world that we inhabit, currently controlled by bonafide psychopaths. I truly appreciate the research and time that you lads put in to producing these vids. The down to earth and at times humorous style that you deliver this sometimes very dark info in my opinion is very compelling. Cheers lads!

  3. You never cease learning. And we can only know a tiny fraction of what it is possible to know through the use of language but you guys have opened my eyes to a lot of stuff that explains what is going on but also throws new light on what has gone on in the past.

    Thank you both.

  4. I applaud the hard work invested into the videos on this site. I think I must be just down the road judging by your accents. Fantastic content, but improvements on pronunciation wouldn’t go amiss. I have been learning about all things conspiracy, media fakery, the esoteric and much more for many years but this kind of thing is actually quite unique. By honing in on the dark history of the individuals themselves, it enables the listener to appreciate the twisted web of lies and corruption, back scratching and stabbing that goes on within the anals (not annals) of power. I write this on the day the MSM jokers herald the third booster jab for over 50’s. The sheep are going to be lining up again…poor flockers.

  5. Hi Dom and Chris,

    I left a couple of messages on your YT about a quote from T Benn’s diaries from 1990 about Michael Meacher having forenowldge of a plan to install Blair. Definitely something to include in any follow-up video imo. Give me a shout if you need the source.
    Also a video on the Soames bros, I think would serve the interests of exposing some of the mendacity at the heart of the establishment. Long-term criminal element there


    1. Hi Monty,

      Please could you send info again to [email protected]

      Sorry but we get that many comments on YT its impossible to read all of them. Thanks for the research

      Dom ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. Blair is using the same illuminati hand sign as Trump and Merkel, when he speaks about Diana’s death. To let those in the know that the event is controlled.

  7. Awesome dudes! Only down is you should of researched how you pronounce Charlemagne! ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜ Love your work lads. ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿ‘

  8. Thanks guys. Yet again a podcast that explains so much. Doesnโ€™t detract my hatred of him but does explain a lot. At least you know now when he comes on tv what ever he is pushing we need to do the opposite. I do wonder who and why they have dragged him out of hiding again.

  9. Dom’s pronounciation is attrocious; but oddly adds to the ‘earthy charm’ of his very well researched vlogs.

  10. Hi both, Iโ€™ve only just come across your work. Listened to 4 of your pod casts now, all brilliant. Really appreciate all the time and effort youโ€™ve given to research this stuff. The education of Tony B-liar reminded me of the experiences shared on the Phoenix and Aria youtube channel. If you havenโ€™t yet come across these guys they share their accounts of the sexual ritual abuse they suffered as children. In one video Phoenix describes how some class mates at school who most likely experienced similar abuse to him are now in positions of great power. We are ruled by groomed children suffering PTSD. Phoenix Kaspian has also written a book where among loads of other info gives an excellent understanding of how ritual abuse underpins the global governmental and economic system. Harrowing stuff as the truth too often is.
    Book here


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