[SF8] Meet The Flockers Matt Hancock [10/02/21]

In January 2021 I was motivated to start my research into the protagonists involved in the CONVID NWO operation that started in early 2020. This would be my 8th video and poignantly released on 10/02/21 [our late dads birthday]. It kickstarted the deep dive presentations into individuals who mange the NWOs plans. This episode is also the first we did under the ‘Meet the Flockers’ banner the series that spanned the whole of 2021.

Episode 8 would also mark the moment when I conned our Chris into joining me for the journey down the rabbit hole for the first time with his bottle of ‘Witch Piss’.

Hancock needs no introduction, we were all there we witnessed a new breed of MP who were willing to openly lie, act, pretend to cry, and sell us all down the river in front of cameras for all to see for the NWO.  This was reality TV on steroids and Hancock was front and center, everyday.

“Just who are these Flockers”?