[SF120] ‘Huxley’s Brave New World Order’ Ep2 Twilight Language – Sheep Farm Meet The Flockers

Series 1 is an introduction of sorts, and not specifically about the Huxley family rather Series 1 shows the synchronicities and links back to the various Huxley’s and population changing events.

There will be 4 2hr+ Episodes released two formats in ‘Podumentary Presentations’ [YouTube/Rumble] and Podcast [www.sheepfarm.co.uk]

Ep2 Twilight Language (run time – 2:24hrs) Ep2 will discuss the possibility that transcendental music and Indian gurus were used via popular culture to hypnotise drug fuelled populations into generational mind alterations. The Huxley’s were part of this via Aldous Huxley’s writings & Sir Julian Huxley’s Transhumanism. We talk about authors, actors, film directors and producers who are intermingled with MK Ultra operators like Dr Sidney Gottlieb, Dr Donald Ewan Cameron, & Dr Joly West. An interesting mix indeed.

Presented by Dom & Chris

Research – Dom

SheepArt – Chris

Production & Editing – Dom

Additional Research – Chris & Lorraine

Music (in order of appearance)

Piano Composition: Now the Silence Artist: Juan Sánchez

Sheep Farm Theme Song – Written and Performed by Seb W

Special Thanks to Keith O’Sullivan for his kind permission to use:

Keith O’Sullivan – Shiva Shaker -1960’s Psychedelic India/Hippie Rock Keith O’ Sullivan Composer YouTube Channel    / @keithosullivanmusic