FRANKENSKIES by Matt Landman


  1. Top informative video. I’ve suspected it for some time but only through the covid scam have my eyes been opened and I’m open to anything now.
    Good work.

  2. Someone did a great job putting all those information together. Scale of this is anormous. Only China is expanging weather intervention to area larger than India. I am sharing those kind of materials at global warming forums and often get blocked and laugh at that only maks me more determined.

  3. That was scary to watch but also brilliantly done. It’s incredible to think how long these bastards have been doing this to us all. I will share this with as many as I can. That little worm David Keith!! Well what can I say about him? Lost for words other than he needs a good slap. He has to be a well trained actor or something along those lines.

    Skal Dom and Chris

  4. So it’s illegal to drop chemicals on a foreign nation, but not on your own people ! These psycopaths have no end to their evil ways.

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