Operation Ozone 1954 – UK Biological Warfare Field Trials


  1. Great site! I compose music to videos I put together (YT channel is CoolGuitarGear). I also do music gear reviews, but the series The Greatest Story focuses on lost history, the lies we’ve been told and (sometimes) disclosing the people behind the scenes. Sometimes you feel alone until you realize how many people are waking up… and how many still are asleep. Keep up the great work. Contact me if you want to do a podcast.

  2. Hi Chris and Dom,
    This guy is amazing, CoolGuitarGear. His music is outstanding and our lost history is very interesting!
    Hello from someone who really appreciates your output, D and C. That’s all I’m saying for now.
    Hi Brian, if you read this. Your video of looking after the baby Kingbird was so touching, you are such a lovely person; why is the rest of the plane(t) not full of people like you? xxx

  3. Hi Chris and Dom/ Dom and Chris.
    Oops, I am so stupid: my comment of 17th February is wrong. CGG is not the person rescuing the baby Kingbird. (That is Jon Levi, also worth looking into.)
    Too much grape juice!
    CGG’s music is amazing.
    Love to you all xx

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