[SF170] The Huxley’s Brave New World Order Ep7 “An UnNatural Selection” [30/03/24]

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If we look back over the last 250 years and view it through a critical lens, we can see somewhere in the mid-1800s that a academic Re-Set took place. Theories took root that are now taught as fact, when the truth is entirely the opposite. The Huxley Dynasty were front and centre along with the Darwin’s, & the Galton’s, and other academic familes, and many more scholars of the time. These families then carried these new dogmas and passed them onto their future generations that ingrained themselves into positions of academic power. In this episode we look at the academic nepotism in the Huxley family and we enter into their world and the important positions they took up in the coming cultural shift of the 20th Century, as well as some of the ideologies they invented literally from thin air; like flying dinosaurs.

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