Sheep Farm 57 Meet The Flockers Trudeau 1.0 Manchurian Candidate

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Justin Trudeau and the whole Trudeau back story when seen will reveal why we all question the narrative.

He is a multi-generation politician, controlled, bred and steered to do things that us mere mortals would never do. Like Johnson & Blair he is a pathological liar.

Please watch the 5 videos that accompany this podcast, before listening, here is the link to the Trudeau playlist on Sheep Farm Studios EweTube channel.

We talk about 3 of these videos in detail, WEF2016 Speech, The Great War 2007, & Eulogy 2000. The other 2 videos will give you a flavour of who he is.

Baaa 🙂 🙂


  1. Hi, guys, just going to tweet this on our Holding the Line: Journalists Against Covid Censorship twitter feed. Looking forward to this one 🙂

    We’d still like to have a podcast with you both at some point as a lot of our committee think you are journalistic legends, going where other journos, even independent ones, dare not tread and we are actually quite a spiritual group or at least most of our committee members are including me.

    Would be great to arrange something if I should drop you a line on your Sheep Farm email again sometime? No worries if not as appreciate you’ll be busy with projects.

    Keep up the great work 🙂

    Holding the Line

      1. great, and completely understand, life chaotic for me too juggling day jobs and Holding the Line. Give me a call any time on 07870 265041.

  2. Thanks Dom & Chris. I’ve shared your link to Canadian platforms on YT. Baaaa! Second coming as JC….Justin Castro ?
    Dom mentioned how these leaders always seem to look like these characters in films.
    The first day I saw Jared Kushner he reminded me of Damien in The Omen..the hair …the demeanor.. everything!

  3. Always informing, always entertaining, The main characters in this scam are so obvious to me, but maybe that’s because I’ve not watched TV for 18 years.
    Keep up the good work guys, just a shame your podcasts/videos aren’t in the mainstream.

  4. Wonderful work as ever lads.
    Just a little MASSIVE thing to consider –
    What was the former UK RAINE ?
    ‘They’ are referred to as Jesuits. True, but they are the Kharzarian Mafia.
    The KM.
    Look also at the Pilgrims Society.
    The head – The Sassoon is the Rothschilds boss.

    1. Yeah I’ve done quite a bit of research into the Sassoon’s too & the Pilgrims, this is an all encompassing Spiders Web of Deceit

      Dom 🙂


      this is quite an amazing resource for the viewers

      Am begining to think that the so called Deep State are actually just normal everyday

      Government . Its just that because they are all Globalist Mafia types they completely forget

      whatever they were supposed to do and serve themselves at everybody elses expense .

  5. Great show lads once again thank you.
    I’m from Australia which is also apart of the commonwealth. Well on the surface to the population it is but over the years just like the WEF’s infiltration deception of global young leaders. Commonwealth countries have constitutions which have given the illusion that it’s the people who vote in the leaders to create government/parliament. Over time though political parties have as usual deceived the public and even though we are supposedly still seen as a commonwealth member country that seems to be only on the surface to the public around the world but when you look into what has happened over the decades you can see that the politicians have sold off the country most probably due to the two world wars and the bankers or other institutions like the UN through signatories of declarations. I would say that the Commonwealth is finished. Australia comes under American law and all political parties and their departments, law enforcement military are all corporations listed/registered at the Securities Exchange commission. The politicians swear an oath to a fictitious Queen of Australia. It is known that Australia has not had a legitimate government since 1973 and that the government has no standing in law.

    1. We’re all living in this duel-reality Cameron, we can see through the fog for some reason.

  6. Thanks both. Just catching up with all your work again. Trudeau gives me the heebie-jeebies. He’s an unpleasant, rather effeminate little man.

    Thanks for all your hard work.

    1. Interesting to say the least. Try explaining it to people. Any of it. I just get silence. Im over it.

  7. Thank you for another great show!
    Just a few ideas about Trudeau’s trip. I think it could have been some satanic rite of passage.
    The “trip” could be a reference to a satanic ritual with drugs. Have you read Agent Buried Alive by James Casbolt? He describes many of the rituals that are carried out on children to turn them into NWO sleeper agents.
    Also, the fact that Ward Hunt island was chosen for the “trip” is quite interesting if you believe that Trudeau is Castro’s son. A ward is a child or young person under the care and control of a guardian appointed by their parents or a court. So, if Trudeau is actually Castro’s son, he would be a ward. Was this possibly some kind of satanic ritual where drugs were involved and wards were being “hunted”?
    You mentioned that the trip took place in August. Lughnasadh is on August 1st- marks beginning of harvest season. The festival itself is named after the god Lugh, who is a prominent gods in Irish mythology and a member of the Tuatha Dé Danann. Lugh is portrayed as a warrior, a king, a master craftsman and a savior. He is associated with oaths, truth, the law and rightful kingship. He has also been equated with Mercury and is interpreted as a storm god and as a sun god. Lughnasadh celebrations have included religious ceremonies, ritual athletic contests (most notably the Tailteann Games), feasting, matchmaking, and trading.
    You mentioned in the podcast that you are interested in the royal bloodlines. Have you heard of Melusine/ Melusina? Many royal families claimed to be descended from her including the Plantagenets (who are the ancestors of the British royal family), Lusignans, Anjous, de Vere, de Poitou, and the royal family of Luxembourg. Nicholas de Vere has talked about his ancestors and the Royal Dragon Court ( which has links to the Tuatha Dé Danann, the Dracula family and Scythia.
    Not sure if you are aware but Scythia included parts of Ukraine, eastern Poland, south-western Russia and the Black Sea region. Perhaps the current war in Ukraine has links to the Scythians and the Dragon court?

    1. Hi KCR

      Thanks for this info, this is what we like, collaborations.

      I’ll bring some of this up in the next episode, we’re about to record this week, Trudeau 2 – ‘Sub Rosa Bloodlines’

  8. Great stuff. I’ve listened to all of your Podcasts. Keep up the good work…. P.s.. The Earth is Flat. Don’t Believe!

  9. Wow thank you Dom and Chris! That was a great rundown of our pathetic situation here in Canada. You did a great job! You somehow omitted to mention that Margaret T used to flaunt her coochy when stepping out of a limo for all to see. Not sure if those videos are still available. She was considered an embarrassment for our dear leader (sic). And also there is not one person here who elected the son and he is deeply hated. Why he is still in power is a mystery.

    1. Hi Lilli & Canada

      Don’t fret;

      This is the first of at least 3 episodes on The Trudeau’s next episode will be ‘Sub Rosa’ Bloodlines
      Ep3 will be Mum, Dad, brothers & sister

      Ep4 maybe even a Castro bonus
      Dom 🙂

  10. You talk about Boris Johnson’s very long near the start of this podcast. Got me thinking about Matt Hancock’s “lucky” pink tie 🤣 What was that all about?!

  11. Good episode. I think one thing we can do is to take the piss out of these wankers. They want us to take them seriously, so let’s not, and instead mock them

  12. Red and white suit
    North Pole

    Was Trudeau implying he thought his dad was Santa Claus?

    1. We have since gone into even more detail Nigel, it is always in the words.

      Read this excerpt, he never even says it was his dad in the Red & White suit.

      I clambered over the snowbank, boosted up to the window, rubbed my sleeve across the frosty glass to see inside, and as my eyes adjusted to the gloom, I saw a figure, hunched over one of many worktables that seemed very cluttered. (Too much information he would not remember this)
      He was wearing a red suit with a furry white trim.

      And that’s when I understood just how powerful and wonderful my father was.

  13. Thanks again Dom and Chris – another good (but weird) one! And food for thought. I like your description ‘the current nonsense’, a very good way of putting it without mentioning the c word. Regards

  14. Awesome podcast, very informative and interesting. Looking forward to the next Trudeau episode. Thank you for shining a light on these psychopaths.

  15. Maurice Strong the traitor of all traitors is the fraud that helped cook up the climate change fraud with his satanic pals….Canadians are so programmed its truly insane. Canadian that’s awake here….BAAAA

  16. When I used to read the papers and the comments on the articles I used to see many comments of people in Ottawa working as general staff you know how government towns are- cogs in the wheels- and many had anecdotes about just how incredibly stupid ole sock boy Justin Trudeau is. I believe the Premier of my province; Jason Kenney said something to someone once that you can fit all of Trudeau’s intelligence on a cocktail napkin lol

  17. I am about halfway through and wondering if you’ve discovered the links between murders that occurred at the school in BC he taught at- no murders there before he got there, none since he left but a set of parents of a kid he likely abused were mysteriously murdered. He also has ties to the Pickton pig farm murders. Trudeau is so freaking dirty its gross and many of us know about it openly- they just press on. The funnelling of taxpayers money to terrorism etc. Its all documented yet ignored. Head of the RCMP being his cousin etc. The Sherman murders….

  18. I did not mean to leave for last that this research you’ve done here is absolutely fantastic- far superior to any Canadian journalist- although we do have a few amazing sources- check out Stormhaven Media. Much love and respect!!! Baaaaaa! and Rise Above! xoxo

    1. Hi Nancy

      There are so many angles to this set of crooks I have enough material for years, however all I wanted to do was to show people in the UK an over of who this weirdo is. I’m just putting the finishing touches together on the last part/s.
      Send me some info about the BC West Point Grey Academy murders

      Take it easy, Baaa & Rise Above


  19. Nice one guys, I did a comment on ‘Their Tube’ on the short but as you know they don’t always show up. Trudeau even knowing he an actor is the guy who’s face I want to ‘SMASH’ to a pulp, I detest this character, as well as the others of course. Another lovely bunch I have been looking into are ‘UNESCO’ I’m sure you are already well onto that bunch!
    Have a goood N BAAAAAA

    1. We’re starting to record the last part/s of Trudeau – Bloodlines, Lions & Unicorns

      Take it easy

      Dom 🙂

  20. Dom, when you judge others by your own standards, any sense cannot be made. His eulogy gave praise and credit to their occult practices in an obscure way, which was understood by those in the know, hence the reaction of the audience. IMO. BTW thanks for your help with my OH and ozone therapy. Your work is much appreciated and helps me keep sane (of sorts) Peace and love ❤️

  21. Whilst you have set yourselves immense subjects of research and I hate to detract, but you may be interested in Rory Duff, a Geologist and Geobiologist. I had come across his work before, then found an astrologer I have followed for years talking with him, which is most interesting in terms of their coincidental disciplines, surprisingly. When I mention astrology, I mean the real deal, relating mathematically. If you have chance take a look 👀 here: with Pam Gregory, a master astrologer.
    The problem I am having is the capacity to take on and assimilate so much information, yet I have always felt, those of us who are here now, chose to be, or were put here for a reason. Now that’s the puzzle. Baaa peace and love ❤️

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