Sheep Farm 52 | Mint Sauce Chronicles 13 | The Business of Illness

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In this episode of MSC in the first hour and half we play Seb’s new song ‘Daisy Flavoured Love’ and we also discuss many things from, do not resuscitate disabled children, Derek Draper & Kate Garraway, Pregnant WO-MEN, 300,000 people have new heart conditions, The Bourne Legacy, GB News, National Trust, and much more.

In the second part we introduce a new series Dom’s been working on called The Business of Illness. We talk about some of the things that will be in the first series ‘The History of Vaccines’.

Some Resources

Stanley Plotkin The Godfather of Vaccines 1 Vaccine Recommendations, Conflicts of Interest – Sheep Farm

Stanley Plotkin The Godfather of Vaccines 2 Royalty Interests, Profits of Vaccine Manufacturers – Sheep Farm

Videos – Page 2 – Sheep Farm

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