SF95 Mint Sauce Chronicles: I’m A WancockaRoach Get Me Outta Here

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SF95: I’m A WancockaRoach Get Me Outta Here

Sheep Art Image: WancockaRoach

Pt1, we discuss, GB News, Diets, Matt Wancock, Cruise Ship petri dish, British Airways trials biometric tech at Heathrow, Swedish company that’s created a microchip that allows users to carry their COVID vaccine passport under their skin, ‘woke’ mindfulness books for KIDS, Banksy unveils Ukraine gymnast mural, Pfizer announces two-in-one & Modern’s 3 in 1, Pfizer & Moderna launch trials to track long term risks of vaccines, & Sudden deaths.

Pt2, NASA & Artemis program, Sir Richard Branson & Schwabe Link, & Dame Esther Rantzen, Family links to South African/Rothschild Diamond Mines & the Famous Anti-Vaxxer in her family ancestry.