SF92 Meet the Flockers – The WEF Board of Trustees – Machiavellian Parasites Pt2 (Full Episode)

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WEF Machiavellian Parasites Pt2
In this final episode from the WEF Board of Trustees, we go into detail about several high-profile members like, Co-Charmen of the board, Mukesh Ambani & Family (Reliance Industries) & Marc Benioff CEO Salesforce.

Kristalina Georgieva MD of the IMF, Christine Lagarde Ex-President of the European Central Bank, Dr Peter Maurer President of the International Committee of the Red Cross, Larry Fink CEO of BlackRock, Mark Carney Ex-Governor of the Bank of England, David Rubenstein founder The Carlyle Group, Queen Rania of Jordan, Joe Kaeser former CEO of Siemens AG, André Hoffmann shareholder of Roche Pharma, & finally Julie Sweet CEO of Accenture.

Just Who Are These Flockers?