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In MSC20 we discuss, school madness, Footprints on the moon, Money Pox, Lorraine Kelly, Fake Fires & DEW, and the 2-day heatwave nonsense.


  1. Shutting windows and covering s are the usual practice in Mediterranean Countries and hot climates and has worked for centuries.

  2. Thankyou guys. Keep doing the doo.
    I appreciate what you do and highlighting all this nonsense.
    Gan canny.

  3. Purebloods will survive… I was thinking that blood transfusion might be a lottery in the future, try not to get badly injured boys and girls, the ba*#ards are devious and we must keep our eye on the ball, Baaaaa

  4. I watched a documentary about the blood donation business, its very shady. plasma is used by big pharma to make certain drugs, in many countries, but especially the US people on government handouts are paid for their blood donations, but there’s a limit on how much you can donate as you body needs time to recover and replenish their own blood supply. If I find a link I’ll share it, I found it YouTube.
    But imagine druggies donating their blood?

  5. The alleged footprints in the grey dusty soundstage pretending to be the unreachable, unlandable-upon, metaphysical holographic luminary, (that forgot to shine with its usual luminosity that would blind anyone close to it).. were grooved footprints (that would require moisture to create)..but the bottom of Freemason actornaut Neil Armspear’s wellies.. were flat and smoothe.. part of the astronot’s “space suit” that would explode instantly in an alleged vacuum that would also instantly boil blood, in physically-imossible “outer space” that allegedly exists next to the physically-impossible spinning flying globe’s gas pressure with no solid barrier to contain the gas pressure.. on the the proven level motionless earth..

    Monkeybolloxpox, is just Shingles, which is an admitted direct effect in the list of endless illnesses that result from the toxic lethal suicide-roulette injection required to fight against what cannot be scientifically-proven to exist..

      1. Had me in stitches too. Reminds me of the sarcasm from Doctor Dr McHonk Honk on Twatter. He does some hilarious videos too. I know you’re both really busy but also know you like a good belly laugh. I met a man called Jeff Taylor yesterday who does political stuff on YT. Good info too and I told him about Sheep Farm. Love all you do and thank you. 🥰

  6. if it were true that anyone has monkey pox.the NHS staff will be making tik tok dancing videos.because we all know that the most intelligent way to tackle crisis is for so called professionals to make tik tok dance videos whilst tackling a crisis

    1. It’s the first thing I think of doing when I am busy. It’s doubly important if you have a queue a mile long of people in great distress waiting for surgery, cancer ‘treatment’ etc.

  7. Hi guys,
    I think its a gr8 idea to document side effects from folks, coz no fucker else is & personally i find it very disrespectful to ignore these folk.
    Loads of love & light to truth seekers across the universe.
    Baa 🐑 🤗

      1. Thank you so much Dom, what an amazing lecture. I will share it far an wide.
        I have personal experience that backs up his claim. Thankfully no horror stories, but essentially I have two children, a boy who is 16 now and a daughter of 13. Unfortunately my wife and I were naive to the dangers of vaccines when my son was born, but woke up to many of the lies shortly after. My daughter, therefore has had no vaccines and, although, my son has had no serious health problems, the difference in there ability to handle colds, for example was very clear. If my son had a cold or the flu he would suffer, for a few days, maybe a week with the usual symptoms. My daughter on the other hand would have a huge reaction, height temperature, fever, shaking etc. for maybe a day but would then be right as rain. You could physically sea her body fighting the ‘virus’ it was quite incredible to see the natural immune system at work, well, working as it should.
        I live in Norway and we obviously avoided the full 13 scheduled vaccines for my son, but he did have the first couple at birth. This was enough to damage his bodies natural ability to fight off ‘viruses’. Thankfully it’s only small issues like being susceptible to cold sores and was sick slightly more often than my daughter.
        We are all now wide awake and thirsty for more knowledge, so I just want to say thank you to you and Chris for your impeccable work. This is a war we are all fighting and your northern humor helps the bitter pills go down a little easier.
        Keep up the good work lads.
        One last thing I would like to bring to your attention to is a guy called Richard Grove and his podcast Grand Theft World. Back in January of 2020 they were all over the scamdemic and produces impeccable work constantly. His older works are all equally as good, peace revolution, 9-11 synchronicity and tragedy and hope.
        I think you will both appreciate it.

  8. The only issue with walking dogs in hot weather that I know of is that pavements and tarmac can get extremely hot which can burn the soft pads on their paws. Best way to check is to walk barefoot yourself for a few steps and gauge the heat for yourself.

  9. Speaking of people profiteering, has anyone noticed those Kardia Mobile ads available from Amazon?
    Before the jibbyjab, these ads never existed for a device that measures atrial fibrillation. Probably just a coincidence though right 🤔 😂.
    Even Shillary Jones has an ad on YouTube for some “health” related nonsense. Not really watched the ad. He asks for a minute of our time. Not a chance.
    Great talk as always. Big love and respect to you guys 👍🏻🙂

  10. Thanks Dom and Chris, you’ve cheered up a rainy Sunday afternoon for me…the global climate change has bypassed us in Northern Ireland. 2 fecking days of summer for us then back to clouds (fecking fake) and rain. I will leave my windows open as and when I please, THESCIENCE™️ can jog on. Our cats also love sun worshipping without spontaneously combusting lol. Animals are wiser than most humans nowadays and recognise what’s good for them.

  11. Meteogroup’s French division provides the weather on my Android phone with the aid of a cartoon frog graphic.

    Weather Frog, as I call him, is an insufferable SJW twerp. Up until about last week he wore a mask at all times.

    This is a cartoon frog. Why does he/she/they/zir have to wear a mask? Doesn’t even have any ears to hook it onto, apart from anything else.

    I don’t like to assume the gender because all last month it was lying on a rainbow flag beach towel or sunlounger.

    Now yesterday, he had white patches of sunscreen on his face…there’s no bandwagon Weather Frog won’t shamelessly hop on.

    I’m waiting for him to be joined by Ukrainian Refugee Frog. Quite frankly, considering his dubious connections to Swiss Vulture Capitalists I’m surprised he’s not wearing a Zelensky green tactical T shirt by now, or been joined by Azov Battalion Frog.

    Even my weather’s been infiltrated by an LGBTQ, mask wearing, sunscreen smearing, Nazi frog. Disgrace.

      1. Nice isn’t it, I just noticed few days ago it’s the same price as it was two year ago and £2 off with a dodgy club card, just thought it was interesting alcohol seems somewhat immune to inflation, they don’t want people to stop drinking haha

        1. I agree! Don’t think there will be any price hike massive on alcohol, LOL! And Pizzas won’t disappear off the shelves either, nor many of the highly processed foods. Fags will go up but they will still be there, all because the Government loves you……We need a new Milk Tray meme showing how the Government loves us so much!

        2. Get this! In the height of the Divoc nonsense, the French government *actually lowered* the price of cigarettes.

    1. I noticed they called insects ‘novel foods’ like novel corona virus.

      One problem with bug eating is that if you are allergic to shellfish, you are more or less certain to be allergic to insects as well as they share a muscle protein called tropomyosin. Shellfish is one of the top eight food allergies so not an uncommon problem.

      Also, I found out by accident watching a youtube video looking for recipes that Orthodox Jews are extremely careful about not ingesting bugs of any kind. The Jewish lady in the video showed herself going to a kosher supermarket where they sold special triple washed, guaranteed bug free salad in bags, she sprayed all her food with (probably poisonous) bug killer spray, she had à bug finding magnifying glass and the pièce de résistance was a…

      Special neon light up CSI forensics style bug finding chopping board.

      It wasn’t just her being paranoid, it’s a recognised Orthodox Jewish thing. I don’t know what happens if you eat an insect by accident but it seemed a pretty big deal.

      I’m not sure if less strictly observant Jewish people are as bothered but that’s the religious rule.

      I wondered if Muslims could eat insects after finding out this information as Kosher and Halal rules are often similar. The good news is that bugs are completely Halal.

      Anyway, that’s one market that won’t be going with the programme.

    2. Good luck with that!…… No amount of Angelina Jolie eating bugs is going to sway the people. Look how the British squirm when they watch such crap as ‘I’m a Celebrity’ (my children showed me). They’re on to a loser and many of us plan boycotting such foods because of all the harmful ingredients to health, other than bugs that are used to bring them into production!

      1. When I first got together with my girlfriend, I couldn’t wait to get her knickers off They were a bit small for me and really tight

  12. Thanks guys. My sisters midwife tried to talk her into having jab while heavily pregnant ( I was so angry) thankfully although my sister is oblivious to what is going on she decided against it thank goodness!

  13. Always a treat to engage with sanity, especially when you make me laugh so much. Have spent some time upgrading the windows of my car today. I write messages on the inside which have to be backward writing of course. I use tracing paper and a dry liner. It’s woken a lot of people up. I stay away from the Covidian nonsense. Today I have focused on farming and how the Uk Government are offering farmers locally (Dorset/Somerset) via local radio stations, £100k to retire now and how that will impact our food supply change. Maybe get daughter to take some pics to send you as I no longer have a phone and not getting my Nikon out for that! It’s a useful tool if you can keep the messaging informative but not divisive in my view…..Any way you can, keep trying to wake those sleepers, a gentle opportunity always works best for me….

    1. Hi Jane, I think we use to speak occasionally on Richie Allen. I don’t listen as much as I use to but if certain guests are on I dip in again. I’m Dorset way and remember you weren’t too far from Shaftesbury. Had a great weekend here as The Fringe was on. Great acts and lots of dancing, it was just like old times. Glad you found Sheep Farm and I must admit it’s my fav. Laughing is truly the best medicine 😁

  14. Its a fact that walking dogs on boiling hot days, can result in them having heat stroke. Dogs sweat through their pads, they can burn being walked on very hot pavements. Try putting fur coat on and walk barefoot in a heatwave.

  15. Will listen to this in the airport tomorrow off to the states, NY,Delaware,PA. Citizens (I assume you boys are if your mum was American) so no jab needed, can only force it on non-citizen entry. So that should be an interesting experience.
    Will need a little entertainment.
    I can laugh freely now

    Been seeing a lot of ads on tv for prepaid cremation services. Basically preparing for disposal.. when did all the funeral / burial services end . What’s the most recent grave stone you’ve seen. Been burning people for years

  16. Another big story, for me, was ‘UCL study conducted over decades shows SSRI anti depressants don’t work and there is no evidence for the chemical imbalance theory.’

    I was really pleased with this until I thought, ‘What have they got planned now then?’

    My suspicion is that they might try their MRNA gene therapy on mental health. Which sounds ridiculous but I have heard psychiatrists say that there is a genetic predisposition to certain disorders. They’re probably wrong.

    Or it might be Elon’s neurolink they have lined up.

    So those are my two bets. Either some kind of epigenetics/eugenics quackery or transhumanism. At least you could just chuck the Prozac in the bin.

  17. Thanks for another great show guys
    I was proper laughing at some of the stuff you were saying.
    Great idea about the email for jabberwocky story’s, I’ve got a few from close friends and family experiences one of which passed away unfortunately which I’m convinced was a result of the 3 dart finish.
    Looking forward to the next show

  18. Last week a recently retired professional cyclist posted on Instagram the birth of his new baby which is in intensive care with all the problems you spoke about, they say the medics don’t know what’s wrong with the baby, I know professional cyclists have tobe jabbed just wondered if the mum to be was also.

  19. Here in Canada it reached 42.6 degrees in BC. A doctor in emergency wrote a death certificate for a patient stating the cause of death was climate change. This was the first doctor to do this I believe but indeed now there is a precedent I expect more to come.

  20. Really good to hear people with open minds who question the madness.
    When I hear Al Gore mentioned I always think AlGorerhythm.

  21. Anyone see the chess robot break the little kids finger for being too fast for him? Haha looked pretty intentional to me, and Google has just sacked someone for saying their chat bot Lambda has a soul and asked for a solicitor haha , I hope these things aren’t as advanced as some fear 🤣

  22. Great stuff
    Loving all your output
    One thing though…..you keep talking about “side effects”. I don’t see them as side effects, just effects

  23. Very good this one guys; a lot of very well made points and a few things that made me chuckle.
    Keep it going!

  24. You wanna get that song Simon mayo used to play on his radio show n read the vaxident story’s over it

  25. Listened to this late on as my bedtime story. Had me laughing so much the way you describe things. 🤣 Love you lads so much, always eagerly waiting for your next episode. Keep up the brilliant work you both do.

  26. Being able to escape to the Hills even just for a short time is pretty important now. A yacht would be better! But why tell anyone.

  27. We go on holiday all over Devon and Cornwall and this last few years we have spotted millions of defibrillators everywhere. Also, even in the smallest villages where you can’t get a mobile phone signal you can see they have got full fibre broadband installed ready! The costs of rolling out that infrastructure must be billions. Why would someone in a village in middle of nowhere need 900mb Internet? Seems to me they are anticipating a lot of data from everyone needing to be uploaded somewhere in the near future.

  28. Never been a prepper, though I can see the appeal. I am simply not organised enough. All he same, being anarchic might make me more suited for ‘The End’.

    Where the wind blows is in its own way was horrific as Threads.

  29. Bit more health-related but thought I’d mention I started taking magnesium bisglycinate and already noticing the benefits (shoulder ‘niggle’ I’ve had for years easing up a lot). Much deeper sleeps

    What about having Zoe Harecombe on as guest? She’d be great

    Richard D Hall….

    1. Zoë’s fab and definitely would be a great guest. She has a lovely way of speaking and explaining things in a manner that’s easy to understand. And she’s a friend of mine too!

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