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In this episode we welcome back Dr Mark Nesti. Mark is a specialist in psychology applied to sport, especially in relation to professional football, tennis, golf and cricket. Born in Scotland in 1959, Mark has worked most of his professional life in the world of sport in England. He has held positions with the English Sports Council, and was a senior sports development manager leading a team of staff working from grassroots to elite level sport. He has a PhD in psychology, an MA in sport psychology from the University of Alberta, Canada, and gained a first class degree from Leeds University in Human Movement.



  1. I was born in 1962, I went down the rabbit hole many many years ago and had dread of what this truly was in March 2020. I was born at end of boomers. I see my sister’s my 10 years my elders are sleeping. My hubby took first jabby unbeknownst to me he died 11 months after. The more educated you are the more indoctrinated they are. It angers me that I know what my parents their parents went through for us to roll over. There are a few oldies who have critical thinking.

  2. I wonder if Mark knows my brother Dougie Keast a year younger than Mark..He also went down south once he got his degree in Physical Education from Jordanhill? . Got on and was Director of Sports Education for Leicester. he also worked with the British Council to ” change the sports education for Iraqi kids after Blair bombed the place to bits .. and was involved with many well known names. Seb Cole, Kelly Holmes. I think Mark may have net him.
    I don’t keep in touch with my bro but he was one of those who used to question everything and hope he finally worked it out. . Hope he’s not jabbed either as he was very fit and healthy.

  3. I send my sincere condolences to you. I agree with everything you’ve said here. I was born in 1957 and have seen the same thing you have, along with the fact that the better educated, the less likely to see what’s up. My family is the same.
    I empathize very much with your experience with your husband. I too lost mine, but it was due to the HIV fraud, rather than the current situation. The only reason why I brought this up was to say that I think it’s really hard for everyone to lose a husband /soul mate, but it’s especially difficult when you know that it happened because you were lied to, tricked, had your good faith played upon, or whatever expression one wants to use for this kind of thing.
    I wish you the best!!

  4. Another great conversation with Dr Mark. My hubby just got back from The Open, he’s a Cameraman who has mostly worked on the Golfing Tour for the past maybe 20 years. He hasn’t worked for the last two years due to the hiring Company CCTV insisting that people who they employ take the jab (he’s freelance) if they subscribe to working abroad. He kind of resigned himself to retirement, he is 67 and we sold our house and went to live next door to our best, awake friends this year after 25 years to release ourselves from a mortgage. Different and a lot of fun, still semi-rural thankfully with no street lights. He only decided to go back to work on UK events to pay the oil bill! It saddened him that out of the whole Camera Dept there, over 100 peeps, he reckoned he was in a club of 4, awake and not arm-sphered. He took every opportunity to talk to these people, to guide them gently in all manner of what could possibly going on? It mostly fell on deaf ears although a couple of people seemed to want to know more although he said, he’s not the main researcher and wished he had me there to lay out my take on events, shame….He also said that sadly he fears they are lost, their whole aim in life is work to live, grab a pizza, get a holiday, keep the family happy and that’s it. This is what we are dealing with I think, these people have almost become transhuman by their own free will. They are robotic in their addressing of life, they will only react when that button that causes their lives to crash is pushed….and it will only come through money, food shortages, fuel rationing etc. Then we might see a change…..

    1. My friend bought 500 litres of oil the other week, it cost nearly £500! It’s usually half that price for the same amount as you know. I’m dreading having to buy some when we need it so am saving a bit each month to store up for winter. We started putting the log burner on later in the day last winter so will have to really eke it out this coming winter.

  5. I found the BBC ‘Vaccinated’ documentary. Guess who’s the presenting it? Hannah Fry. I knew I’d seen her before.

    She’s in Episode 292, Part 2 of Richard D Hall’s videos. She was presenting ‘ Contagion! The BBC Pandemic made in 2017, aired in 2018 which was a simulation of the nonsense using Hazlemere as the ground zero town.

    Hazlemere turned out to be the place where the first UK Divoc patient was found in 2020. ‘Fancy that!’ as Richard said.

    . She’s got a Phd in Mathematics from UCL, done TED talks, has written two kind of pop science books, about applying maths and statistics to dating and love, the mathematics of Christmas and a third book which sounds a bit more serious about algorithms.

    I must say I was ready to dislike her a great deal as a kind of female Brian Cox plastic celeb scientist but I’ve just read that she was diagnosed with a very aggressive cervical cancer in 2021, has had a hysterectomy and the usual nasty and distressing treatment which has left her with various complications so she’s off limits for all that kind of judgement.

    She did write and present another BBC programme, aired 2ne June 2022, ‘Making Sense Of Cancer with Hannah Fry’ so it looks like they’re getting their money’s worth out of her contract.

    I feel differently about her now. She’s got two daughters and she’s only 39.

    1. I really struggle with these people KH, I sympathise with her situation I do. But then she makes a programme that is a propaganda piece for the BaBaC.

      1. I must say, I am so on edge about health now, I think, “Super aggressive cancer? Gynacological issues? 2021? Oh, she’s bound to be Britney’d.”

        What a time to be alive!

    2. There is a tsunami of stage 4 cancer right now, as Dom says it is a struggle and I’ve often thought these tw*ts are all in on it, but now I believe Satan has deceived them , poor souls to be pitied for eternity

        1. I can’t see a reply button under your comment Dom so anyway, Brillant! Looking forward to it.

    3. That’s very interesting Kathryn. I do believe in an Intelligent Universe or equivalent and that nothing happens by chance. That means that whatever happen to us is deserved. Not in terms of punishment, but rather as a consequence of past attitudes and actions. It’s the only way to learn the lesson of life, which is one of the reasons we live in these temporary body machines.
      My ex has just 18 months after being diagnosed with an illness, and whilst I absolutely empathise, I know the practice of radical acceptance is the Common Sense way to view the situation. As Chris mentioned, being awake isn’t just about realising we are being scammed, but more about the deeper questions of what (on earth) are we here for in the first place?

  6. So this bloke said ” the baby boomer generation has no substance ” !!! what the fuck that’s a hell of a generalization mate. I’m 67, my husband 71, both knew what was happening when this crap started. I woke up to big pharma when I was 23, when my mom died in hospital, I was the only one questioning what was written on the clipboard at the end of the bed, morphine etc etc, my brothers/sisters thought I was nuts. I’ve questioned and researched everything else since. Found his comments absolutely bloody offensive , and he calls himself a psychologist !! You said seems like we’re the only ones talking about it……. well depends on who else you listen to, what groups you’re on, there are many talking about whats happening

    1. In defence to them they didn’t say all people in our age group have succumbed. Unfortunately everyone in our age group that I know personally apart from one have been taken in and jabberdoo’d. Her children were so angry with her, even though they’ve never been vaxed ever. They refused to see her for a while but now insist she tests herself whenever in their company. I told her to pretend to test which she already did lol. My friends still test which pisses me off as they know I think it’s bollocks.

      1. It was Mark whatever his name is, who said it, not Dom & chris. You don’t need to defend him, he sounded perfectly happy with slating us.

    2. Lynda

      That’s not what we said at all, chill.
      I/we know loads of people of all ages who are in this fight. What I did say is that the people who should have stood up the most are the people between the ages of ’40-75′ and I am that age these were the ones who let the side down as a ‘whole’.
      This is not about individuals, we’re talking of the masses, the ones of an age who should know better.
      I’m glad you guys are awake but still we are only 5% of the population, the minority. this isn’t just about people who refuse a vaccine or don’t have a second/third one, those people will still be part of the system.
      “We all” have been awake to this BS most of our lives.
      Respect, Peace
      Dom 🙂

      1. First , don’t tell me to “chill”. I know what I heard. If you read what I said you’ll see, I didn’t say it was you or chris, but the bloke you were speaking to. “the baby boomer generation has no substance” , so yeah I was pissed off with it. What did he say that was of any substance anyway. I’m aware of the stats. I get what you’re saying, I’m not thick

        1. Mark is retired he is a baby boomer himself he was talking in general terms about his age group. I’m 52 I could say the same about my age group too. Most are spineless jelly fish.

          I feel the stats do back up the ‘no substance’ comment. He didn’t say all Baby Boomers, and that includes you Lynda and many others.

          Also I never said you were thick or insinuated anything of the sort either.

          If what he said upset you, I apologise as that’s never our intention nor Mark’s I can assure you. We all have different opinions and that’s what makes conversation interesting.



        2. Lynda maybe you should listen again. Us older ones are in the minority to have refused the snake oil and that was my point. Personally I didn’t think Mark Nesti who is also in his sixties was slating us but making a valid point along with Dom and Chris.

  7. Lynda, I’m with you in your indignation re the generalisation of Baby Boomers. I turned 70 this month. I NEVER wore a mask, anti-social distanced, stayed in the house, followed the arrows around the supermarket or anything else. I believe there really are no generalisations to be made. In fact, those of us who’ve been on this planet for quite a while and have lived through umpteen flu seasons were in a better position to spot the stupidity right from the start. ‘All Hail the wrinklies’! is what I say.

  8. Another belter (●’◡’●)

    My sister and brother-in-law are partners in a major London law firm and i recall in early 2021 asking them if they’d taken the arm-spear and what their take on it was etc. I’m not close to my sister but she’s such a sharp critical thinker and I’ve always respected her etc but low and behold they’d all taken it – had their kids done etc. For a while i was harbouring a secret hope that she’d feel the same way as me, maybe even opposing the (il)legality of ‘lockdowns’ etc. She said it was because she trusted Kate bingham (then the vaccine tsar) because her Dad was a famous high court judge or something. That’s it. That was the sum total of their rationale.

    It felt like ‘invasion of the body snatchers’ where the protagonist learns his most trusted friends/confidantes/family have succumbed and been taken over by the evil pods lol! Even when there was so little hope, to have your fears confirmed is still somehow heartbreaking

  9. when in the pub now topics of conversations on lots of things have no debate, people can’t seem to argue a point, it’s all I see on the tel-lie-vision, read in the paper or heard on the radio, as if the information is correct, the last 30 years of indoctrination in schools is showing through no one willing to Question events, i gave up the covid drum last year talking to a brick wall came to mind, even family members, including my son who took 2 shots after all the facts i showed him which was really devastating knowing he suffers with asthma, friends thinking It’s to get back to the normal things in life, some are suffering, some are dead, and now others are fearing the worse. We are still looking for hope and the light at the end of the tunnel. On another note there’s a guy Adrian on YouTube who also has had lots of chats with Clive De Carle on videos he would make an excellent guest too go check him out


  10. My parents are boomers, in their early 70’s both of them are wide awake. My dad, me, my mum, my husband & my brother called BS from the day Napoleon the piggy made his announcement.
    When he said that the pubs had to close that totally sent my dad over the edge 😂.
    We never wore masks & we carried on visiting them every month like always (they still live in the Midlands, we’re further south now). I spoke at one of the freedom rallys in London last year in front of thousands, it’s not something I’ve ever done before but I felt compelled to speak out, now is not the time for silence. My dad’s an avid reader & I caught the bug, we didn’t watch much TV growing up, my parents & grandparents grew food, made clothes, kept poultry & were incredibly self sufficient. In the 90’s I went to see David Icke, it was a game changer for me, nothing was ever the same, my dad had always taught me to question everything & how right he was. I’m incredibly proud of my parents & the fact that they’ve stood firm & not backed down to the BS but I also feel incredibly sorry that they now can’t have a conversation with many people & that at their time of life all this is happening.
    My sister, her husband, my eldest daughter, her husband & my niece have all had the spear, we haven’t fallen out we’re a really close family but the ones who haven’t had it are worried about what going to happen to them. I have to say I’ve never been more thankful of the choices we made a few years back, through loads of Micky taking from other people. We live off grid on our narrow boat & we’ve home educated our youngest two for the last 8 years. Our son’s never had a jab & he’s never seen a doctor for an illness in 13 years.

  11. Don’t know how to email lads,but, watched Mark Devlin podcast with Steve James, he mentioned 22 March as a significant day for the cult happenings
    Read in paper today that Jade Goody’s son has become an actor for BBC! Guess what date Jade died? 22 March 2009 ! Coincidence?

  12. I am also a baby boomer (1960) and was slightly miffed at what Mark was saying at first but he did redeem himself by stating the obvious, that it was just in general as a collective that he was talking about. It is true that lots of our generation were totally taken in by the propaganda. Personally I noticed it was mostly young people between 30 and 40ish (in general) that were the last in my area, which is the north of Scotland, that were the last to let go of the mask when we were told we didn’t have to wear them anymore (I never wore one). We are living in strange times and we must unite as humans against the dark forces that are trying to separate us.

  13. i have been trying to become a member but it says my email has been used so i tried forgot password and it said my password reset request was successful but never saw anything come in my inbox

  14. I think Dr Mark Nesti is my favourite guest on Sheep Farm lads.

    I think you all raise an excellent point about boomers… to paraphrase:

    “You lot didn’t fight in the war like us so sit down, shut up and worship us, worship Churchill and the nightly news.”

    Many of them don’t question anything. By the way I lost a great uncle at 20 in WW2 so I am not flippant about the suffering… but I do question the official narrative.



  15. Jordan Peterson was a UN advisor which kinda put me off him tbh he’s a highly Intelligent guy could he not have seen the issues with UN agendas 😕

    1. The problem is JP cannot break away from the conventional narrative, he beLIEves in the political system, took the ArmSpear etc and thinks a great PM/President will save us all.



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