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Published on: May 13, 2022

In this episode we invited Jenny back to chat about too many subjects to list here, but the gist of the conversation is that humans are being controlled via many different technologies and entities.

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  1. Thanks again Dom and Chris. Jenny is a fantastic guest she has such a smiling tone in her voice and quite the polymath; she hit upon a very interesting topic when speaking about the umbilical chord; the irony of this wasn’t lost on me. I also like a woman who swears on occasion.

      1. 100% agree on the planting! last year we lost all potato’s and tomato’s over night, like you said just went to seed 🙁

  2. Thanks for posting a new podcast 👍🏻😁.
    There’s nothing I love more than kicking back on an evening and listening to you and Chris.
    I see Schwabba the Nutt was mentioned again. Funny how things seem to come back round to that bald psychopath no matter the subject.
    Anyway. Good job lads. Keep the news coming 👍🏻😁

  3. Excellent discussion with the eminently sensible Jenny…..

    Thank you for all you boys. Great work.

  4. Guys whats the action needed to resist this WHO Pandemic Treaty codology. Where will the vote be taking place ? Vigilant Fox have it covered well, I spose Michael O Bernica here. Great chat guys, amazing xx

  5. I knew something was going to happen in Sri Lanka in 2018/19 and begged my daughter and son in law not to go to Sri Lanka for their belated honeymoon which they had planned. I sensed there was an imminent danger and trued my best to stop them going. They were only back a week when that bombing at that hotel happened. They were at that hotel and that restaurant only a week before where the billionaire Anders ( of ASOS) and family were staying. He lost 3 of his kids. He is one of my son in laws clients as he owns loads of land in Tongue in the Highlands. It was only then my daughter realised that what I said was true. Anders was over there to open a new ” conservation Trust” for his children to manage in the future by the way. They all died except one. Far more to this than was said in the MSM at the time. Yet at the time the home office had claimed Sri Lanka was perfectly safe. And thats why my daughter dismissed my warning. . so for sure they will never tell the truth about whats going on now.

  6. There has been alot going on with the leadership in Sri Lanka and it was speculated that this rivalry between existing leader and a WEF take over was behind this bombing. Back then.. I do winder why or if Anders was targeted though given his wealth.
    The land he has up north is vast and his plan is well under way to rewild the north of Scotland with Wolves and Lynx ( even after the death of his children) and birth of twins since. Winder how old his wife is. Another large corporate US company Bentley Associates have acquired loads of land outside of Stirling since the lockdown and sacked all the staff including the game keepers. What with that Dubai Prince owning the rest outside of Balmoral it should make ppl wonder what the hell is happening. Highland clearances going on again.

  7. As you know, I spotted Harari way back on a Ted talk and straight on I spotted how evil this man is. No matter how staged they appear with their props like Farages fag and pint swilling in pink cashmere jumpers they are no fluffy cuddly unicorns..I see right through it all.

  8. Jenny . I always felt I was on the outside looking in.. although I did my best to go along with others idea of having a life it did nothing but harm and gave me more questions about why I was here at all. Now I use my guiding light my intuition to navigate around this parallel universe were all witnessing.

  9. I have some really bad experiences in my lifetime and wondered why I seemed to be under attack by forces around me and yet my gut feelings always tried to warn me about situations/ or people. My logical brain would find it hard to accept. Now I rely on it whole heartedly to keep me on the right path. No matter what they do they will never get my soul. I’m not afraid of any of them and the last 2 years have gave me the courage to speak out. The eathar is all around us and not only can you send out a message to our creator you will pick up on the reverberations in the EMF field guiding you I think although I can’t really explain how i knew. But observing the birds was the great awakened for me, that woke me up to the bs nonsense.

  10. I think a spell was fully cast once the Georgia guidestones were erected, which, basically told the people way back what they planned to do with us. I just cannot understand why these stones have not been demolished, bombed, removed by the population who know what is going on. Remove the stones, remove the spell The hypnosis has been HUGE.
    I consol myself with the thought. THIS IS A MASSIVE IQ TEST!

    1. I’m ting here with you on this one.
      Nobody you mention these ridiculous satanic pieces of huge stone Or marble or perhaps even granite even exist!
      I bet they’re almost bomb proof 💣

      1. *with you…
        Sorry! I my eyes stare terrible and my two year old nicked my glasses and he’s kindly hidden them somewhere…! 👶🏼

  11. Jenny. I was one of the first to be diagnosed with ME / chronic fatigue/ yuppie flu in 1989 but looking back I believe it was caused by a mylogram on my spine after a slipped disc. This led to more and more chronic illnesses. Yet I’ve always helped others even if they were nasty to me for being a ” goody two shoes”. Sadly it took me years to realise they wanted to drain my energy and suck the very life out of me and make me into one of them. They never succeeded and in the end they get what I’m about one way or the other. I have learned to spot these parasites a mile away. Its been very hard to accept some people are just so full of hatred and resentment. I’m reading this book by Pao Chang…Word Magic. The powers and Occult definitions of Words. ( the powers that be use these sacred sounds, symbols and words and are used heavily by corporations etc)

    1. I had a myelogram after a slipped disc too. The experience after was awful. They said that the fluid they’d injected in my spine was leaking and causing pressure on my brain which caused a migraine like you wouldn’t believe. I could barely move for 6 days without being physically sick. THEN they said they could seal up the leak/hole with some of my own blood. They did and half an hour later I was like new…… but they let me suffer for 6 days. They said it was very rare for this to happen, the leaking I mean. Glad you’ve learned to spot the parasites (I call them narcissists). I have too. It is a big help in navigating this realm. All the best to you.

      1. Hi Charmaine, I feel your pain as I have something called “degenerative disc disease”
        So I have no disc on my right side..so when I stand I’m constantly on my sciatic nerve..It hurts so bad it makes me sick sometimes too.
        I live on pain killers and that’s all the narcissists have offered me.

    2. Hi Katrina, they respond to our vibration, these people. I used to have a little dog that I had rehomed. I didn’t know her history, but I think she was used in badger baiting which meant she could be quite aggressive. When out walking, if we met a large confident dog, they would play together. If she met a scared dog she would attack it. I observed the pattern again and again and it took my understanding of energy one step deeper.

  12. Yes. Follow iceagefarmerdotcom. Christian Westbrook has had his finger on the pulse for years. He collects all the pieces so that we can see the picture on the jigsaw box lid. Plus, he’s a lovely person.

  13. Thanks Dom, Chris and Jenny. One last thing. My dogs groomer who was sick after her 3 arm spears but still took them, wore her mask every time etc..said to me on Tuesday…” you know I think we’ve all been brainwashed..do you think I’m right?”…I hadn’t said much to her knowing she had taken the bait before I started taking my dog there. But I told her what I knew would probably be a big shock to her system and not everybody cares enough to accept what I’ve been trying to do and have taken so much stick for speaking out. . She said to me ” please, I want to know everything, can you tell me what on earth is going on?”.. so I shared a few things i had researched myself about the lurgy, the global agenda, the big lie,etc.. and pointed her to your website too so she has at least 2 yrs of homework to do.
    So we live in hope that some more people are starting to figure out this has not been about protecting their health at all. Quite the opposite. I will see her again in 4 weeks so I wonder what she will say.

    1. Treen, this is what we need to do help other move their mindsets, but they have to make the first move don’t they?

  14. Chris! That naughty big Brother of yours is a right bully. Always picking on you! If you want I’ll come down from Glasgow to visit him and give him a Chinese burn!!

    1. It’s little brothers role in life to torment and taunt big brothers into dishing out punishment

  15. Hello hello!

    Chris and Dom, that fella you were talking about – the professor who was talking about mind control. Do you mean Dr. James Giordano? He’s the man that said the human brain is the future battle scape. He’s a frightening bloke who looks like he’s wearing somebody else’s teeth. He usually starts his lectures by saying that by the time you leave this talk, your rectum will be twitching.

  16. Hello again. I noticed that a lot of the Covid advertising campaigns used blue and yellow in their colour schemes – same as the Ukrainian flag. We’ve been swamped with specific colour-coded advertising. And the masses instantly accept what’s going on in Ukraine, and conveniently forget about Covid when they wanted us to like we’ve been preprogrammed.

  17. The sun is very different, I’m sun bathing and have to constantly change position as I find I’m catching it in small areas on my body, whereas I use to tan evenly.

  18. Even though I haven’t been to a Britney concert I suspect the cause of my eventual death will have the NWO’s finger prints on it one way or another. Me murdering bastards!

  19. Thank you all for a fantastic 2 hours yet again.
    I was particularly interested in the chronic fatigue discussion having both fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome, everything that Jenny said was just so accurate and made so much sense.
    Looking forward to whatever you put out next. 👍

    1. Hi Robert, I have a few videos on my own youtube channel about CFS. I think it’s just Jenny Lynn. I don’t upload very often but used to do more so. There is a qualitative difference in the psyche that I’ve noticed between those with CFS and Fm. my website isn’t very easy to look at at the moment but I have my techy guy working on it. feel free to email me if I can help.

  20. The gorilla joke was hilarious 😂 I’m using that. But like Chris when I was a child I thought guerrillas in warfare when I heard it on the news were actually gorillas.🙄

  21. Rik Clay got too close to working out the Satanic Symbolisms but he was ‘suicided.’ Look up his videos on YukTube about the 2012 Olympics, not easy to find but we’ll worth watching.

  22. Thanks Chris, Dom and Jenny for this good podcast. My comments on what was talked about are : on churches, Jesus described his followers as ‘sheep’ and sheep need to be with the flock and they grieve if they are alone, like actual sheep do!. C.S.Lewis wrote the ‘Screwtape Letters’ and was on the school syllabus when I was young!!. One more thing re Spanish Flu, there was a little burial ground near the centre of Cardiff (Adamsdown) where children who died of it were buried. (I don’t think it’s there now?). Anyway thought I’d put in my random comments.

      1. Thanks all, I love logging on and seeing a new podcast! we are in Manchester and have a huge community here, three couples have just got allotments so we can grow and be self sufficient, paper straws were introduced to shove morgellons into us, peace and love.

    1. My Daddy was born & grew up in Adamsdown… It’s now a childrens playground, & many headstones are still there, leaning up against the wall to this day !!! /|\

        1. Hey Jan…

          Just a l’il update on the previous… After checking, due to a ‘nagging’ doubt, I’ve discovered that that doubt was indeed well founded… The cemetery that I spoke of was used for Cholera victims, & was full & no longer in use by the late 19th Century, years before the Spanish Flu… Despite this, as a child, if anyone ever had a sniffle or suchlike, people would comment that, ‘Got the Spanish/Hong Kong flu’, or suchlike, so it was definitely within the memories of the locals… Can’t locate that specific cemetery however… NiCeRoNe !!! /|\

      1. Thanks again for latest update Elliott (re cemetery). I had a doubt about the cause of deaths of the children too but I remember seeing it in the 70s.

  23. Thought I’d best leave a comment as it”s been stuck on 33 for a bit.
    I must admit that I fall asleep listening to Dom and Chris every night.
    I heard about 5 mins of this last night with Jenny’s soothing voice.
    I always lay awake and listen till the end when it’s a new one.

    Thank you for everything you do. Me and my older brother are exactly the same age as you two.
    I’m the younger one and I feel for Chris – I really do. I got the hot water being tipped down the drain treatment after it’d taken about half an hour to boil on the shitty stove. He was a real c**t.
    We get on just fine now, but he still has a tendency to be a c*nt.

    Yours Sincerely,
    A suffering younger brother at the hands of a proper cunt.

    1. Thanks for your great comments Steven, we’ll have to ask Chris to see if I’m a C>nT 🙂



      1. I’m going to officially ask the man himself –

        – “Chris, my dear bespectacled friend, when you were growing up….was your lovely brother Dom a full scale heartless C**t”?

        I know he’s a great fella these days, but I’m always here for you for morale support.

        I’m part spookI think, fuck knows who my Dad really is and I was always called VAN
        This was code for Vast Area Nose.
        Bastard 😂

        Steven AKA V.A.N.

    2. Ha ha my wife is the youngest of three girls…and I think we got off lightly but yes Dom is a tunt..😂😂😂🤪🍷

  24. Aw sheep farm Please do a dive for us on the straw-man for us who find research difficult to understand….love love love your work…baa

  25. Seek not abroad the answers, for within the inner man lies the truth.
    At Augustine
    I think creativity, original thought, intuition etc, are a remembering from before we were born, awoken by a connection with nature.

  26. it’s deffo been dropped in burnley.. the local get your test here camp. dissapeard over night. it took them just over a week to set up all the tents and portacabins. even the one in town centre has buggerd off… this tells me that convid has gone, but yet they are on about a 4th Britney..

  27. Another great conversation, thank you.
    I have been listening for about a year now, and I would love to get some info about your clinic in huddersfield. I can’t see anything about it on here, so how would I go about learning more about getting a consultation?

    Really appreciate your openness and down to earth chats, that are nevertheless full of amazing information and hours upon hours of dedicated research.

    Kind regards,


  28. Hi Chris & Dom, I mentioned sometime ago about the 90% of the disappearance of pigeons and seagulls in Bristol, I have also noticed at a large scale that I haven’t seen apples, pears, red berries and blackberries growing around the places they use to, I also cycle alot, especially on the cycle paths and I haven’t seen None there as well, this only started this year, (in Bristol) what’s it like around where guys live ? Only mentioned this because of what you guys talked about, at the end of your podcast..

  29. I read the “Screwtape Letters” when I was a kid. It’s written by C.S. Lewis who wrote Narnia books (The Lion The Witch & The Wardrobe). It’s one of the reasons I rebelled against my Christian upbringing. I still struggle to see past the Christian allegory in Lewis’s works.

  30. The next one I feel is “the recession”. “The Cost Of Living Crisis” has already superseded “UKRAINE!!” and I’m seeing the odd headline citing “the next recession”. 2008 etc is fairly fresh in people’s minds (“oh well, wasn’t that bad really was it?!”), so the gov/MSM can throw that out there as something onto which to project the blame for a few months. Again, all a play to force people to opt into integrating more green digital-gulag materiel into their lives.

  31. Hi Dom, Chris and jenny, fantastic talk as always, like yourselves, I have always felt I didn’t feel compatible and comfortable in this society (I have tried very hard), world, what ever you want to call it. I have been following you for some time, like the Rise Above guys and Inner Guardians Master Lee, everything you talk about makes perfect sense to me.
    I find it very hard to talk to my grown up daughters about this stuff but we keep arguing and not really even meeting halfway.

    Keep it up and look forward to staying in touch!

  32. talking about spears for cats, apart from our first cat we adopted from a cat shelter and got jabbed by default, none of our other cats ever got speared and I realised that the arm spears for divoc or any other jabs weren’t doing anyone any good as i knew that cats and dogs usually start having problems once speared.

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