[SF184] Sheep Farm Live ‘No Plumbers Allowed 2.5’ Who is Dom Joly?

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Total Runtime: 1:47.39


The first 45mins of Part 2 was recorded at the Live Event in Huddersfield May 18th, 2024.

In the first part of this recording, we discuss some acting dynasties, like, the Fox family, The Havers Family and Katie Hopkins and her links to Military Intelligence, we also cover Sir Daniel Day Lewis, the Lewis family and his father’s work for the Ministry of Information that was the propaganda part of the Intelligence community.

The last part of the Live Event was a dive into the lineage of Dom Joly and his family’s ancient ancestry, their Banking business, family work done for the British Empire, and his family ties to the Military industrial complex.

The last hour or so, we’ve added further research that was completed after the live event which mainly covers Joly’s maternal background. This will shed new light on Joly and possibly show his real role in undermining anyone who questions the matrix.

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