[SF182] ‘No Plumbers Allowed 2’ Sheep Farm Live [Pt.1/2]

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Total Runtime: 2:00.38

[SF182] ‘No Plumbers Allowed 2’ Sheep Farm Live [Pt.1/2], Recorded in front of a  Live audience in Huddersfield on May 18 2024. I have added additional information to this presentation just to give it more balance and to show how deep the roots of deception burrow.

In this episode we delve into the, The Oppenheimer Cast, Dame Emma & Sir Christopher Nolan, and the phenomenon of ‘acting assassins’. We look into the genealogies of famous stars like, Matt Damon, Ben Affleck & JLo, Tom Hanks, The Kardashian Family, George & Amel Clooney, Benedict Cumberbatch & The Cameron Family.

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