[SF181] Dom & Chris Chat With Nathan Lucius

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Total Runtime: 2:12.55

In a world of masquerade, why would the ‘truther community’ be any different? Well the painful truth is that it wouldn’t, if the truth about WW1 & 2,JFK, MLK, RFK, Moon Landings Princes Diana, 911, 7/7 and now the 91DIVOC to name a few have all been in some way distorted or controlled events, why wouldn’t religion, Flat Earth or Veganism also be controlled by the same people? It’s painful to think this, but if we cannot think from a 360° (if that even exists) then we’re not really searching for truth, and that’s the truth. Dogmas are mental cul-de sacs. Nathan is publishing a book asking questions that may upset the apple cart.

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