[SF180] Dom & Chris Chat With James Delingpole +Extra MSC [08/06/24]

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The world we live in is run by psychopaths, this becomes clearer everyday, with every bit of research I do. The system is set up to cause everlasting trauma, we’re living in the Hunger Games arena whilst the protagonists are placing their $1 bets on who will live or die, just like the film Trading Places.

Apparently May was the warmest on record even though it rained nonstop and was cold, this is the Asche Conformity study in full effect on the mainstream news, even the weather reader said, ‘I know you won’t beLIEve me, but its the warmest May….’.

In this episode we had the great pleasure in welcoming James Delingpole on t’podcast. James is the host of the hugely successful podcast, The Delingpod and he realised at the start of the 2020 nonsense that we were being lied to. We had a great chat about the book he wrote way back in the early 2010s, titled Watermelons. The show could have lasted hours we chatted about Orwell, Huxley, CS Lewis, & Tolkien.

The Delingpod: The James Delingpole Podcast | James Delingpole (podbean.com)

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