[SF179] Mint Sauce Chronicles ‘D-Reamland’

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Total Runtime:02:43.03

Trust the science, beLIEve the experts & everything is safe and effective! in 2020 we had Drs on mainstream TV like Hilary Jones, Amir Khan,& Ranjit “Ranj” Singh Sangha (you know who he is the one with the Angry Birds eyebrows), there were others here in the UK and all over the world who told us all to mask up, keep our distance, and self isolate, DON’T KILL GRANNY! When actually ‘they’ (the Matrix) were killing granny. Now MPs are dropping like flies, as are celebs, and the media are silent.

The next line of attack is ‘Global Climate Warming Boiling Pissing Down Change. Using a new phenomenon called air turbulence (trust the science) as a means to stop curtail flights and terrify everyone. If the MSM say it is then it is 100% true. We’ve used D-Ream front man Brian Cocks as the thumbnail because he sums up perfectly the type of Agent Smith thats used against us to drum up fear dressed up as required information delivered by someone who is much more intelligent than we are, even though he has never published any of his own work but just recites the history books to make him sound intelligent.

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