[SF178] Dom & Chris Chat With Master Lee @innerguardians.com [25/05/24]

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Total Runtime:03:01.40

What is this realm we live in? Is reality really reality? Mother Nature is an uncaring force, there is no love from her, she simply doesn’t care who lives or dies in fact suffering is the only truth if we choose to accept this observation. That doesn’t mean we have to follow the mantra of this behaviour, being authentic is the only reality we have, giving to help humanity the only actions that brings true meaning of life. Like any predator nature will draw you in with scenic views and beautiful plants only to draw the very life blood from you. The Darkside follow this Darwinist religion which is then inserted into us all for our entertainment.

This episode is split into 3 parts with a 17min intro from Chris & me, then a 2 hour+ chat with Lee, which will be available to all, and in the members hour me and Chris reflect on the weeks nonsense from clown World.

Lee’s contact details are here www.innerguardians.com

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