[SF168] Mint Sauce Chronicles “The New Extreme” [16/03/24]

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The script is seemingly being written on the hoof, new meanings for words that have been in the English language for hundreds of years are being written on the barn wall straight out of the 1984 Orwellian playbook. If you stand back and observe the madness it is quite amusing to witness the puppet politicians from all parties scurrying around Westminster like reptiles, slithering in and out of Number 10 or on the opposing benches. We have George Galloway seemingly a man of the people but who stood and watched 2020 and said nothing, or Kier Starlin in lock step with the very party he apparently opposes and what about old Slumdog Millionaire Sunak standing on his podium to make him look a bit taller. Meanwhile in Gaza thousands of innocent children starve and are blown to smithereens. But when Wendy Gove pops up and tells us what extremism means we know the nutters are running the asylum.

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