[SF163] Dom & Chris Chat With Nick Kollerstrom – ‘The Art of Lying’ [10/02/24]

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In world that seems to be constantly reacting to seemingly random events that control and bring fear & trauma into our lives 24/7, events like, the Lusitania sinking WW1, Pearl Harbour WW2, the JFK & RFK Assassinations, Vietnam, 911, 7/7, Boston, and on and on. In 2020 we had CONvid, then Russia/Ukraine and today Israel bombing the shite out of Palestine. One man who has single headedly reported on many of these events is Richard D Hall from Rich Planet, so today we invited Nick Kollerstrom on to report on the High Court hearing he attended in London on January 29th 2024.

In Part 2 Dom & Chris discuss, the RDH case, Mariana Spring, Trudeaus ex-wife, RAF Wyton, Damien Hirst, Derek Draper & Alcoholism, we also talk go through some emails and comments.





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