[SF161] Mint Sauce Chronicles – Ants in a Jar [27/01/24]

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[SF161] Total Runtime:02:32.18

Another week goes by with all the usual nonsense involved, measles, Pop Up MMR tents, new scariant, Disease X, Japan Land on the moon in ShittyShittyBangBang rocket made from B&H Gold Fag Foil, and still the Gaza death toll rings to the tune of over 20,000 kids blown to bits but no-one in supposed power seems to give a shite! Well never mind there’s going to be a new national ConVid Day to look forward to, yippee.

We also talk about MAC address Bluetooth connected humans, is this a real phenomenon? If it is who owns the technology? In Pt2 there’s a lady causing global climate boiling change from her allotment, the naughty girl ‘How dare she’, we also discuss OFCOM the not so independent regulator. Baaa





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