[SF160] Dom & Chris chat with Dr. Mike Yeadon [20/01/24]

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Since 2020 our fake heroes stood silent, pop stars, actors, sports people, MPs, and leaders of the police, law, business and science have stood in silence with their collective heads up their arses.

They’re either cowards, useful idiots [Nurse Gladys] or agents of the state, sometimes all 3. Those who did speak out only went so far, bats-Wuhan-Bio Leaks- bollox etc etc…One person who did speak out was ex Pfizer scientist Dr. Mike Yeadon, I remember watching videos with my wife of him in 2020 vehemently speaking out and now there’s no stopping him. We had the great pleasure in chatting with him for a couple of hours this week, so here it is.

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Richard D. Hall – Legal Fund (richplanet.net)

Richard D. Hall will be appearing at a High Court hearing at the Royal
Courts of Justice, Strand, London, WC2A 2LL on Monday 29th January 2024,
starting at 2pm, and time allowed is 2 hours and 30 minutes. The hearing
will be heard in a court room, although which court room has not yet been
The hearing is for a summary judgment application submitted by the
Claimants – who claim they were injured in the Manchester Arena bomb
attack. Their application to the court has been made in order to attempt to
prevent all of Richard D. Hall’s evidence about the alleged bombing being
heard at a future trial. The basis of this, is that they claim that his
evidence would have no chance of success at a trial, because they claim
that the truth about the Manchester Arena bombing was already established
by a public inquiry. He will be opposing the application at the hearing, in
order to get his evidence heard. It is expected a decision will be made by
the judge at the end of the hearing. The main part of the claim is that the
opinions expressed in Richard D. Hall’s book and films about the Manchester
Arena incident amount to a harassment of them, and they are seeking damages
of £50,000 and an injunction against his published work.
If anyone wants to attend, there are seats, but limited to a certain
number, and they are allocated on a first come basis. Please dress well if
you are coming to support, please do not speak in the court room and do not
try to record the hearing.