[SF159] Mint Sauce Chronicles – Social Contagion [13/01/24]

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The views expressed in this podcast are only our opinions, they are not a statement of fact.

In a world of digital enslavement how many of our actions are organic?

Episode 159 covers, NASA’s current failure to get JFKs undies into space, talking of NASA we seem to be surrounded by sigil’s from NASAs earth marble nonsense, the smiley face, to the DIVOC logo, and now the new JUNO scariant motif is the current manifestation of the previous image, we also talk about Allan Moore and the Watchman Series, these are all ritual black magic placed in our lives to unknowingly take part in, what about the question ‘will there be a civil war in the US’? Did the use of opium by the East India Company cause the Chinese communist uprising generations after the event? Scientists have discovered there are five types of Alzheimer’s, German Farmers and the cat sterilisation plan that seems similar to the ArmSpear Rollout.

Pt2 we start with the news that if he wins the next election Sir Keir Starlin will brush kids teeth at school getting a good dose of fluoride into their tiny brains before they get the communist/fascist manifesto pushed into their tiny minds, Sweden see’s the coldest day in 25yrs -40, Spain wants more mask wearing, was Derek Draper Bisexual? What is an induced COMA, she’s back Dr Sherry Chant [yes I said Chant], Florida Surgeon General calls for halt to COVID-19 vaccine, citing possible cancer risks & Assisted dying started in 2020 in Coventry.





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