[SF157] THE SHEEP FARM ANNUAL 2023 [30/12/23]

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[SF 157] Total Runtime:02:36.16
As another year drifts by we discuss some of the content from our podcasts from Jan-Dec of 2023. Along with a few other topics.
In Pt1 we looked at Who Funds Just Stop Oil, Jacinda Ardern all from podcasts in January. February we covered the new word ‘Permacrisis’ that was entered into the Collins Dictionary and voted ‘Best New Word/Spell of 2022’. On Show 109 the British Gas/Centrica Profits of £3.3bn & Jimmy Krankie Sturgeon resigned finally. Shows 111 & 114 we talked about New Prison Population increases, & the Terrahawk Pimlico Plumber. Thats as far as we got in Pt1.
Oh I nearly forgot we also talk about CS Lewis.
Pt2 continues in the same vein, April 2023 we released Huxley’s Brave New World Order Ep1 about the connection between the first summer of love in 1967 and the second summer of love between 1988-89 in the UK, the use of LSD & MDMA/ecstasy and their use in mind control. We will also cover the use of symbology that was used like the Smiley Face, used in many influential cultural changes, like Nirvana, The Watchman & Emoji’s. Ep2 transcendental music and Indian gurus were used via popular culture to hypnotise drug fuelled populations into generational mind alterations. The Huxley’s were part of this via Aldous Huxley’s writings & Sir Julian Huxley’s Transhumanism. We talk about authors, actors, film directors and producers who are intermingled with MK Ultra operators like Dr Sidney Gottlieb, Dr Donald Ewan Cameron, & Dr Joly West. An interesting mix indeed. In May we released Ep3 Doors of Deception, describing the intelligence links back to Ray Manzarek & Jim Morrison ancient Scottish bloodlines.
In June we did a show called Who Funds the BBC?’. BBC Media Action, a charity that the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation have given $55m to since 2006-2023.




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