[SF154] Dom & Chris Chat With Mark Devlin [02/12/23]

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SF154 Full Runtime 2:26

We cover a lot of subjects in episode 154, from Mark’s new book the Gift & The Curse, & his recent visit to Las Vegas and whirlwind tour of Australia to Soylent Green and the use of human tissue in food, Paul van Dyk, the smiley face symbolism, Paul McCartney [Billy Shears], Lifetime Actors, Sir Henry Kissinger, John Wayne Todd, and everything else under the sun, well one of the suns anyway.

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Pub Meet up for the Sheep Farm Live event in Honley, Chris will be there from around 4pm at The Krafty Kettle [Krafty], 11A/13B WESTGATE, HONLEY, HOLMFIRTH,  HUDDERSFIELD, WEST YORKSHIRE, HD9 6AA
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‘The Gift and the Curse’


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