[SF151] Dom & Chris Chat With Matt Landman [11/11/23]

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[SF151] Full Runtime 2:13

Matt is one of the foremost campaigner’s against the Climate Hoax, Chemtrails, & Electromagnetic Technologies including 5G. Matt is also a documentary filmmaker making his directorial debut with his film ‘Franenskies’ released in 2017 that documented the militarisation of weather manipulation since the 1920s.

In hour 1 we discuss the rise of worldwide plan to create 15 Minute Cities, ULEZ, Changes the road infrastructures, 5G Fibre Optics, the current climate technologies like Solar Engineering via Bill Gates’s Breakthrough Energy Group.

Hour 2 is a dive into Ecocide Dystopian films, in particular we look at two films in particular; ‘In Time’ [2011] starring Amanda Seyfried and Justin Timberlake which was directed by Andrew Niccol [The Truman Show 1998, Gattaca (1997), Simone (2002)]. We also look at ‘Snowpiercer’ a 2013 Film & 2020 Netflix Series, adapted from French climate fiction graphic novel from 1982 directed by Oscar winning South Korean filmmaker Bong Joon-ho.



Matt Landman – https://frankenskies.com/