[SF150] Dom & Chris Chat With Matt Sergiou [04/11/23]

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*During the previous week prior to this recording my internet was turned off by Open Reach disconnecting one of the connectors whilst doing maintenance for a neighbour. This impacted my audio as I was running on low bandwidth, so apologies for the tinny sound*

[SF150] Full Runtime 2:04

We had the great pleasure in welcoming Matt Sergiou onto this week’s show. Matt was introduced to us in the summer by Mark Devlin and was part of the contributors to marks GVP Second Sumer of Love 4-part series.
Matt was a DJ in his own right and a journalist, he has spent more than a decade researching cultural constructs mainly from the 1960s counterculture. He specialises in the Beatles fairy-tale.
His work is on par with Mike Williams from Sage of Quay who’s work we all respect, and that’s some claim [mine not Matt’s]. Matt’s YouTube channel is ConspiroTV and his website ‘The Occult Beatles’ is a hive of information Matt has accumulated over the years.
It’s fair to say this won’t be the last time we do this.

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