[SF145] Dom & Chris Chat With Clare Wilson Holistic Health Coach [07/10/23]

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Episode 145 Full Run Time 2:23hrs

Clare Wilson: Alignment to health – Holistic health coach / nutritionist helps with following medical issues:
ME/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Detoxing Heavy Metals & other chronic health conditions.
Instagram: @alignmentforhealth
Important urgent hearing and discussion on the new information about the contamination of DNA in the Covid vaccinations with scientists and expert advisers everyone can join to listen 9th October here’s the link worldcouncilforhealth.org/DNA
Other important links a lovely doctor one who has risked his medical license to tell the truth https://drtrozzi.org/
This site is very good at what to do if you feel sick or have upper respiratory tract infections. how to treat issues regarding the side effects of the Covid vaccines.
Learn how to dose with vitamin c to bowel tolerance levels when you get sick especially proficient with upper respiratory tract infections winter cold and flu as it acts like a medication in high doses and is completely safe to take to bowel tolerance levels.
Iodine 12% Luigols two drops in a salt pipe kills all bacteria and microbes so best used to prevent upper respiratory problems in the cold months link below.