[SF141] Sheep Farm Raw LiveStream [14/09/23] With Mark Bajerski – We Stand Alone, Together

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Subjects covered
“You Make Me Feel (Mighty Real)” Heineken Video by 70s American disco/R&B trans singer Sylvester
Sir Jeremy Farrar ‘it’s clear we’re living in an age of a pandemic’.
Cloning – Sean Penn  Penn , Bono, Gates, Blair – Thatcher Angela Merkle, Teressa May, Nicola Sturgeon
Dolly Parton
Sam Smith – The Untalented Mr Ripley
Schools across Leeds Manchester and Cheshire are put on LOCKDOWN
BBC Mariana Spring
YouTube begins verifying videos by UK doctors to tackle health misinformation
Acid Rain & Electric Heat, White Sun
Baby boys’ eyes after DIVOC drugs