[SF140] Mint Sauce Chronicles – Don’t Feed The Chimps [09/09/23]

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Episode 140

  • Chris’s new drawing is a rendition of the Chimps and the Monolith with the Black mirror Apple logo of 2001: A Space Odyssey is a 1968 a film by Stanley Kubrick, which has all the implications linked to the moon landing nonsense in July 1969.
  • In Episode 140, we cover some emails and comments regarding our chat with Matt Landman
  • Jill Biden
  • Bankruptcy of Local councils
  • Grant Shapps who in 2015admitted to having had a second job whilst being an MP, and practising business under different pseudonyms.
  • Why Russian oil and gas is still flowing through Ukraine
  • Rare mosquito-borne virus reported in Alabama and New York
  • Eammon Holmes & his wife Ruth
  • new variant emerges,
  • VAR, HAWKEYE, technologies getting us ready for Facial Recognition tech
  • ‘Heartstopper’ Netflix series
  • Live show Thursday 14 September @20:00