[SF131] ‘Huxley’s Brave New World Order’ Ep5 Mockingbird [Pt2] 15/07/23

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In Brave New World Order Ep4 Mockingbird Pt1, we showed that George Orwell was a British Intelligence operative who worked for the Information Research Department [IRD].
Ep5 continues in the same vein showing that Orwell was surrounded by other operatives and live intelligence operations throughout his life.

After he died [if he died] his two famous books Animal Farm & 1984 were sold to and used by the CIA & IRD to push the agendas of the time.
These two iconic books are still used today around the world in schools to trap the minds of children and adults alike.

In Ep5 we go into detail about his two wives. Orwell’s first wife Eileen O’Shaughnessy worked for the Censorship Department of the Ministry of Information, and his second wife Sonia Brownell also worked with the IRD and sold the rights of 1984 to the CIA.

We show some of his two wives’ connections to the intelligence community and we also go off on a few interesting tangents too.

Presented by Dom & Chris

Research – Dom

SheepArt – Chris

Production & Editing – Dom

Additional Research – Chris & Lorraine

Piano Composition: Now the Silence Artist: Juan Sánchez

Sheep Farm Theme Song – Written and Performed by Seb W

Special Thanks to Keith O’Sullivan for his kind permission to use:
Keith O’Sullivan – Shiva Shaker -1960’s Psychedelic India/Hippie Rock
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