[SF130] Dom & Chris chat with Johnny Vedmore [Who was behind Epstein?] 08/07/23

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Johnny Vedmore is a Welsh investigative journalist and content creator for NEWSPASTE.com who has written for UnlimitedHangout.comUKColumn.org and JohnyVedmore.com. Vedmore focuses on the hidden histories of the most wealthy and powerful elites.

Among many other various big discoveries, Johnny proved that Klaus Schwab’s father was an important part of the Nazi’s atomic bomb efforts, that Klaus Schwab himself was trained by Henry Kissinger via a CIA funded course at Harvard, that Theresa May’s father worked closely with a famous serial killer, that Bill Gates is a direct ancestor of a knight of King Henry VIII’s realm, as well as revealing Epstein’s close connections with the infamous German tech entrepeneur Nicole Junkermann and their secret meeting in 2002 with two US senators at Les Wexner’s Foxcote House in the UK during the run up to the Iraq war.

You can also catch his Epstein 101 Series and the Pottinger Series at NEWSPASTE.com