[SF119] Dom & Chris Chat With Jenny Lynn

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In Ep119 Dom & Chris Chat With Jenny Lynn, Therapist, Rebel Vegetable Gardener, Buddhist, Speaker, Linguist, Trainer and Author, Woodland Explorer, and much more.

  • PTSD from Lockdown, Covid, masking: both sides, awake and asleep.
  • Mental emotional and physical impacts of all measures, including vaccines.
  • How did we get to have so much Reliance on Pharmaceuticals?
  • How do we reclaim our power and demystify our health?
  • What we can and can’t heal by ourselves.
  • Fear of Dying: preyed upon by big actors
  • Lack of spirituality: no concept of life outside of the material.
  • Time to take stock and move on for our own health and sanity.
  • Article I wrote on Anxiety: How to ground yourself and use strategies to cure anxiety. We live in an unnatural environment in cities and under blue light.
  • All fears and anxieties are future based