SF100 Mint Sauce Chronicles: ‘GENE DRIVE’

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Here we are now at show 100 and in pt1 of this episode Dom & Chris look back over some of the topics they have documented over the past few years.


In part 2 of this episode they start by discussing the current phenomenon of sudden death and illness that seem to be increasing ever more. They also cover some of the more high profile celebrities.

Also covered is the 91-DIVOC App called Zoe and who’s behind it all and The Zoe Health Study, formerly the COVID Symptom Study, Christmas Strep A

Gene Drive or to give it its real name Genetic Extinction Technology

They then go into the news story form India where Doctors filmed microscopic worms dancing inside man’s scrotum, the parasites are found in tropical regions and transmitted between humans through mosquito bites.

Dom links this to the 1 billion GMO Cripr-CAS9 mRNA mosquitoes have been released over the past few years another coincidence!

The research paid for by all the usual suspects like, DARPA,CDC,NIH, the UK government funding, Oxford, The Bitch Tits and Melvin Gates Foundation, Welcome Trust, etc.