Mark Devlin’s GVP – Second Summer of Love Episode 2 [Free Bonus Show]

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We’re on the 35th anniversary of the fabled ‘second Summer of Love’, which was the mainstream’s own term for the emerging Acid House/ Rave scene of 1988.

Guesting on this Roundtable discussion are Dom and Chris of Sheep Farm Studios, and Matt Sergiou of the Occult Beatles and Conspiro Media sites.

In the second of four episodes which ask questions that few, if any other researchers ever have, we examine the alarming parallels between this scene and the 1960s hippie/ ‘counter culture’ movement of 21 years previous.

Under discussion this time are the drugs, the suspect Military Intelligence Complex connections of many of the key players, the changing nature of the sounds, and the sinister side of the iconic smiley yellow face.

Come back soon for the rest of the episodes in this series.

Big thanks to Gregg Vardy for the video editing.